Moon in The Signs

How is the influence of our luminary of emotions and the unconscious manifested in the different signs? Find out here their affinities and the style with which they express themselves in your birth chart.

Moon in Aries

Your daring, brave and fiery nature can work in your favor. It needs action, movement and, in some ways, danger. It is very valuable because it pushes people to choose activities or professions that require courage. In its inharmonious manifestation, it may enjoy picking fights or attacking others when it feels insecure.

Moon in Taurus

In exaltation. You knows how to enjoy the pleasures of the senses like no one else, and at the same time inspires that enjoyment in your partner. Its stillness and contemplation make it the style in which the Moon feels best. However, you runs the risk of resisting changes or feeling threatened when something disturbs your peace.

Moon in Gemini

Your emotional refuge goes through your intellect. Reading, writing, conversing, debating, paying attention to a thousand details and none at the same time is your specialty. Words are your gift: you can be communicator, journalist, writer… You can resort to escapism and be extremely dual and indecisive, in addition to tending towards infidelity in your inharmonious manifestation.

Moon in Cancer

In regency. You like to protect and feel protected. Tenderness is something fundamental in your way of bonding: you cannot do it if it is not present in some way. Another essential thing for you is the feeling of belonging and memory. Your risk? Irrational attachment to traditions (even if you don’t make yourself happy), emotional dependence and immaturity.

Moon in Leo

Creative, frontal, diva and a little dramatic. This Moon usually produces artists, especially performers, and people with an important theatrical component. Leading is necessary for you and can become destabilized if you are not allowed to do so or if you do not feel admired. That is your weak point: in your inharmonious manifestation, dependence on other people’s approval and applause appears.

Moon in Virgo

You show your love through concrete service: helping, listening and extending a hand. It may be difficult for you to let go of control. Chaos confuses you and you need order and restraint. Another of your great emotional refuges is your intellect: many thinkers and writers have this Moon. You run the risk of, in an inharmonious manifestation, being cold, inflexible and too rational.

Moon in Libra

Love diplomacy, beauty, peace, balanced people and environments, and beautiful words. For all this, you have great artistic and conciliatory potential. You feel threatened when the aggression becomes evident. The risk is to fall into falsehood or double-facedness, to apply passive aggressiveness or to oscillate in a state of eternal indefinition, unable to decide therefore to contemplate the two bells.

Moon in Scorpio

In fall. You love intensely, deeply and riskily. In the same way, you become emotionally detached when you feel betrayed. You feel a true belonging with the people you loves: they are important like yourself. Deeply sexual and mysterious, You seduce others with your passion.

Moon in Sagittarius

You are curious, active and expressive. You tend to fall in love with anyone who presents you with new ideas or ways of seeing the world, and you can even be very literal and love someone who comes from another culture or another country, or also someone with whom you share a philosophical vision of life. You seduce others with your freshness and spontaneity.

Moon in Capricorn

In exile. Some authors call it “the cold cradle” because it speaks of a parenting style that is not very affectionate or demonstrative, regardless of the feelings of her parents towards them. Accustomed to responsibilities and the demand for maturity since you were little, you are resilient but can be unprotective. You find it difficult to express your emotions and it is common that, for example, you do not cry in front of others.

Moon in Aquarius

You can be fickle, detached, or emotionally cold, especially when you feel betrayed : you have no problem abruptly cutting ties that you do not consider up to your high moral standards. On the positive side, you are independent, eclectic and tolerant. You love freedom and proclaims it in your daily life and relationships.

Moon in Pisces

It is a sensitive, empathetic, amorous, dreamy Moon and deeply believer in the power of love. You tends to idealize and often do not know how to set a limit between yourself and others, because something on the edge of your bond with your mother was indeterminate. You can be naive and trusting and not notice deception or fraud, and in an inharmonious way you maintain a dependency and childishness that is difficult for you to overcome.

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