Dreaming of War - Dream Meaning And Interpretation


Binged watched too many documentaries/ movies about world war or watch an action series? Which is leading you towards dreaming about war?

It is usually very common and nothing strange when you have seen the news or informative and in these, they appeared wars or disasters caused by terrorist groups. This time it has a lot to do with your subconscious and this type of dreams can occur when this news has struck a chord or have come to shock you.

If in your case you have seen any news or a related documentary, you should not pay much attention to the meaning of dreaming of war as it is a dream caused by your subconscious. However, if the dream has originated completely randomly and without apparent preamble, you can continue reading about the interpretation of dreams related to wars.

What does it mean to dream of war?

As a general rule, we can highlight two meanings generally, the first interpretation is related when you have an important problem with someone close to you (it can be a family member, friend, or acquaintance) and you have some kind of inconvenience or dislike with this person. The second situation can occur when you have some kind of inner conflict or struggle with yourself.

Did you identify with the previous cases that we discussed above? Is there a reason that you find it uncomfortable or annoying? or there may also be the situation in which you are arguing with someone close to you . If you have recently had a fight or discussion about family issues or with your boss about work aspects, you are providing your mind with a source of information more than enough to originate very common dreams about dreaming about wars.

Interpretations of dreaming about war depending on the context

However, we also have many other interpretations that can be given in this type of dream where weapons can appear in the dream (you can check the meaning of dreaming about weapons) and everything will depend on the context and what is happening around you. When we observe weapons in the dream, its interpretation can change completely, pay close attention to all the details to have a more accurate interpretation of the dream.

If you dream of a war when you are in a teenage stage, this may be an indication of an immature and childish behavior where you always want to be right at all costs. You do not care at all about the opinion of others and the only valid option is your proposal. You don’t mind getting into an argument or starting to yell at anyone who doesn’t share your opinion and you always want to get away with it.

You have a false belief associated with screaming and power, we take the opportunity to give you some advice and it is the following: Not by screaming more will you be more or less right.

Dreaming of war when you are in a difficult stage of your life, can usually be given by situations commonly related to negative aspects of day today. Have your exams gone bad? Have you suspended your driving license? Have you been insulted by your boss or a superior at work? Let me mention that dreams with wars appear in our minds when you feel bad or too frustrated by disappointments that you have been able to live.

If you want to overcome this losing streak, you must face things from another point of view and not give more importance to these small aspects. You should stay with the positive part, this phrase may sound very topical: He who does not risk, does not win , but is valid in any aspect of our life.

Dreaming of losing a family member or loved one in war. Have you dreamed of the death of a relative? Have you ever dreamed of seeing someone you know die in war? It is very typical that you want to know the meaning of dreaming about dead relatives or friends , this has a very beautiful meaning and it is that you want to extend the life of that person, when appearing in your dream it is about a person or relative that you have a lot of appreciation for. and a lot of affection where you only want to show your sincerest good wishes for him or her. And it can be closely related to being afraid of losing that person and being removed from your life.

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