Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Screaming in a Dream

Yelling is a fairly normal thing that we all do repeatedly throughout our lives, so it is something quite common and ordinary. However, the reason why we scream can be very different, being able to scream of happiness, sadness, joy or stress. If you have recently had a dream in which you were screaming and you want to know the meaning of dreaming of screaming, here we will talk in-depth about the different meanings that these dreams can have.

The dream in which we shout doesn’t need to be violent, but it is likely a rather tense and stressful dream since the most likely screams are not of joy, but of despair. Dreaming of screaming can be somewhat liberating, and can be a way to vent our subconscious, letting those emotions that we have been hiding escape. Likewise, these dreams can also be a symptom of an emotional problem that has been affecting us.

The first thing we have to take into account to know the meaning of dreaming of screaming is to identify the type of scream that occurs in the dream. That is to say, a liberating cry in which we let all our stress escape is not the same as a cry of pain because we have lost someone very important to us. Knowing how to identify our emotions and the type of cry that we have given in the dream is extremely important to be able to find its meaning.

Likewise, it is important to bear in mind that the meaning of dreaming of screaming may be different for each person, since dreams are messages from our subconscious, and we all have different problems and those experienced in different ways. Thus, the context in which the dream takes place, the personal emotions and the problems that the dreamer is going through will have great importance in determining the meaning of a dream.

In case you’re concerned about your scream-inducing dreams, let’s quickly clarify this.

1. It represents rage and dissatisfaction.

You could occasionally experience dreams in which you are unable to yell because you have kept your irritation and rage to yourself.

It could be that society discourages you from expressing yourself or ignores you. You may experience unease if you believe that no one cares about your concerns or takes you seriously.

You may become frustrated in such a situation, but you frequently aren’t conscious of it.

2. You experience fear and helplessness.

You could get screaming dreams when you sense something is strange about your life but are unable to identify it. You could also experience fear and helplessness in such dreams.

Depending on you, any number of things could have caused your dream in this instance. For instance, you can question your talents or feel uneasy when someone consistently declines your assistance.

Or it could be that you are completely incapable of handling a problem.

3. It indicates a decline in health.

If you or a loved one has a poor routine, you can dream that you are shouting. The health issue may not appear serious at this time, but if it persists, it could become critical.

The dream warns that life is extremely frail, and that if you don’t respect it, you risk lowering its quality or losing it sooner.

4. You could suffer family discord soon.

Internal conflict is unavoidable, even in the most peaceful homes. Everyone may think that you have a perfect family from the outside, but you know that your family is just like any other.

5. Sleep paralysis played a role in it.

You could feel like you can’t shout while having sleep paralysis. When REM sleep suppresses the body’s motor function, sleep paralysis results.

When you are in between sleep and awakening, you could dream about it. Multiple cycles of paired REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep make up your sleep.

What does it mean to scream in dreams?

As I mentioned earlier, there can be many meanings for a dream, however, in general, we can say that dreaming of screaming is a representation of our subconscious rage, anger and anger that we have in life, which are generally directed towards another person. Likewise, it can also be a representation of the fear we feel that something might happen to us or our family.

It is normal that when we dream of screaming we are experiencing different emotions and mixed feelings that are of great importance to us. They are likely emotions that we have tried to hide or endure for a long time, but little by little they are taking over us and it is time that we let them escape.

It is important that we do not try to repress those emotions or feelings that have been affecting us, but that we must begin a healing process to be able to eliminate them, freeing our life from them.

Next, we will explain some of the different meanings of dreaming of screaming, since many scenarios can occur in this type of dreams and each of them can have a different interpretation.

Dreaming that you are trying to suppress a scream

This dream is a clear representation that you are afraid to express your feelings and shows a weak character. You need to gather your strength and get to work to fix your life. On many occasions this dream has a certain relationship with bad experiences in your past love relationships, if you have just suffered a love disappointment, it will be very useful to know the interpretation or meaning of dreaming about your ex and see things from another point of view.

Dreaming that you want to scream, but you can’t do it

In this scenario, the dream tries to tell us that a serious problem will come into our lives and that there will be little (or nothing) that we can do to fix the problem. It shows us as defenceless and incapable of defending ourselves. With these types of dreams, we can also find that we are crying, you can consult the meaning of dreaming of crying during a dream and be able to interpret this situation correctly.

Dreaming of seeing yourself screaming in a dream

The meaning of this dream can be really important to you. If you recently experienced a big change in your life or an experience that scares you, this dream indicates that you need to overcome your insecurities and fears to live your life.

The dream can also be a representation of great changes that are about to come to your life, even if you do not want them.

Dream of hearing distant screams

This dream is seen as a warning that soon we will experience quite unpleasant situations, being victims of attacks and rumours that will affect our reputation.

Dream of listening close and strong

This dream reveals that the problems that will come will be very serious and that it will be of vital importance that we use everything we have at our disposal to defend ourselves.

Dream of hearing cries for help

A close friend or family member may need our help. Likewise, this dream can also be a representation that our interior is trying to tell us that there is something that we must change since soon it will seriously harm us. Dreaming of yelling for help is very common when you have come to dream of having an accident and this dream also deserves special attention when interpreting its meaning.

Dreaming of yelling at another person

When in the dream you can see yourself yelling at another person, this dream indicates that there is a person or a situation that creates anxiety and imprisons you. You want to feel free and live your life to your liking, but that person will not let you go on with your life. In this context, it can also be very likely that you dream that you are being chased and find yourself yelling at that person who wants to hurt you, if that is the case, we recommend that you pay close attention to the people close to you.

Now you know the meaning of dreaming of screaming, as well as the different meanings that this dream can have depending on the context in which the dream takes place.

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