Difference Between Master, Mentor, Spirit Guide And Guardian Angel

When we start to attend esoteric media or study religion and themes like occultism and esotericism, it is customary to come across terms that we are not yet used to. Much is said about masters, spirit guides, guardian angels and mentors. But what does it mean? The first point that we must emphasize is the vocabulary, which can change from religion to religion, or from belief to belief or from author to author. It is usual for what one person calls an angel, another calls a guide and so on. We will try here to organize in the most common way found in esoteric media to understand who they are and what their role is. Check it out below:

Spiritual Master 

Master is a word that defines someone with wisdom and has already gone through what we are going through now. A master can be someone incarnated or disincarnated. What defines a master is someone who has had a life experience similar to ours, and therefore he can show the way for you to follow, but he cannot follow the path in your place, as he has already been there. Masters are good advisers to indicate the actual direction to follow.

Spiritual Mentors 

Spiritual mentors are like masters, but they act on the astral or mental plane. That is, they are no longer incarnated on Earth. They deal with more macrocosmic work and direct energy to a lot of people. They are usually part of a larger group, an egregore, and respond to a hierarchy within those groups.

Spiritual Guides 

This term is widely used in spiritism and Umbanda. Spirit guides are like masters, but they are already disembodied. Their difference to the mentors is that the guides return to Earth to help by directly contacting us, who is incarnated. We can usually talk to them in spiritist and Umbanda centres.

Guardian Angel 

The guardian angel is a being of light that we all have beside us. It is like a protector who stays on the upper planes protecting us and helping us go on the path of light. Each person has their guardian angel. So we have easy contact with them. Just say a prayer and have faith that they will help you in times of difficulty.

Holy Guardian Angel 

In addition to the guardian angel, it is common in esoteric literature to find the term “sacred guardian angel”. Unlike the guardian angel, the sacred guardian angel (or SAG) is the divine essence that each person has on a higher plane. In addition to the guardian angel, we have a being of light that is directing our lives, and this is the sacred guardian angel. Many esoteric and occult currents say that a person is enlightened when he gets in contact and is in union with this being of light.

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