How Do You Celebrate Your Birthday According To Astrology?

In doubt about what to do for your next birthday? It can really be difficult to think of ways to innovate each year ... So My Today’s Horoscope is here to help you!

Astrology is related to everything in the universe, including (and, perhaps, mainly) our birthday! Of course, it is related in a more intrinsic and internal way, but it can also be related to the way we celebrate this very special and important date.

Do you want to innovate in the way you celebrate your birth day? So how about seeking help with the Zodiac? Below are some ideas on how to celebrate your birthday, according to each sign!

Aries: Paintball

Aries is a sign ruled by Mars and the element of fire. So you need electrifying celebrations! How about taking advantage of all the energy that exists in you to combine with your friends a trip to paintball? A little healthy competition and a good laugh with the people you care about will be a lot of fun!

Taurus: Barbecue

What can be better than joining food and your home? Everything Taureans love! The barbecue can be done in your backyard or on your building’s barbecue. Plenty of food, a circle of friends, lots of conversation and, who knows, a nap in the hammock in the late afternoon!

Gemini: Pub

Geminis like to be in a place that is as versatile as they are, a place where they can sit and chat with friends, but who can also enjoy good music and dance until dawn. Pubs are great options because they are the famous “ballads”, in which you can sit, chat, eat some snacks and, when you want, you can go to the dance floor!

Cancer: Cooking workshops

Cancerians are extremely attached to family traditions and the people they love. So how about combining the two passions? Invite your friends to a delicious lunch, dinner or afternoon snack made by you. Put your hands in the dough and prepare the pizza dough, dessert cookies, among so many other options. Perhaps you can even prepare a large cooking workshop, so that each friend is responsible for part of the process and then everyone can taste their gastronomic creations!

Leo: Ballad all night!

Leos are children of fire! Therefore, its energy is practically infinite. In addition, they love to attract everyone’s attention, with provocative clothes and exaggerated attitudes. Nothing better than a good party to have fun the way you like! Choose one that suits your musical taste and ask your best friends to dance and enjoy the night! Who knows, maybe stop the music so that the entire dance floor sings congratulations to you!

Virgo: Picnic

Virgo is a sign of the element Earth, so it has a strong connection with nature. Virgo likes to be in places with beautiful gardens, lots of trees and, if possible, some type of natural water source, such as rivers or lakes. How about, then, prepare a big picnic inside your city or in a nearby park? The picnic can be accompanied by physical activities in the open air and a good laugh with friends!

Libra: Party

Libra is a sign that brings a taste for social life to its natives. That is why the birthday is one of the most important dates of the year and it definitely cannot go unnoticed. Because we love being together with friends and family, the best option for Libras will always be to prepare a party like that! Rent a ballroom or borrow someone’s country house to have a party that will go down in history!

Scorpio: Pool party

Scorpios are intense and sensual, that’s why they love to worship the body - always with great respect for others. But how about taking advantage of the hot Scorpio weather here in Brazil to enjoy a pool party? Lots of sun, tropical drinks and refreshing dives for you and your friends! Don’t forget to make an animated playlist to further engage the crowd, but also don’t forget to enjoy it a lot!

Sagittarius: Parachuting

A simple birthday party would be very little for the adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius. Completing another year of life means deserving a new experience in some kind of adventure that, until the time of the party, the Sagittarius native has not yet lived. Choose a very radical option, like a natural forest trail or parachute jump. You will surely have fun!

Capricorn: Bar with live music

It is true that Capricorns tend to be serious and formal, not thinking much about anything other than their professional duties and activities. However, Capricorn natives also know how to have fun (in their own way), especially when it comes to their own birthday. How about inviting your friends to a very lively bar with live music?

Aquarius: Science themed party

Aquarians are very close to technology. At the same time, your imagination goes a long way too! So how about combining technology, imagination and fun? You can have a party inspired by the Mad Scientist theme! Drinks can look like chemical experiments and so on! Use your imagination and have fun!

Pisces: Creative painting

Pisces is the sign of creativity, intuition and connection with the interior. So how about renting a shed, placing several canvases and using them as giant canvases for you and your friends? Use your creativity and make real works of art! If you prefer, you can enjoy the backyard of your home or a public park to practice painting, just take canvas and paint!

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