The Type Of Student (Good and Bad) You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A new year has begun. It is already carnival and right after that we have to go back to school. The time has come to buy the material, give that hug to friends, mark a limit to the wallet expenditures and, well, that part that for some is not so cool: studies. Thinking about this very difficult time for these people, we have listed some small tips for the signs to deal with this moment better, mainly to improve their relationship with studies.

Aries Sign Students

Aries are competitive. If you take your studies seriously, you’re one of those who always tries to be number one. However eager they are to learn, the Aries native tends to read everything very fast, which compromises their actual learning and grasping of concepts.


 : so it is best to calm down. Read more slowly, invest in the short summaries, pay more attention to the details you sometimes miss and see how your note will take off like never before!

Taurus Sign Students

Taureans are so fond of security that they read, reread, request someone else to ask questions… Anyway, they do all of this to make sure they really know the material without getting noticed in class.


: continue with your notes, but be careful with over-study, because this often generates some kind of confusion in memory recall because of over-information.

Gemini Sign Students

The Gemini does a thousand things while studying; he watches TV, puts a good soundtrack on Spotify, reads the book twice and still manages to get a ten! Each has a unique way of studying, but the main care here is dispersion.


: as long as you can stay focused, that’s fine. However, if and when invisible mosquitoes start to steal your attention, slow down your activities a little!

Cancer Sign Students

Cancerians love to study in groups. Studying with their friends is synonymous with success for him, but when they are alone they tend not to be very productive because they are distracted by even the simplest things on their desk.


: make your study groups, but try to learn to study alone, just to guarantee at least the achievement of average when nobody can be at your side.

Leo Sign Students

If they want, they will be the best in the room. If their desire is not so great, it will still be one of those who put up a picture of the desk full of books, but in fact it will not be of any use or will be the one who will set up a study group in one of the best cafeterias just to try that charm more.


 : forget your status a little and focus on your studies. You have plenty of determination for that. Intelligence, when used well, draws much more attention than any other attribute!

Virgo Sign Students

Virgo has a natural talent for studying. If they don’t have a great auditory memory, they write everything down in their notes! There is not a single detail that does not pass through it!


 : thanks to your ease with studies, you tend to have a very critical opinion, so be careful with your ego. Always try to research all aspects of the same story and then draw a conclusion. No one would like to read essays or hasty responses.

Libra Sign Students

Libras have a serious habit of studying the day before, because it is that balance: the test is close, but there is still time. Other than that, he is great for finding new ways of studying: mind maps, cards, documentaries… He is the innovative student!


 : In practice, just be careful with the habit of studying the day before. Sometimes you may end up being surprised by the amount of material and, inevitably, you won’t be able to handle everything.

Scorpio Sign Students

The Scorpio is the discreet scholar. Nobody knows where he does his study sessions, but he is almost like Hermione, from the Harry Potter saga: the library may prove to be one of his favorite places because of the silence and the calm.


: when you set out to study, take it very seriously. Your techniques are great, but it may be good to study with a few friends or colleagues from time to time. There is always someone to complement what you know in a way that books often cannot offer you.

Sagittarius Sign Students

Sagittarians are those who generally don’t like to study. If they read a page and they are not attracted to writing, that’s just it! They will simply go out for a walk and there’s no way they will try to study it right then and there itself.


: if you really don’t like studying, it is good to do your best not to fail. If you still haven’t found your study style, invest in new ways: listen to podcasts, make mind maps, see documentaries, scientific series, curiosity websites… There is no shortage of options!

Capricorn Sign Students

Capricorn is the most studious sign. For him, getting a good grade is important, but learning the subject effectively is much more important. He will have a thousand notes, audios of the class recorded, in short, he is the student that everyone looks for when the work is in pairs.


: you are halfway to success, but be careful not to overwork yourself. Don’t forget that study is important, but other life aspects of life are also important.

Aquarius Sign Students

The Aquarian is the repetitive student. They read something they think is important and repeat it a thousand times in their head. The big problem is that they sometimes end up studying not very useful information.


: there are several forms of study. Even if you prefer to read and repeat your notes, try to find out more about the subject or ask your friends or teachers directly what really matters in that subject. Become a fan of the infamous “professor, what will be on the test?” It is an old technique, but very effective. There is no denying it!

Pisces Sign Students

Pisceans even try to make an effort, but if they stop to study about wars, for example, they are the ones who start to think about humanity and about the meaning of life. In this reverie, the Pisces native loses precious hours of study. That is why they usually end up studying the night before the test with they great companion: coffee.


 : the effort is the big secret to achieve everything you want. You only need to divide your study time into two: 1) time to study; 2) time to reflect on the study. Thus, you will hardly lose focus on what really matters for the next day. And if you can, avoid studying the day before. If one day it happens to have two tests on the same day, let there be reflection!

There are several personalities and forms of study, but there is certainly one that will suit you perfectly. Take advantage of this back to school to get good grades, get rid of some DPs or enjoy a good time to find an internship. Why not? You can do anything that you want to!

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