The moon in its different phases has a huge impact on human life. Therefore, it is so important to know what date the full moon and new moon will be in 2024. Look at the calendar of lunar phases by month and the table with a complete list of dates at My Today’s Horoscope.

Even non-superstitious people sometimes think about the influence of the new moon and full moon on their lives. We tell you how a person’s health and destiny can change when the full moon and new moon come in 2024.


Month Full moon New moon
January 2024 January 25 at 20:53, Moon in Leo January 11 at 11:57, Moon in Capricorn
February 2024
February 24 at 15:30, Moon in Virgo
February 9 at 22:59, Moon in Aquarius
March 2024 March 25 at 10:00, Moon in Libra March 10 at 09:00, Moon in Pisces
April 2024 April 24 at 02:49, Moon in Scorpio April 8 at 18:20, Moon in Aries
May 2024 May 23 at 16:53, Moon in Sagittarius May 8 at 03:21, Moon in Taurus
June 2024
June 22 at 04:07, Moon in Capricorn
June 6 at 12:37, Moon in Gemini
July 2024 July 21 at 13:17, Moon in Capricorn July 5 at 22:57, Moon in Cancer
August 2024 August 19 at 21:25, Moon in Aquarius
August 4 at 11:12, Moon in Leo
September 2024 September 18 at 05:34, Moon in Pisces September 3 at 01:55, Moon in Virgo
October 2024 October 17 at 14:26, Moon in Aries October 2 at 18:49, Moon in Libra
November 2024 November 16 at 00:28, Moon in Taurus November 1 at 12:47, Moon in Scorpio
December 2024 December 15 at 12:01, Moon in Gemini December 30 at 22:26, Moon in Capricorn


The full moon invariably has a mystical influence on representatives of all zodiac signs. These days are ideal for making your dreams come true as productivity and energy will be at their best.


On January 11, the first new moon of 2024 will be observed. The Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. On these days, it is better to avoid communication with authorities and various government agencies. It is worth postponing the solution of financial issues. But this time is ideal for dealing with everyday and personal problems.

The first full moon of 2024 is expected on Thursday, January 25th. The moon will be in Leo, and this favors all active and enterprising people. The day is ideal for all endeavors, as well as communication and entertainment. However, it is better to postpone serious financial matters, otherwise losses are likely.


The second new moon in 2024 will occur on February 9. The moon, which will be in the sign of Aquarius on this day, promotes productive creative and mental activity. This day is ideal for organizing various events.

The February full moon, which is expected on the 24th, is considered a very rare occurrence. On this day, it is advisable to be more attentive to everything and everyone, including yourself. The time is favorable for making important decisions and analytical planning.


On March 10, 2024, on the next new moon, astrologers advise to relax, and actively: it can be extreme entertainment or an interesting trip. This day is also good for unleashing your creative potential.

The third full moon of 2024 is expected on March 25. This day can become a truly stimulating point in your life. However, you should not go to extremes on this day: it is recommended to observe moderation in everything. And matters that require immediate resolution should be postponed until later.


The new moon, which will be observed on April 8, 2024, can be called a rather unfavorable day. There is a high risk of depression, deception and health problems. That is why the latter should be given special attention, for example, a fasting day.

On April 24, 2024, another full moon will be visible. The Moon will be in the sign of Scorpio, and this helps to increase the sensuality and passion of many people. Intuitive abilities also increase, which is conducive to solving many problems.


On May 8, 2024, on the day of the new moon, the Moon will be in the sign of Taurus. He is characterized by perseverance, diligence, and perseverance. This is the best time to resolve financial issues and purchase real estate.

In the last month of spring 2024, such a beautiful and mystical phenomenon as the full moon will be observed on May 23. The Moon will be in Sagittarius, and this combination is not very favorable. The Moon phase will encourage you to make mistakes that can have very unpleasant consequences.


On June 6, 2024, on the day of the next new moon, the Moon will be in the sign of Gemini. It will provoke impulsive decisions. However, you shouldn’t be afraid: in most cases they will be really successful. A good day to play on the foreign exchange market.

The sixth full moon of 2024 will take place on June 22 in Capricorn. This sign helps you act wisely and relies on wisdom. Accordingly, on this day the risk of making a mistake or acting rashly is minimized.


The July new moon will take place on the fifth of 2024. The Moon will be in the sign of Cancer. This is a fairly stable time in every sense. At the same time, emotional sensitivity may be heightened, so try not to take small things to heart.

On the July full moon, which falls on the 21st in 2024, the Moon will also be in the sign of Capricorn. It will protect you from haste and taking on unnecessary tasks. However, the risk of accidental spending remains, so you will have to try to avoid a hole in the budget.


The new moon in August, which will be observed on the fourth in 2024, will promote adventurousness and spontaneity. Many people are drawn to various entertainments at such times. However, taking risks on this day will be thoughtless and is unlikely to result in good outcomes for you.

On the August full moon of 2024, on the 19th, you should direct your energy as much as possible into a creative direction. At this time, creativity and the desire to experiment will be at their maximum. This excess of energy does not need to be contained.


During the first autumn new moon, September 3, 2024, the Moon will be in Virgo. This is an excellent period for painstaking and repetitive work. Most financial decisions will also be successful.

On the September full moon, September 18, 2024, the Moon will be in the sign of Pisces. This combination cannot be considered favorable: there will be a strong desire to avoid responsibility and shift one’s responsibilities to others. It will be difficult to control yourself; there is a risk of spending the whole day in your fantasies.


During the October new moon, on the 2nd, it is better not to start anything global. What has already been started or planned should be completed as quickly as possible.

On October 17, 2024, on the day of the full moon, the Moon will be in the sign of Aries. This zodiac sign will provoke you to behave spontaneously and thoughtlessly, and when the Moon is full you should not do this.


When the Moon is in Scorpio at a new moon, as on November 1, 2024, the time is ideal for making important decisions. Feel free to develop a new business plan and start new projects.

The full moon on November 16, 2024 can influence a person’s destiny and life from both a positive and negative side. Many will begin to feel irritable, and chronic problems will begin to worsen. On the other hand, fantasy will be at its peak, and the potential for creative development will be fully revealed.


On the last new moon of 2024, on the 30th, you should be more careful in solving important problems related to government agencies. But your vacation and travel will be as good as possible. Go to a ski resort or at least a regular walk.

On December 15, 2024, the Moon will be in the zodiac sign Gemini. It will encourage impulsiveness and rash actions. However, you should not give in to this desire, otherwise you will later regret the mistakes you have made.


Astrologers can create special lunar calendars that make it easy to determine which phase of the moon will be observed on a given day of the year. Such calendars have been used for many years. However, if you don’t have it at hand, you can calculate the phase of the moon yourself.

The lunar calendar is based on the synodic month, which can consist of 29 or 30 days. At the beginning of such a month there is always a new moon. The full moon will be in the middle of this period.

There is a special formula for calculating lunar days. The lunar number of the year is multiplied by 11, then 14 is subtracted from the resulting number and the numbers corresponding to the current day of the month and the serial number of the month are added. Next, 30 should be subtracted from the number obtained during the calculations. This action can be repeated until the final result is a number from the range from 1 to 30.

How to calculate the lunar number of the year? Make it even easier. These numbers go in order from 1 to 19. In 2000, this number corresponded to 6.

Knowing the lunar day, it is not difficult to determine the phase of the moon. So, on the first lunar day there will be a new moon, and on the fifteenth there will be a full moon.


Scientists have repeatedly tried to refute the fact of the influence of the phases of the moon on human life. However, astrologers are convinced that it still exists. In addition, many people notice this effect in practice. However, it is important to understand that the Moon itself does not provoke a person to take any action and does not cause clouding of the mind, it only pushes his energy in a certain direction.

During the new moon, energy levels are usually at their lowest. During this period, many feel seemingly unreasonable fatigue and a strong loss of strength. Men often begin to show aggression. During this period, human health is especially vulnerable and needs attention: watch your diet and devote enough time to rest.

The most mysterious phase of the moon can be called the full moon. The surge of energy is quite strong, but at the same time people become especially susceptible to emotions. That is why many people show special sensitivity during this period.


What you can and cannot do on a full moon

Due to the influence of the Moon in the middle of the synodic month, certain actions should be abandoned. Others, on the contrary, will bring maximum positive results.

Best on a full moon:

  • plan speeches and presentations;
  • take a bath to receive lunar energy;
  • perform a love ritual;
  • workout;
  • prepare moon water;
  • carry out a ceremony to attract money.

At the same time, the following actions should be avoided during the full moon:

  • quarrels with a loved one;
  • throwing things away;
  • procedures with a cosmetologist, planned operations;
  • change of image;
  • consumption of alcohol and tranquilizers;
  • large expenses, impulsive purchases;
  • everything you might regret.


The new moon influences a person no less. Therefore, it is important to know what you can and cannot do during the new moon.

Optimal actions during the new moon:

  • writing plans and goals for the month;
  • job change;
  • large purchases;
  • creative activities (especially new hobbies);
  • games with children;
  • yoga or meditation;
  • a walk in a park or square.

What not to do on a new moon:

  • think about the past;
  • give up your desires and new opportunities.


Astrologer Nela Jennings talks about how and why the phases of the Moon affect a person, as well as how you should plan your life in accordance with the phases of the Earth’s satellite.

It is important to remember that the Moon has a strong influence on the tides. And a person consists of 80% water, so the influence of the Moon on him is also quite great. However, not everyone can feel it for themselves. It all depends on what sign the Earth’s satellite is in. In addition, people with an inner core are more balanced and less susceptible to such influence.

— You don’t need to believe in something, but check for yourself the influence, for example, of the phases of the moon on your life. This will help you study and know yourself through astrology. After all, astrology is a tool for self-knowledge, and something mysterious, like a magic ball. For example, when I was studying to be an astrologer, we spent a whole month describing what sign the Moon was in, how I was feeling, what was happening. I remembered that when my Moon was in Capricorn (and Capricorn is responsible for consistency, for a career, for order, discipline and composure), then I think faster, find answers, and react to something. These days I am as productive and collected as possible.

In general, man has free will. Every day each of us makes some decisions on which our future life and destiny depend. And the state a person is in influences his choice. Our condition depends, in particular, on the sign in which the Moon falls. And you can use this in your life.


Questions and answers

The phases of the moon and everything connected with them often arouse genuine interest and many questions among people. Together with astrologer Nela, we give answers to the most popular of them.

Is it possible to make a wish on a full moon or a new moon? How to do this correctly?

It is believed that on the new moon you need to clear everything, think about what you want, set goals. But the full moon is more suitable for making wishes, because it is believed that both the Moon and the person are most receptive during this period. There are studies that wishes come true much faster when a person experiences strong emotions. During the full moon, people become more emotional, so this period is favorable for desires.

The desire must be formulated as if it has already happened. For example, not “I want a car,” but “I have a specific car of a certain color, new.” All details must be written down. You need to clearly and vividly imagine what you want, what you feel at this moment, what you hear, what you see. That is, to use all senses as much as possible. At the same time, the desire must be sincere: not because it is fashionable, but because you really want it. And we definitely need to start taking action in this direction.

How long does it take from full moon to new moon?

A month passes from one full moon to another, and half a month passes from a full moon to a new moon. This refers to the lunar month, which is shorter than the calendar month and is 29 or 30 days.

How does the full moon affect your emotional state?

The person becomes emotionally unstable. During the full moon, both positive and negative emotions intensify. Feelings that a person has been trying to suppress for a long time can also surface.

What types of full moons are there?

The full moon varies depending on the month and phase of the moon. For example, a full moon may be called the “Winter Solstice”, “Summer Solstice”, “Spring Equinox” and “Autumn Equinox”. Also, full moons can have different names in different cultures and traditions.

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