Amulet Of The Dreamcatcher

Amulet Dreamcatcher in depth Article

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the meaning of the dream catcher amulet
  • Why do I need a dream catcher amulet
  • What are the types of amulet dreamcatcher
  • How to choose a dream catcher amulet
  • How to make a DIY Dreamcatcher Amulet
  • Where to place the dreamcatcher amulet in the house

Once upon a time, those times were gone when the dream catcher could only be seen in the homes of people interested in esotericism. Nowadays, completely different people choose it. The amulet protects sleeping from unpleasant dreams and leaves only good dreams. Thanks to this, a person sleeps peacefully all night, rests as it should, and reserves his strength for a new day. In addition to its direct purpose, a dream catcher can become an original decoration of a home, as a pleasant detail with a bright ethnic character. It is not difficult to buy a dream catcher amulet – it is sold in shops of esoteric goods. Another way is to make houses yourself.

What is a dreamcatcher: the meaning of the amulet and the story of the appearance

People became actively interested in dream catchers in the second half of the twentieth century (60 – 70 years). And by no means all who purchased this item believed that it would protect them from bad dreams. Many buyers today, first of all, want to get the actual home decor.

Dream catchers come from the Native American settlements of North America, however, no one knows when exactly they appeared. Some Siberian peoples used similar magical objects for the same purpose. The traditions of using amulets among Indians and Siberians most likely existed independently of each other, since the exchange of information between them was excluded due to the considerable remoteness of their geographical location.

The history of the appearance of the Siberian amulet did not reach us, but there is a beautiful legend about the Indian amulet. Once on a high hill sat one of the leaders of the Dakota clan. He meditated and meditated alone. And suddenly the patron spirit of his tribe appeared in the form of a large spider. The spirit spoke for a long time with the leader about birth, rebirth, death, the secrets of being and the meaning of life.

Then the spirit took the willow branch and wove it in the shape of a circle, filling it inside with patterns of cobwebs, so that the good that was seen by a man at night in a dream easily penetrated his life, and the evil one became tangled and burned in the dawn light of the sun.

Since then, the Indians began to make charms that helped them avoid the influence of bad dreams and see only good dreams at night.

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Nowadays, frequent stressful situations and other negative factors do not affect the quality of sleep in the best way. From here – nightmares and feeling sick after waking up. But it is worth improving sleep, and a person wakes up in a good mood, manages to do more, performs everyday work better, and is also less prone to various diseases.

In order to make a person’s sleep calm, filled with good dreams and to drive away nightmares, the amulet of a dreamcatcher is placed at the head of the bed. The tradition of decorating the cradles of babies with amulets is especially widespread among the Indians, so that the dream catcher’s web confuses the evil spirits of the night and attracts the good with pleasant dreams. To improve a child’s sleep, even a mobilizer in the form of an amulet is used now as a dreamcatcher, which will not be difficult to buy or make.

Among the peoples of Siberia, the dreamcatcher was one of the shamanistic objects. Located above the head of the sleeper, the amulet not only protected sleep from evil spirits, but also allowed the shaman to control dreams. With the help of sleep, the shaman could learn about upcoming events, receive tips in making fateful decisions for the tribe. Therefore, in our days, the amulet may be necessary for practitioners of various rites and procedures with sleep, for example, lucid dreams.

Amulet Of The Dreamcatcher

So, how can the dreamcatcher amulet help a person in the modern world? The amulet will improve sleep, allow you to sleep and rest at night to meet and spend a new day with a good mood and well-being.

It is believed that good dreams pass through a small hole in the middle of the cobweb, and nightmares become entangled in it and melt with the first rays of the sun.

What are the different types of dream catcher amulet

Interestingly, the diversity of dream catchers is divided into several varieties. However, all catchers have a number of common features by which they can be easily recognized, this

  • the composition is based on a circle symbolizing the sun and its daily cycle;
  • Mandatory elements of any catcher are bird feathers, which mean breathing and lightness.

feathers in the amulet

What variety is possible in the traditional form of the amulet? Today, there are three of the most popular types of design, depending on the origin of this magic item:

  1. Native American amulet dreamcatcher. An object in the shape of a circle filled with interwoven threads. Such a “web” catches good dreams, which descend to the sleeping person on the feathers and make his sleep calm and pleasant, but at the same time delays bad dreams. Evil spirits that carry bad dreams linger in interweaving and disappear in the rays of the dawn sun.
  2. The magic tool of Siberian shamans. This dream catcher is designed to attract any visions, it doesn’t matter if they are pleasant dreams or nightmares. All of them are significant for the shaman. With the help of such an amulet, he sees in a dream the images of trapped spirits. Confronting the negative forces allows the shaman to penetrate the depths of his own consciousness. Such amulets can be dangerous for inexperienced adherents of such rituals.
  3. Asian amulet. The strength of such an object lies in the symbolic components of which it is made. Often, Asian dream catcher amulets contain figures of animals or zodiac constellations.

How to choose a dream catcher amulet

In choosing the right dream catcher, its color scheme, which is also symbolic, is of great importance. Here is a list of primary colors and their effect on humans:

  • White color symbolizes purity, healing. It gives a person elevation, bright energy and deliverance from ailments.

white dream catcher

  • Black color symbolizes infinity and feminine energy of life. It gives a person stamina, firmness of mind, strength to complete what has been started.

black dream catcher

  • Red color symbolizes will and powerful power. It gives a person energy, stimulates creativity.
red dream catcher
  • Pink color symbolizes love energy. It gives a person vitality, relieves stress, helps to understand yourself.
pink dream catcher
  • Orange color gives a person harmony, balances male and female principles, gives strength to resist negative manifestations.
orange dream catcher
  • Yellow color symbolizes the spiritual beginning. It gives a person bodily and mental health, spiritual strength and exacerbates mental perception.
yellow dream catcher
  • Green color symbolizes endless life. It gives an objective vision of the world, the power to implement plans.
Green Dream Catcher
  • Blue symbolizes the truth. It gives a person the ability to predict the future, a positive perception of reality, makes consciousness bright.
Blue Color Amulet
  • Blue color gives a person the harmony of life and purifies the spirit, activates logic.
Dark Blue Amulet
  • Violet color symbolizes the soul. He gives man inspiration, gives strength to humility, acceptance of reality.
Violet Color Dream Catcher Amulet

The above information characterizes only the Indian dreamcatcher, the shaman’s amulet is made according to completely different principles. For the Siberian amulet, mainly dark colors are used: dark blue, black, rarely red. However, people unfamiliar with shamanism should not acquire such a serious magical item.

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How to make a DIY Dreamcatcher Amulet

Everyone can make an amulet on their own. All that is needed is to prepare the constituent elements and show a little perseverance. Prerequisite: the maximum possible number of materials for the amulet must be natural. So, first prepare:

  • a willow twig (or hoop from a hoop made of wood, metal, etc.);
  • thick threads or cord;
  • beads;
  • feathers.

Once again, we recall that all components (or most of them) should be made of natural materials.

For a dream catcher, beads made of wood, bone, stone. And if you choose beads from amethyst, obsidian, rauchtopaz, rock crystal, then the dream catcher will become not only a talisman, but also a talisman that enhances the abilities of the mind and spirit. Important elements such as feathers are only needed when they are thrown alive, and not taken from dead birds. If you decide to color them (which, in principle, is undesirable), use natural dyes.

The dream catcher amulet, intended for a woman, is best decorated with the feathers of an owl, for a man – with the feathers of an eagle. In extreme cases, a feather of poultry (chicken, goose, etc.) is suitable. True, there is an opinion that such a talisman will be less effective.

How to make a DIY Dreamcatcher Amulet

To make a charm at home, follow the instructions:

  1. Leaving a free end about ten centimeters long, wrap a hoop with a cord, thread or braid;
  2. Having finished wrapping the circle, tie the cord on the hoop near the free end, and you can proceed to create a pattern;
  3. Setting aside a few centimeters, tie the thread on the hoop, wrapping it around the base and passing it into the resulting loop;
  4. Do the same thing around the circumference – this will be the first row of the “web”;
  5. The next row is interwoven similarly, the basis for it will be the first row;
  6. While creating the pattern, string the beads on the thread in random order;
  7. Reaching the center and completing the weaving, tightly knot the thread with a knot and secure with glue.

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Where to place the dreamcatcher amulet in the house?

Given the purpose of this magic item, a trap amulet should be placed above the head of a person’s bed. If this is not possible, then a suitable place would be:

  • Wall at the head of the bed;
  • Lamp on the bedside table;
  • Bedroom / wardrobe doors.

In addition to its direct purpose, the amulet will perform a decorative function, adding to the decor of the room.

Other dream catcher amulets

Other magical items are also common among the Indians, supplementing or resembling an amulet, a dream catcher. Such, for example, is a “medical wheel”. It looks like a circle (hoop) with lines crossed in the center and feather pendants below.

medical wheel amulet

The ring is the life cycle, and the spokes inside it are the four cardinal points, the four world races, the four manifestations of man (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

This amulet is intended to remind of the unity of the world, that everything is connected with each other and that we should not forget about Mother Earth.

Another amulet is the “fusion of souls.” It represents two intersecting hoops. At the same time, a “cobweb” passes through the disjoint parts, and an amulet, most often a bead, is suspended in the disjoint. This amulet is designed to protect the relationships and sleep of people in love.

Souls Fusion

Dream catcher amulet tattoo: what to do and where to place it

Nowadays, the magical image has ceased to be the privilege of the Indians. Now such a pattern for tattoos is widespread throughout the world. The master, according to his plan or desire of the client, can significantly change the appearance of the depicted object.

Dream catcher amulet tattoo

What are the goals of the person who wants to put the image of the dream catcher on his body?

  • eliminate the effect of harmful energy;
  • improve sleep quality, overcome sleep problems and nightmares;
  • find harmony with nature, the symbol of which is also the dreamcatcher amulet;
  • demonstrate commitment to ancient customs.

Thus, the tattoo image of the amulet of the dreamcatcher has the meaning of a talisman, following ancient traditions and freedom.

The closer the tattoo is to the head, the stronger its effect. The most common decoration with such a pattern is the neck and forearms. The positive effect of a tattoo is based on psychological comfort from the presence of a protective sign on the body. Another common place to apply the image is the ribs.

Often, instead of a hoop, a horseshoe is depicted – a sign of good luck and protection from negative influences. This detail will give a powerful energy charge and add unusualness to your decoration.