5 Verses To Start The Day Well

How many times have you got up discouraged and unwilling to face a new day? The Bible gives us some clues to start our days with strength. Look here for 5 verses that will change your mornings and the attitude with which you face each new dawn.

1. Think of good things

Our thoughts greatly influence the way we feel and how we see the situations we face. Start your morning thinking about all the good things in your life and you will see how your perspective changes in the face of the challenges that await you. Only with that will you have a better day!

2. Thank God

Remember to thank God for all the good things you remember. There are so many blessings that God gives us! Make the purpose of thanking God for at least five things every day. Develop an attitude of gratitude towards your Creator and you will see how you will feel more prepared to face the day.

3. Ask for God’s help

If you are worried or discouraged about something, tell God! He, like every loving father, loves to listen to his children, help them and encourage them. Spend time with God every morning, tell him your plans for that day and be attentive to his direction and care.

4. Organize your day

Spending a few minutes organizing your priorities for the day is time well spent. Write down on an agenda the things you need to do according to priority, and rehearse in your mind the moments when you think you might include them. Try also to leave some empty spaces for rest, regain strength or to lead to unforeseen events.

5. Dedicate your plans to the Lord

Doing a good job is a way to praise God. Decide to give your best today and do it for the glory of God. You will see that your attitude improves before daily chores when you do everything so that Christ is glorified.

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