12 Best Bible Verses To Overcome Challenges In Hard Times

Life challenges us every day, and sometimes it is difficult to remain animated, with a desire to keep going and struggle to overcome the obstacle. How nice to know we can find words of encouragement in the Bible! God knows us, and in His divine mercy He gives us words that encourage us to keep going, to trust, no matter what difficulty we are going through.

Verses About Facing Challenges In Life and Encouragement

Meditate on these verses and trust. Remember that you are not alone!

1. Do not be afraid!

How good to know that the Lord does not abandon us! Do not be afraid or anguish, the Lord accompanies you, strengthens you and helps you. His right hand holds you firmly and in Him you have victory.

2. Remember the promise

We are in a battle and we need to keep our eyes on what is already ours: eternal life. Do not let daily struggles distract you in such a way that you forget that, thanks to your faith in Jesus, victory and eternal life are yours.

3. Our help comes from God

Remember that even in the midst of the most painful and disconcerting situations, God is with you. He strengthens you and does not abandon you even if everything around you seems to collapse. He is your refuge.

4. God renews your strength

No matter your age, you are a human being that is exhausted not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. How nice to know that if you trust in the Lord you can receive new strength. The renewal of strength that the Lord gives you has no equal. Sometimes it will even seem like you can fly!

5. Meditate on His word, obey and enjoy His company

Fill your mind with the Word of God! Do not let the problems obsess you. Meditate on the promises of the Father and obey His direction. You will see how, by filling your mind with His thoughts, your attitude will change and you will feel His company and presence.

6. You will be able to resist if you are prepared

God, in His immense wisdom, gives us all we need to resist and overcome in the bad day. We are the ones who must learn to use the tools and indications that He left us in His Word. Learn to wear the armor of God and claim the authority that you have in Him. Thus you will obtain the victory in the bad day.

7. You are not alone

What encourages you to know that you have His presence! Not only that, be certain that in the midst of the struggles God does not hide, but goes before you, fighting for you and with you.

8. You can go to the Lord at any time

When the situation is so exasperating that you just want to run away, run to the Lord! He is a strong tower, in His arms you will find protection and salvation.

9. He takes care of you at all times and in all places

Whether day or night and wherever you are, the Lord cares for you and protects you. There is no place in this world where God can not take care of you.

10. Even if you stumble, you will not fall

Obey God and He will strengthen your walk. You may stumble, but if in your heart you seek to please Him and hold on to Him, you will not fall because He will sustain you.

11. God never “throws in the towel”

Many times we are crushed by the nonsense that we do. But remember that God never leaves you, He is always with you and sustains you. Pay attention so you can listen to His advice. You can live a satisfying earthly life and have the certainty that you will be eternally with Him.

12. Keep your eyes on the goal

Do not focus on the mistakes of the past. Look at what is ahead, the goals that God puts in your heart and the great goal of eternal life with Jesus Christ. You will see how your perspective on life changes!

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