10 Best Bible Verses About Faith In Hard Times

There is a lot of talk about the importance of faith because the first step to a life with Jesus is to believe in him as God and Savior. But faith is not something of a single moment, but is part of our day to day. Our actions and decisions reveal in what or in whom we have placed our faith.

When we receive Jesus as Lord of our lives we do not receive only the certainty that we will be with him for eternity. In the Bible we find many promises that inspire us in our daily walk. Let’s look at some of the blessings we receive as a result of our faith.

1. Forgiveness and life

Our life happens to reflect the joy of forgiveness because God in his infinite mercy, decided to grant it to us. Jesus put our sin on him so that the law that required sacrifice for the expiation of them would be fulfilled. We were reconciled with God and now, thanks to his sacrifice and love, we live a new life in Christ and within his purposes.

2. Christ in us

We see everything differently because Christ lives in our hearts and gives us a new perspective. We seek the feeling of Christ, his will and direction in each situation and allow him to transform our thinking. Our great desire is for his love and his presence to be evident in us.

3. A different vision

Anxiety and fear in the midst of circumstances are not our norm as children of God because we trust fully in him. We learn to live focused on their greatness and power, not on the size of our problems. It does not matter if we find ourselves in the middle of very difficult situations and enormous obstacles, we remain firm, trusting in the creator of the universe, our Lord and Savior.

4. Adoption

By faith we are beloved children of God forever, no one can change that. He is a loving Father who takes care of his children and knows what is best for them. When God looks at us, he sees the redemptive work of Jesus in us, how we are transformed more in his image, because the more we grow in our walk with God, the more we reflect Christ and his character.

5. Victory

The world and sinful desires no longer have power over us. We can experience victory against the temptations that the world offers us because the Holy Spirit helps us to overcome even in the midst of our weaknesses. Our greatest desire comes to be to please God and to live a life that glorifies Him in everything.

6. Eternal life

How great is the love of our God! He was willing to send his Son to die on the cross so that all of us, who believe in him as Savior, can have eternal life. Our faith in Jesus gives us the certainty of eternity with God. There is nothing and no one who can separate us from his love or from the eternal life that he gives us. Victory over death is already ours through Jesus. We do not live in fear, but in hope knowing that we will be eternally with him.

7. Answered prayers

Our faith in Jesus makes our prayers much more than just words. Through faith our prayers are anointed and powerful. We pray with the certainty that the Father listens to us and that the Holy Spirit will work with power in the midst of the situation and in accordance with his will.

8. Health

Faith brings physical and spiritual healing. No situation or request is too great when we know the greatness and power of our God and the great love he has for his children. We bring our illnesses and problems before him with absolute confidence and we see him act.

9. Peace with God

There is a place in our hearts that only God can fill and when we decide to allow Him to enter our lives and be our Lord, His incomparable peace fills us. The peace that he gives us covers and sustains us even in the midst of very difficult situations. It is the peace of knowing that, whatever happens, we are his and he will never abandon us.

10. Prize at the end

God promises the crown of justice to those who remain faithful trusting Him and waiting with longing for His coming. Let us continue to serve our Lord faithfully. He never leaves us or disappoints us. Do not let the problems of life make you look away from the promises of God and his great love for you. Be faithful in the battle and remember the grand prize at the end of the road.

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