10 Encouraging Bible Verses To Overcome Family And Financial Problems

Throughout our lives we encounter challenges that may seem very difficult to overcome. Financial problems, the death of someone we love, diseases ... there are many difficulties we face over the years. How nice to know that God accompanies us and always helps us!

In the Bible we find words of encouragement and encouragement that comfort us in these situations. Through them we receive the comfort we need for the right moment. They are words that help us to continue on trusting in Him who sent His beloved Son to die on the cross for love of us. Let’s see some of these verses.

1. God is with us

We must not fear or distress because we have the presence of our God. He does not leave us alone, and he is bigger and more powerful than any problem. We must keep our minds, focus on the greatness and power of God and in that his victorious hand sustains us at all times.

2. God is good

We should not doubt the goodness of our God but continue to trust in his love and care. Even when God allows situations that we do not like, we can take refuge in him and in his protection. He has promised to be with us every day until the end of the world (Matthew 28:20). Let us rest in his promises and in his abundant kindness for all who trust him.

3. God gives us his peace

The peace that God gives us covers much more than peace as we understand it. Normally, if we talk about peace, we mean the absence of war or conflicts. But the concept of “ shalom ”, the peace that the Bible mentions, is much more than that. It means totality, well-being, security and reaches all areas of our life.

When we are in the midst of problems and difficulties, we may be anguished and feelings overwhelm us in such a way that we forget the promises of God. Let us learn to rest in his promises, let us rest in the arms of peace and love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

4. God equips us to win

God fills us with his Holy Spirit and enables us to face the situations of life. We should not be shy but brave, take hold of the tools he gives us and use them. We can be assertive and firm, take steps that glorify God and show that we are full of his power and his love.

In the midst of difficulties we must use the self-control that God gives us. Emotions should not reign and guide our actions. We can maintain calm and serenity because we trust in our Father and he will never fail us.

5. God listens to us and acts

There are times when we forget to cry out to God in the midst of our difficulties. We allow ourselves to be blinded by the threats that surround us and the size of the problems. However, whenever we cry out to God he listens to us and takes action. It may not free us instantly from the disease or the battle that haunts us, but it does grant us the peace we need and it gives us a new perspective. It reminds us that our life is in his hands and in him we have salvation.

6. God is great and powerful

However great and difficult our circumstances may be, we can be sure that God is much greater and more powerful. He is the creator of the universe, he created us, he knows everything that happens. By focusing on his greatness, we do not allow circumstances to overwhelm us, and our confidence in him, in his love and his care is strengthened.

7. His word gives us life

The word of God is alive and renews us. It is important to nourish our spirit even in the midst of painful situations. In the Bible we see many men and women of God who went through difficult times but stood firm, trusting in the precious promises of our Lord. We see God’s faithfulness reflected in their lives, how he responded in every circumstance, and our faith grows.

8. There is power in the name of God

If the only prayer you can do in the midst of your circumstances is to repeat the name of God or the name of Jesus, that prayer is enough. In his name we find refuge and salvation. He hears the requests that come from the depths of our being and sends his Holy Spirit to comfort and encourage us.

9. Jesus has already won

The death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection guarantee that victory has already been achieved. There is no affliction so great that Jesus can not overcome. In fact, he beat her. In the midst of our problems and sorrows we can remember that Jesus has already gained eternal life for us and no one can take it from us.

10. God speaks to us

God advises us day or night. If we are attentive and we silence the voices of doubt or despair, we will be able to hear their soft and loving voice showing us what we should do. We must take time to express what we feel before him and ask him for direction. He will guide us and nothing will make us fall.

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