Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship


I recently met a Taurus man, he confused me so much that I don’t know what to do. One day he flirts, and on the other he pretends that we are ordinary work colleagues. I myself tried to start correspondence, but he does not go to chat. I don’t understand him …


I am a Pisces woman and just fascinated by a man’s body, he is me too. We have not met officially yet, but I have never felt such a connection with other men. The attraction is just CRAZY. Nevertheless, he is constantly busy and puts me in the background, on this occasion she tried to forget about him. But he always insists that our relationship should be continued. His aura is so attractive to me, although we have not even kissed!


I am a Pisces, in a relationship with the Taurus. Both stubborn, I like Pisces are very emotional. They tried to leave, but always returned. These relationships have a special chemistry and attractiveness that draws to each other. Another plus, we always support each other.


I am a Pisces and I have a very strange but interesting relationship with a male Taurus. When we first met, it was a real chemistry of love. However, after a few months we broke up, I did not even understand for what reason. But then he returned again and began to look after, probably because. that I am the only one who fully understands him and accepts as he is. He is completely closed and does not share his problems with me. Constantly busy with their affairs and problems. He works a lot and is just silent. I do not know what to do…


had experience communicating with a male body. I am a Pisces. Quickly hit it off, he was sweet and gentle. Met at the party. All in all very romantic, but eager for money indefinitely. All the time he said that he was serious about our relationship, but he did nothing. He called and came when he wanted to. I had to part with him. Anyway, he was a little son, I had to move on.


I meet Taurus, he says that he loves, but he suddenly disappears or does not show any interest, and I really really love him … What should I do now?

Second Taurus

I am a Pisces woman. I met with the Taurus for 4 years, but over time, our relationship collapsed. I still miss him. The other day I met another little body and everything from the very beginning. Very strong attraction. I know him for 2 days, but it feels like a lifetime. So nice to be with him. He assures me again and is very gentle. His voice relaxes me. Sex is absolutely stunning. I know that Pisces tend to fall quickly in love. But I’m afraid that he, too, will break my heart, as was the case with the first Taurus. I know what it is and I do not want to experience it again. Or, on the other hand, I just need to live for today … I’m all confused.