Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility: Love, Dating, Obsession, Attraction and Breakup

Taurus Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility Match

The horoscope gives the Pisces Woman and Taurus Man bond a good love compatibility. They can last for many years as a couple.

In reality the relationship is based on friendship, rather than love; that is, there can be a lot of collaboration, camaraderie, and affinity in ideas.

The Taurus man always likes to study every movement of his life, since he is very aware of his needs, he knows what he wants at all times since he is very realistic and stubborn. The Pisces admires those qualities of Taurus.

Love and happiness connect

Venus leads Taurus, the planet of love, and Pisces is led by Jupiter (luck) and Neptune (illusions). When the influences of Venus (Taurus) and Neptune (Pisces) come together, they create fantastic spiritual compatibility.

Both Taurus and Pisces radiate gentle feminine energy. When combined together they form an idealistic bond that borders on divinity.

Jupiter adds masculine energy to this Taurus man and Pisces woman combination. This planet represents philosophy, development, and abundance.

Love in between Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

This beautiful compatibility is made of the Pisces woman and the Taurus man is generally happy and harmonious.

The love relationship between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man tends to be based on good karma and mutual support and understanding.

While the Pisces woman is an impressionist who wants to idealize and dream whereas the Taurus man is more practical. The Pisces woman and the Taurus man can nurture their relationship and keep their experience stable and balanced without major problems.

What can be offered

The Pisces woman and the Taurus man have a lot to offer each other. The Taurus Man, by his virtuous approach to things, can indicate to the Pisces woman in what ways she can make her dreams come true.

In return, the Pisces woman will offer the Taurus man the understanding, tenderness, kindness and compassion, the characteristics that the Taurus man adores in his woman who belongs to the Pisces zodiac sign.

From time to time, the Taurus man will probably not be able to understand the Pisces woman’s seemingly simple view of life. In reality, of course, Pisces is not a simple sign at all.

The Taurus man can help the Pisces woman to stabilize her sensitivity; he can add a little “magic” into the practical ways of solving things. But they both have to be careful because too good is not good.

The Taurus man is always ready, persistent, stubborn, practical, and focuses on one thing at a time, while the Pisces woman loves the feeling of transition from one thought to another, depending on the mood.

Problems occur when the Taurus man may be tired of the Pisces woman’s emotional instability, and the Pisces woman may feel that the Taurus man is not emotional enough when it comes to her needs. Taurus’ optimism can “kill” the flexibility Pisces have.

Life compatibility

The Taurus man strives toward an experience of unconditional love, enjoys family gatherings, a relaxed atmosphere at home, and prefers to dine under candles.

The Taurus man is warm, sensitive, and kind. He is very attached to his parents, children, and many loving pet animals.

For the Taurus man, paradise is a peaceful family life.

If the Pisces woman wants to have a marriage experience with the Taurus man, she must fit that image. The Pisces woman in marriage is completely surrendered, and is not subject to restrictions.

A Taurus man must give himself to the Pisces woman without reservation, and if he has the desire to make the marriage between them successful, he needs to share everything with his woman in the Pisces zodiac sign.

With little effort and happiness, the Taurus man and the Pisces woman will be able to become one soul.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Marriage Compatibility

These two signs: the Pisces woman and the Taurus man together can create a love relationship or a loving marriage like in the fairy tales that both have always dreamed of.

In this compatibility, they can feel that paradise has come to earth. From an astrological point of view, the problems in this marriage and romantic love nest lie in the fact that this fantastic fantasy connection between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man can consist of just that: dreams, mystical illusions, and fantasies.

In any case, the Taurus man and the Pisces woman are highly compatible signs for marriage.

The good news is that overall, these two zodiac signs can easily find a way to work through their differences and problems, and enjoy their marriage experience.

The Pisces woman can teach the Taurus man that common thinking can sometimes bring better results (two heads are better than one) rather than a fixed, one-sided solution to things in one constricted way.

Taurus Man Pisces Woman Sexually

The Taurus man in sex is extremely sensual and thirsty for touches, smells, and appropriate music. Although a Taurus man is not especially inventive in bed, he is characterized by durability.

The Taurus man is a great hedonist, as he wants to try good food, so he savors intimate moments.

This man wants a long foreplay that is completely in line with the Pisces woman’s desires, as a Taurus man can take offense if the Pisces woman is in a hurry.

The Pisces woman should not avoid kisses because the Taurus man needs to feel that his assumption that the Pisces woman is the perfect person for him is correct. This is linked to the reason why the Taurus man rarely goes on adventures.

In sex, the Taurus man is passionate, he is delighted with the touches and hot spots of the Pisces woman. The face is the erogenous place that excites most of the men in the sign of Taurus.

A sensual Pisces woman knows how the smallest nerve in the Taurus man’s body works. Pisces are incredibly cautious lovers who, during sex, can interact with their Taurus partner without words.

Because love is spiritual food for the Pisces woman, she evokes declarations of tenderness from the Taurus man.

A Pisces woman loves a warm appearance (just like a Taurus) and enjoys simple things like the appearance of her beloved man.

The emotional excitement between the Pisces woman and the Taurus man releases erotic fantasies, and they are considered as an incredibly imaginative match. The erogenous zones of the Pisces woman are the stomach and the joints.

The Pisces woman needs to show the Taurus man how much she respects him and how much she appreciates the sweet little things in life that the Taurus man offers her.

With the Taurus man, the Pisces woman will be as happy as she is in a crowded environment, such as when she is sitting at home.

The sensual and gentle side of Pisces woman develops the sexual imagination of the Taurus man, and that is very nice.

For any negative thoughts of the Pisces woman, the Taurus man can offer her a positive solution or a positive way of thinking about each problem.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man: Positives And Negatives

The compatibility between Pisces and Taurus has both good and bad aspects, just like any other relationship. The strength of their relationship can be maintained, though, through open and honest communication as well as a willingness to compromise.


  • While their empathetic natures never cause the other to feel neglected, Pisces and Taurus’ contrasting emotional characteristics complement each other extremely well.
  • The relationship’s charm is rarely lost due to the love, warmth, and laughter, and the hand of support is unwavering.
  • Where Pisces and Taurus are most compatible with one another is in their shared desire for closeness.


  • The fish’s adaptable nature and the bull’s fixed nature frequently clash.
  • While the Taurus finds comfort in routine, the imaginative Pisces cannot stand still.
  • Pisces may occasionally become confused by Taurus’ sudden outbursts.
  • Taurus may grow weary of Pisces’ need for unrelenting emotional dependence. The trick is to make a small amount of compromise on both ends so that the Taurus can feel loved and supported by their partner while the Pisces can flow.

Studies on Taurus and Pisces compatibility reveal that despite their personalities being very different, a bond is formed between them through respect and appreciation for one another. Taurus and Pisces bond as friends and experience a natural, carefree comfort in each other’s company. Their high level of compatibility also suggests that their marriage will be successful. They have a relationship that is characterized by affection, warmth, empathy, and sweet ecstasy. Instead of bothering them, their differences attract them to one another. They could become the power couple that everyone envies if they can support one another through thick and thin.

How to improve the relationship in between Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

The Pisces-Taurus bond has good love compatibility, but to guarantee a happy relationship will require an extra effort.

Although a Pisces woman is romantic, she does not ask for as much affection as other signs do. The problem is that many Taureans are not as affectionate as she would like. This is a subject that should be discussed in depth so that the Taurus learns to express, at least with small gestures, the love for his Pisces woman.

Beware of jealousy, especially on the part of the Taurus man. Ensure that you do not generate mutual jealousy because it affects the relationship tremendously.

In the Pisces-Taurus bond, there is usually a great initial passion and attraction: they are fascinated with each other. Unfortunately this leads to idealizing each other, to see each other as perfect but, over time, they can become very disappointed when they begin to get in touch with each other’s real flaws.

The Pisces is a very interesting woman and this is very attractive to the Taurean man. It is essential that she does not lose the charm that the Taurus man falls in love with: spark, intelligence, creativity, and optimism. These are crucial keywords that she must memorize and put into practice all her life.

The Pisces-Taurus couple always dreams of projects for the long term, luckily they coincide a lot in their objectives. But they can also be very disappointed if they do not comply or if they feel that their partner is making little effort to achieve them. It will always be essential to strive to meet the proposed goals, otherwise this link could easily be dismantled.

It is also important that this Pisces-Taurus link has components of a good friendship: companionship, adventure, etc. If you lack these characteristics, the relationship will become boring and can dissolve.

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Pisces Woman and Taurus Man Reviews


I recently met a Taurus man, he confused me so much that I don’t know what to do. One day he flirts, and on the other he pretends that we are ordinary work colleagues. I myself tried to start correspondence, but he does not go to chat. I don’t understand him ...


I am a Pisces woman and just fascinated by a man’s body, he is like me too. We have not met officially yet, but I have never felt such a connection with other men. The attraction is just CRAZY. Nevertheless, he is constantly busy and puts me in the background, on one recent occasion I tried to forget about us. But he always insists that our relationship should be continued. His aura is so attractive to me, although we have not even kissed!


I am a Pisces woman, in a relationship with a Taurus man. Both of us are stubborn. He like Pisces because they are very emotional. When there were rough patches we tried to leave each other, but always returned. These relationships have a special chemistry and attractiveness that draws each other back to their respective partners. Another plus point is that we always supported each other.


I am a Pisces woman and I have a very strange but interesting relationship with a male Taurus. When we first met, it was a real chemistry of love. However, after a few months we broke up, I did not even understand for what reason. But then he returned again and began to look after me very well, probably because I am the only one who fully understands him and accepts him as he is. He is completely closed and does not share his problems with me. He’s constantly busy with his professional affairs and problems. He works a lot and is just silent on many ocassions. I do not know what to do about that …


I had experience communicating with a male Taurus. I am a Pisces woman. We quickly hit it off, he was sweet and gentle. We met at the party. All in all very romantic, but eager for money indefinitely. All the time he said that he was serious about our relationship, but he did nothing. He called and came when he wanted to. I had to part with him. Anyway, he has a little son too with another woman to whom he was married. So, I had to move on.


I have been meeting a Taurus man. He says that he loves me, but he suddenly disappears or does not show any interest, and I really really love him ... What should I do now?


I am a Pisces woman. Met with a Taurus man for 4 years, but over time, our relationship collapsed. I still miss him. The other day I met another little man and everything from the very beginning was just too good. Very strong attraction. I know him for 2 days only, but it feels like a lifetime. So nice to be with him. He assures me again and is very gentle. His voice relaxes me. Sex is absolutely stunning. I know that Pisces tend to fall quickly in love. But I’m afraid that he, too, will break my heart, as was the case with the first Taurus. I know what it is and I do not want to experience it again. Or, on the other hand, I just need to live for today ... So, naturally, I’m all confused.


The best aspect of a Pisces woman’s and a Taurus man’s love combination is their compatibility and harmony in their varied emotional natures.

The fact that these two signs believe that the support and commitment of both is the key to any marital relationship and love will keep them bonded for the long term as a part of a strong community.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Pisces woman and Taurus man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 STARS
Communication Strong 4 STARS
Trust and dependency Average 3 STARS
Common values Average 3 STARS
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 STARS

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