Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Zodiac Compatibility

Men and Women Zodiac Compatibility In Love and Relationship


I am an Aquarius woman, a year ago I met a Taurus guy at work. At first they were just friends and were wonderful colleagues. In fact, I was surprised that we made an excellent team, although in all horoscopes they write about incompatibility. At that time I met with Capricorn, but I felt that Taurus was becoming more than just a friend and colleague, I told him all this. He has become closer to me.

About a year later, I broke up with my boyfriend, and the Taurus found out about it and began to act. It turns out all this time he was waiting for the moment. Admitted that he was jealous of my ex. I never even suspected that he had such feelings. Now we are together. Many horoscopes say that this is not a good union, and in some ways they are right. But this relationship can be a real adventure. I chose him because he was the most gentle and sweet. He showers me with passion and devotion.

All I can say with confidence is that he truly loves me. With him I feel safe. I never thought that they could love the guy Taurus. This is just amazing.


I am a woman Aquarius, passionately in love with a man Taurus. At first we were just friends at a distance. Over time, I realized how amazing he is. Usually I am very distant, do not open and do not show love. They can be very independent but try not to be rude, I strive for justice. With him I show only my best qualities, it is always fun with him, he can calm me down, he says that I also influence him.

Before that, there was a guy with cancer – the most difficult relationship of all that I had, I spent 6 years on him. I loved him with all my heart, but this was always not enough for him. His insecurities drove me crazy. But I was distracted. On the whole, Aquarius and Taurus are an amazing union!


I am very disappointed that everywhere they write about the incompatibility of Taurus and Aquarius. I am a male Taurus, I met an amazing woman Aquarius yesterday. That evening we talked about everything, it was completely boring with her. She does not rush things and wants to know me first as a friend. Many things about bulls are not written correctly, for example, I like to travel, very open-minded, I like to walk like she does. I think you should not believe these horoscopes.


I am a woman of Aquarius, met Taurus at work. He is handsome, tall with a contagious smile! My Taurus is very generous, loving and sweet. Says everything without secrets. I’m never bored with him; he’s attentive and hardworking. Of course there are things that I do not like, for example, his possessive nature. But honestly, this is the best guy I’ve ever had. Great union!


I am 22 I am Aquarius, I met with a male body about 5 years old. It was the most strange, cruel and crazy relationship. Like a roller coaster. I was incompatible at all levels. And the older I get, the more I understand about our incompatibility. Good luck to everyone who just started their relationship, for me it was a crazy experience!🙂


I am a woman Aquarius, NEVER in my life I will never meet with the Taurus. This is not life, but a confrontation. Over time, he becomes a real goat. They are not sensitive. A complete misunderstanding of each other. Different dreams and goals. Greedy for Madness! It’s nice to be friends with them, fun and not boring. But in a relationship, I never feel so alone as with the guy Taurus. Stay away from this sign if you want to stay sane!


I am a male Taurus, I love Crazy Aquarius woman, but so far we are just friends with her, it lasts about two years. I told her about my feelings, but she wants to be just friends. She is very religious and believes that God gave me as a friend, it really killed me, because I considered her my soulmate. She broke my heart, I just could not see her anymore. With my mind, I need to move on, but I love her too much. I don’t think they can ever fall in love so much.


Met with a guy Taurus for over a year. I am Aquarius. It all started fabulously and lasted for about 4 months. Over time, I often went on business trips. Absolutely stubborn. At times makes me almost the only person in the world, sex with him is amazing. But then he disappears again and cannot be contacted. Any attempts to clarify the situation go into conflict. He is like an elephant, never forgets anything. I love him. But I don’t know how long I will last in such a situation.