Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Keys in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Keys in a Dream in Christianity

Dreaming of keys can have different meanings. In general, the fact of dreaming of a key is associated with the complexity that we have to achieve knowledge about certain situations: for example, the obstacles that we may encounter to move up in our professional career, to find a partner, to improve a relationship ...

What does it mean to dream of keys?

One of the most common dreams that you usually have is that of losing your house keys. It is often associated with inner conflicts, with problems that matter more to us than we think. However, it can also be associated with just an obsession; We may have lost our keys sometime and we think the same thing will happen to us, so this dream would have no interpretation.

If we dream that we are locking any lock (those of our house, those of a safe, or any other type of space), this means that the dreamer has problems expressing his feelings.

We can understand it as we are saving them so we don’t have to show them to the world around us. It may also be that we are going through a difficult time, sentimentally speaking, such as a love breakup. In this case, our mind is telling us that we need some time to process this new situation.

A very recurrent dream that one dreams of having is to find a chest that requires a key to be opened. In this case, the chest is our goal, the one we have in life, and the fact of having or not having the key denotes how close or far we are from achieving it. If we do not have it, and we do not find it in the dream, it indicates that we still have to work hard to get what we are looking for. However, if we have it and open it, regardless of what may be inside, it means that we will not take long to achieve it.

Meaning of dreaming that we lose the keys

If we lose someone else’s keys (for example, if a friend has lent us the car and we can’t find the keys), it means that we are going to have some kind of friendship problem, but that it will not be anything serious, it just alerts us What is going to happen so that we can face it.

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