Dreaming of Lemons - Dream Meaning And Interpretation


In the same way that each person is a different world, each dream is also a different world and can have different interpretations. Dreaming of lemons is not very common, although thanks to the fact that it is one of the most used fruits in the world, it is not so rare that they appear in dreams.

Lemons are fruits that are used to prepare a pot of everyday drinking water and, in many countries of the world, it is part of a large number of recipes and is used on many foods to give it a better flavor. That is why many people can see lemons almost every day of their life, so they can be an element of what occurs in their dreams. However, if we take into account that, on many occasions, dreams are messages from our subconscious, the meaning of dreaming about lemons may be deeper than we think at first glance.

That is why, below, we will see the different meanings that we can find in dreams with lemons. However, remember that each dream can have a unique meaning that is adapted to the life of the dreamer, so it is important to learn to read between the lines to know what our subconscious tries to tell us through dreams. Also, the meanings of these dreams can vary greatly depending on the lemon, if it is green, yellow, if it is fresh, if it is decomposing, if it is large or small, etc. All these details also say something important about the meaning of the dream.

Without further ado, let’s start with the meanings of dreaming about lemons:

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Lemons?

Many people believe that dreams with lemons are directly related to prosperity and happiness since many fruits have that meaning within dreams. However, if we better classify fruits within dreams, dreaming of lemons is not exactly related to prosperity.

Experts point out that, in general, dreaming of lemons is related to decisions, those that have already been made and those that have to be made in the future; as well as they can also be related to the fact that there is a certain aspect of the dreamer’s life that makes him unhappy. For example, if the dreamer has recently broken something that had great sentimental value, he may dream of a very acidic lemon, since he is going through a moment of anguish and, even for a very brief moment, it will be marked in his memories.

Another example of a situation that can cause a dream with lemons is when a very important professional or academic decision has to be made, which will change the course of the dreamer’s life and he is very undecided about what he should do. However, it is necessary to bear in mind that the meaning of dreams can vary depending on the person and all the details that are presented in dreams.

So, next, we will talk about the meaning of dreaming about lemons depending on the context of the dream and the type of lemon you see in the dream:

Dream About Green Lemons

When green lemons can be seen in the dream, the dream is a good omen, as it shows new hopes or the culmination of one of the dreamer’s goals. You are likely to see life with a new perspective, a more optimistic perspective. Likewise, some interpretations can also mean that it is necessary to face certain decisions more maturely, since the dreamer continues to make decisions as if he were a child or an adolescent.

Dream About Lemon Trees

Dreams in which you can see a tree with lemons has an interesting mix of meanings. In the dream, you can present a single lemon tree or even a forest of lemon trees and this dream bodes well since it indicates that you will have a good future in business or projects that are being ventured, even in the social circles and in health the dreamer will have good news. In this way, the subconscious is telling the dreamer that time of prosperity will come.

Dream About Yellow Lemons

In the case of yellow lemons, the meaning changes a bit, since yellow is seen as a very vibrant and joyful color, so this dream means that a time of joy, prosperity, happiness, and love has come or will soon come. However, the dream can also mean that the dreamer is a self-centered and arrogant person who thinks that everything revolves around him.

Dream About Rotten Lemons

Dreams with rotten lemons means that the dreamer is very focused on things that he should not focus on so that he is missing many opportunities. You are wasting your energy and potential on the wrong things.

Dream Of Lemons On The Tree

In the same way as dreaming of seeing a lemon tree, if you see many lemons on one or more trees, the dream means loss. But if the lemons fall from the tree, then it means that the time of prosperity is coming to an end and that there will be a time of sadness and anguish.

Dream Of Many Lemons

Although it might seem that the meaning of this dream is prosperity, it means that the dreamer is being very jealous of his partner and that he will end up getting tired of the relationship. The dreamer must give his partner his space and learn to trust.

Dream Of Lemons that are Underground

As we mentioned earlier, lemons are often related to prosperity and happiness. So if the lemons in the dream are underground or partially buried (that is if you can see them coming out of the ground), the dream means that you can see the solution and the end of your problems, but you still have to do some things to get it.

That is, you can see prosperity approaching your life, but it has not fully arrived yet. You need to keep working and following a good path so that you can leave these problems in the past.

Dreaming Of A Small Lemon Tree That Has Very Large Lemons

The meaning of this dream is very similar to the meaning of dreaming of a normal-sized tree with many lemons, but in this case, the small tree can represent the dreamer. That is, the dreamer feels less or that he cannot achieve great things, but the big lemons represent the great successes that he has achieved or is about to achieve.

It is a good omen, meaning that good things will come thanks to your work and that the time has come to value yourself more. The time has come to stop putting yourself down and trusting yourself.

To dream that the lemons of a tree fall after plucking one. When in the dream you see a tree with lemons of all kinds (large, small, green, yellow, ripe, and rotten) and you see that a person plucks a lemon and this makes all the lemons that were in good condition fall off, the dream means that you feel that that person has been frustrating your goals for a long time.

That is, he is a person with whom you constantly have conflicts and that you feel that he usually ruins many things. It can be from an enemy or a person who wants to hurt a brother with whom you have constant fights.

Dream About Traveling With Lemons

When in the dream you go inside a vehicle or transport system and you carry lemons or the transport carries them, the dream means that you are about to have a major change in your life and that prosperity will follow you on that new path. Whether you are moving or changing jobs or school, the dream bodes well that good things will happen on this path that you have decided to follow.

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