Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Repeated Dreams in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Repeated Dreams in Christianity

If you dream the same type of dream more than once, you are having what is known as the recurring dream. Sometimes they appear as if they were the unfolding of a parallel history of life that happens only in the dream universe, but make no mistake, these dreams will always be related to your waking life, and can be repeated for years, while certain emergency issues do not. are resized ... If it happens to be years that some dream appeared and it insisted on repeating itself, even if it comes amid some variations, it will still fall into the category of recurring dream. Have complete conviction that if he appeared again, it is because there are stories that have not been properly resolved.

You can go through the same dream once a week, once a month or once a year. No matter how distant your dreams are, what counts is the message of the dream that repeats itself. If for most of us it is already difficult to understand the meaning of any dream, imagine one that insists on repeating itself ... Have you thought about that?

One of the most incredible characteristics of these dream events is that they never go unnoticed and are never forgotten. The mind usually receives the memories involuntarily, as if they were walking through the brain in such a way, that even without invitation, the fragments occasionally reappear.

An adult patient told me that he always had the same dream, where he was ridiculed by his schoolmates. This patient came in search of therapy because he was very unhappy because of his constant and inconvenient aggressive reactions with others. One day, after working in therapy when he was possessed by such reactive and aggressive aspects, he realized that at certain times he acted as if he were possessed by another self and that after a not very long time, a more adult and more organized self he was perplexed and very sad because of such “possessions”.

Why You Have Recurring Dreams, and What They Mean?

He said that every time he became aware of his reactivity, he felt as if he was waking up from a recurring nightmare in his life, but awake (and it wouldn’t be?). On the same night, which dealt thoroughly with this subject, he had such a recurring dream, only this time, still within the dream, he became aware that he was already an adult, that what happened was in the past and that now the situations, be they what they were were different from the time when he could not defend himself because he felt insecure and with feelings of worthlessness.

At the end of that perception, he woke up in the dream, understood the message that was offered to cure his greatest anguish and when he opened his eyes he was able to awaken in the broadest sense that this word can mean. He no longer had to go through this type of recurrent and aggressive situation in his life, which was like a nightmare without personal power, which made it difficult to resolve the conflict.

This specific case, showed that the recurring dream was trying to exhaustively and tirelessly warn about the beginning of everything, betting on the possibility of the protagonist going through an emotional cure and spiritual evolution.

Recurring dreams always offer us opportunities for us to resolve ourselves. They show paths to a more awake life and full of other possibilities besides the sleepwalks that we are affected, sometimes, for a lifetime.

I wonder if these messages coming from dreams, if they would not be our “guardian angels” sending us messages of healing and evolution, but in their language, which is symbolic. Perhaps our lives and everything we live, however concrete it may seem, are just symbolisms that reflect everything that goes on in our souls as a mirror. Due to the external reality, therefore, we could have an X-ray view of our transcendent and soul experiences. We just need to know how to decode what is created by us and which is far beyond the way we conceive and see it. Apparently, all the creative manifestation of the soul, comes through symbolic means, as well as our dreams and nightmares, even when we are sleepwalking.


1 - Make a dream journal and, as far as possible, each time you wake up, before you even get up, invoke memories that may come. Write down details and even if you don’t have a logical sequence, write it down.

2 - Observe the common elements and situations that exist in each dream and in your practical life. Observe if there is any change in relation to the actions and dream scenarios and try to make a parallel with your practical life, with your desires, your desires, your difficulties, memories and traumas. Remember that recurring dreams cease when your conflicts are resolved and that they can even begin to be resolved within your dreams.

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