Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Centipedes in a Dream

Centipedes are not exactly pretty insects: they are long, slimy, and to top it off they are over a hundred feet. They are little animals that generally cause rejection and repulsion. However, they are not usually seen as a threat to people’s health. It’s easier to think of a poisonous spider or a poisonous wasp sting, for example than a poisonous centipede, both of which are much less common than ordinary centipedes.

That is why dreaming of centipedes is very different from dreaming of any other more recurrent type of insects, such as dreams of lice or any other type of insects. To know the interpretation of these dreams you will have to pay close attention to all the details and any minimum detail, everything will be important and relevant when interpreting a dream.

What does it mean to dream of centipedes?

Dreaming of a centipede is very different from dreaming that you are a centipede. Let’s look at the first case. Here the centipede can present a certain threat, which means that you have a natural fear of something that in your subconscious is still formless, is not molded, and may still not make the resolution to bring it up. As we said, the centipede is not a very common insect.

Ants, flies, and roaches are easier to see. If in your dream the fundamental element has taken the form of centipedes, it is precise because something unusual is in contradiction with your regular way of living. Furthermore, as this insect has many legs, it means that this something is very accelerated.The more legs it has, the faster it will go. However, as we discussed earlier, it is much more common to dream of cockroaches or dream of ants than to have this type of dream.

What does it mean to dream of crushing a centipede?

And if you try to stop it, catch it, or crush it, but the centipede always slips away and thwarts your attempts, it’s pretty clear: this annoying something is already too deep in that you can get rid of it in one fell swoop. You have to work with determination and patience to eliminate it. Be careful, above all, do not cause unexpected consequences.

It may also be that you have dreamed of an almost uncountable crowd of centipedes. It is known that this insect is related to the omen of good news in the world of work. Both elements are rare, fleeting and beyond our control. Do not be scared by seeing so many insects at the same time, since your mind is telling you that soon the economic situation will give a small or big push.

If it bites us, what happens is easy to explain: your mind has sought this way to shake you, because it considers that you are resting on your laurels . And the strangeness that causes a centipede to bite you pretends to be that trigger you need to be more attentive to a given situation or person. In general, for a centipede to bite you, you have to block its path or directly catch it with your hands. For that reason you have to ask yourself: am I hindering someone’s projects, their personal development? You should stop and ask yourself, because you will realize that someone needs more freedom on your part.

Meaning of dreaming that you are a centipede

If you have dreamed that you were a centipede yourself, it can be interpreted as a sign that you are dissatisfied with your daily circumstances. Who does not remember the character of Kafka who turns into a cockroach, Gregor Samsa? Something similar happens to you. You have changed form and have become an insect to avoid a certain situation. You detest that responsibility that prevents you from being yourself and you look for a way to escape through the first hiding place you find.

Be careful, because the feelings of others are at stake. The problem requires conversation; meditate on it with yourself and with your loved ones and friends. It may even happen that, being a centipede, you have dreamed that despite everything you were going very slow. Here you must understand that no one gets rid of commitments simply by escaping, because remorse hinders the steps forward. Don’t be so sneaky, or your commitments will weigh on you. Look for the path of dialogue and diplomacy.

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