Spiritual Biblical Meaning of an Egg in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of an Egg in a Dream in Christianity

The meaning of dreaming about egg can be very positive depending on the circumstances in which the dream presents itself. In general terms, the symbolism of the egg is associated with fertility, eternity and renewal. This symbolism can be applied to all types of eggs, such as: goose, chickens, birds, turtles, etc. Thus, eggs appear in dreams when we are going through decisive moments in waking life. It may be associated with periods of changes, transformations and news in some sector of life.

However, before we approach the meaning of this dream in more detail, a brief introduction to the way the egg is seen in different beliefs and customs is necessary.

According to ancient Egyptian scriptures, the egg represents our inner potential and the way in which we are using our skills to achieve personal and social goals.

For the Chinese, the egg is related to the Yin Yang and the balance of the individual’s male and female qualities. Because of this, the egg is also seen as a symbol of wholeness and union.

Alchemists believe that the egg symbolizes the mystery and potential of human life. A term widely used by them is “cosmic egg”, which has a connection with the celestial world and the image of perfection, that is, that which carries the source of life and all its potential.

An interesting fact is that the easter egg does not originate in the Christian tradition, but in the fertility goddess “ Eostre ”, which only strengthens all the symbolism previously presented about the eggs.

So, in general, the dream is very positive. To learn more details, read on and find out what it means to dream about egg in more specific situations.

Dreaming of chicken egg

The hen has a very positive symbolism and indicates virtue and courage  . However, for this dream to be full in its positive symbolism, it is essential that the chicken egg is whole and in good condition. If the egg is whole, clean and in a nest, then the dream reveals your willingness to face life without the limitations that you have always imposed on yourself.

On the other hand, if the egg is dirty, rotten, broken or in the wrong place, then the dream is a reflection of the mental disorganization you are currently experiencing. In that case, the dream can stem from the existential conflicts you are experiencing in your waking life.

Dreaming about broken egg

Broken egg symbolizes distance from oneself and fragility . Psychiatrist Carl Jung, for example, found that the appearance of broken egg in dreams indicates that many plans need to be put into practice. From that point of view, people who watch broken egg in dreams are not leading their lives with purpose and objectives.

You must fulfill your true destiny in this world, this is what this dream reveals.

Dreaming of boiled egg

A dream boiled egg is a reflection of your mental resistances . It is necessary to be open and receptive to changes and new learning. The dream demonstrates the existence of emotional blocks that are preventing your mind from being articulated. As a result, you start to judge and think too much, losing spontaneity and sensitivity with the people around you.

Dreaming of rotten egg

You certainly don’t know your true identity yet . You live according to the influences and stimuli you have received throughout your life. As a result, you start living your life within a mental conditioning that creates a false persona . You may not have realized it yet, but if you start to notice yourself, you will find that many of the intimate conflicts you have are linked to this illusory persona.

Behind this facade, so common in the modern world, there is our true identity, our “higher self”, which is only achieved through the depersonalization of oneself. For that, it is necessary to immerse yourself in spiritual knowledge to awaken the true identity of your soul.

Dreaming of free-range chicken egg

This dream is a great indicator. It is as if the universe is in your favor. Take the opportunity to dedicate yourself to subjects and activities that interest you, as many new things begin to take shape in your life.

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