Solarized Water: Introduction, Preparation, and Therapy Benefits

Has anyone introduced you to solarized water? If not, I will explain: it is a method we use, an easy way of solar energization that will help you with depression and discouragement, pushing away many fixed ideas, providing you with calm, courage, and balance. As much as you may not imagine it, there is an energy in the sun that purifies and renews your energies. We must allow it to bring us benefits, in addition to the sun’s rays. By ingesting the water that has been exposed, you have much more benefits for your body.

In addition to purifying the body, solarized water allows the main energy points (chakras) to absorb the energy vibrations that come from the sun’s rays and help with the natural benefits for the entire body system. However, it is not only the sun’s energy that brings benefits. There is also Chromotherapy, the color therapy. The ideal in this process is to enhance the energies, bringing more balance and harmony in the body and emotions.

Solarized Water: Preparation

The procedure is very simple: Wrap a bottle with colored paper (cellophane, in the color you want) and fill it with mineral water. Another way to prepare is by using a bottle of the color you want, which is easily found in decoration stores. If you do not intend to spend on it, there is the possibility of reusing bottles such as wine or beer, but remember to sterilize them before using them for preparation, washing them with soap and hot water.

The bottles to be used must never be plastic but glass. And we do not recommend using white or transparent ones, as they cannot offer the benefits that colors bring.

After finishing the previous step, it is time to cover the bottle and place it exposed to the sun, leaving it half the day in a weak sun or for a minimum of one hour in the strong sun. On rainy days, you can leave all day. We advise you to prepare water in the morning, from 8 am to 10 am, especially in winter. In summer, the schedule changes a little, and we advise you to prepare after 3 pm.

If you used cellophane to wrap the bottle, after finishing the process, remove it. This paper is reusable (if it is not torn), as the bottle only needs to be wrapped when it is being exposed to the sun. It is important to remember that water cannot - in any way - be boiled or frozen, as the energy becomes neutral and loses its effect.

Solarized Water: Color effect

Red: it is the color of conquest and passion. Also, it removes depression and discouragement.

Yellow: it is stimulating and makes the brain more active. Yellow clears the mind and increases the ability to think. It is the color of intelligence and creativity.

Orange: is the color that brings recovery. It influences self-esteem and self-confidence.

Green: calms and brings balance, improves the physical state, providing energy for the body and soul.

Blue: provides more patience, harmony, and serenity, leaving the body and mind more peaceful. Take away insomnia and daily stress.

Indigo: Works with environment cleaning and purification. Besides, it helps with energy balance, intuition, and protection.

Violet: itis a color that provides a lot of spirituality and religion. It brings you to balance, more beliefs, and connection with divine forces.

Rosa: works the loving side and the union, besides helping providing balance in personal and professional relationships.

Now is the time for you to decide which color will help you in your personal life. Take the water for 15 to 30 days, in the color you have chosen. We recommend that you always start with green so that you can have body balance, and after that period, do it with the colors you need most or consume, alternately, two colors of solarized water. If intercalated, take the green in the morning and the other prepared with a different shade of color in the afternoon/night.

We do not recommend that you use all colors at once. You have to focus on one problem or difficulty at a time, so start with what affects you at the moment. After doing this process, we begin to work on other more important issues, and for that reason, it is recommended that you seek a therapist to help you in your guidance.

Solarized Water: Duration

After you prepare the water, you cannot consume it for long, as there is an expiration date. However, it depends on the color. Next, we’ll explain how long you can consume it:

Red, yellow, and orange: warm colors should be consumed within a week if kept in a refrigerator. Now, if you leave it at room temperature, we recommend that it be consumed for a maximum of two days, as it may lose its effect.

Blue, indigo, and violet: You should consume cool colors within a week if you have them in the refrigerator. If it is at room temperature, the consumption time decreases to three to four days.

Green and pink: these colors have no difference if they are stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature. The consumption time is one week.

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