Dream of Flood - Biblical and Spiritual Meaning


Flooding dreams are very common and usually reflect what we are feeling in waking life. In the dream world, feelings and emotions are often compared to elements of nature and the climate. From this perspective, floods, floods, tornadoes and storms are always connected to an individual’s psychological and emotional patterns in waking life. In addition, the symbolism of water reminds us to dive below the surface of our emotions and use intuition for a better understanding of yourself.

According to psychiatrist Carl Jung , water, as well as floods that arise in dreams, often symbolize a person’s unconscious. According to Jung’s studies, floods, in dream life, are often accompanied by winds, storms and rain. That is why the meaning of dreaming about flood can symbolize the challenging emotions or feelings that a person is experiencing in his life, such as anger, hatred, sadness, pain, fear, anxiety, anguish etc.

On the other hand, from a more spiritual perspective, floods represent chaos, (symbolic) death and divine providence. In Hinduism, for example, floods are associated with emotional and sentimental release that precedes moments of restoration and spiritual and mental balance

Thus, a flood, in the dream, represents the moments of turbulence that precede the period of restoration and inner balance in waking life. Even if the dream coincides with a very unpleasant moment, know that it occurs to prepare your mind for the news and benefits that are to come in the waking life.

Keep reading and find out what it means to dream about flood in more specific situations.

Dreaming of a flood of dirty water

Filling with dirty water symbolizes the release of denser energies from your spiritual (or mental) body  . Due to the neglect in the management of mental contents, which are fed by invigilating thoughts, it is natural that protective barriers give way to intoxication by negative mental patterns. As a result, harmful emotions and feelings become addictions, preventing us from seeing life with clarity, clarity and harmony.

So this dream is a symbolic way for the unconscious to say that there is something wrong with their way of thinking, acting and behaving in life.

Dreaming of a river flood

Rivers are often associated with the flow and dynamics of life. When the river is out of its natural course or if its flow is altered by some external phenomenon (floods), it means that you are going through significant changes and changes in your waking life . In this case, the dream may reflect specific changes about a recent event or event, or there may be a sudden change in your philosophy of life, which took you out of your comfort zone and now requires time to adapt until harmony is achieved. install again.

Thus, a flood in the river denotes the turbulence in the waking life that precedes moments of abundance and prosperity. This period is necessary and there is no reason for negative thoughts and unfounded concerns. Just let yourself be carried away by the moment, and soon, everything will return to its natural path with many interesting news.

Dreaming of heavy rain and flood

Since ancient times, rainwater has been seen as a sacred symbol of healing, cleansing and renewal. The flood, on the other hand, is based on the emotions and feelings experienced in waking life.

So, this dream means that your emotions are clearing. Whether you like it or not, the heavy rain symbolizes the purification of your current situation. Resisting this process can be very painful, as well as making you even more restless. So be receptive and do not impose any resistance, as this is a time of learning and renewal.

Dreaming of flooding dirty clay water

In short,  this dream symbolizes conflict, ignorance and moments of existential crisis . This dream consists of three negative signs when it comes to emotions, feelings and the way of conducting life: flood + dirty water + mud. Although it may coincide with a moment of renewal, the dream is a signal to be more attentive, otherwise you could trigger a plethora of unnecessary problems. Meditation can help in this period of transition.Dreaming about a flood of clean water

Flooding of clean water is a good sign. The dream shows that moments of crisis and emotional difficulties are under your control. Your willpower becomes more accentuated and the time is great to dedicate yourself to projects and personal goals.

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