Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Feces in a Dream in Christianity

Traditional superstition indicates that feces are symbols of luck and prosperity . It is difficult to believe in this possibility, since the odor of feces discards any space for celebrations. Only those who have stepped on a poop or been hit by bird droppings during a casual journey in waking life know the unpleasant sensation that this can cause.

However, when it comes to dream life, one must be careful with the interpretation of this dream. We need to consider all the details and scenarios in which the dream presents itself. In addition, the type of stool is also important to understand the symbolism correctly, as the stool can be from animals, humans, birds, babies etc.

From a general perspective, however, feces have a very positive symbolism and are associated with luck. On the other hand, the dream can also be related to what is happening in your life right now. In this case, the dream can be formed by emotional or sentimental stimuli about recent events or experiences in waking life.

In any case, the meaning of dreaming about feces always refers to something important in your life, whether to express a period of luck and prosperity or to express the unconscious content on certain subjects. Either way, the dream deserves your attention.

Throughout the article we will cover the most common scenarios of dreams about feces. So keep reading and find out in more detail what it means to dream of feces.

Dreaming of human feces 

Human feces symbolize the need to release harmful thoughts from waking life. The dream is formed when we realize that there is something wrong in the way we act, think and live. This means that the negative aspects of your personality are preventing the cultivation of success and prosperity.

The dream also indicates the need to develop your weaknesses, which are creating unnecessary obstacles in your waking life. Use the symbolism of this dream to your advantage and start dedicating yourself to cultivating hidden potentials.

Dreaming of dog feces

This is where the symbolism of luck and prosperity of feces comes in. Whether in real life or in dream life, dog feces are an immense source of good omens , especially when we step on feces due to carelessness and lack of attention.

This dream is an invitation to use your intuition to your advantage . Follow your instincts, so your nature will guide you to the positive results you crave. It is very common for this dream to occur in a moment of indecision about a project, a change of job, a change of residence or any period of life that requires choices on the one hand and abandonment on the other.

In any case, the dream is very positive. Even if you are going through a turbulent time, know that the universe is conspiring in your favor and that everything will go as planned.

Dreaming of feces in the toilet 

The symbolism of this dream serves to remind us that it is always important to take the time to enjoy life . Stools in a toilet bowl show loneliness, isolation and withdrawal. Perhaps you miss an affectionate company or moments of relaxation. In any case, the period you are living in is unproductive and could trigger more serious problems in the future. So, make new friends, enter a language course, go to the cinema with friends, plan a camping trip and look for attractions to get out of the routine.

The simple fact of living life naturally and with moments of fun can open a multitude of doors and, consequently, bring a lot of joy and happiness to the heart.

Dreaming of baby feces

When you encounter baby feces in a dream, it means that you need  to break free from the bonds of your childhood that impair your self-confidence and, consequently, create a huge obstacle in your life. This usually suggests that you remain stuck in the mentality of when you were a child due to trauma, blockages or because of the way you were educated.

Dreaming about cat feces 

Cat feces also indicate positive omens . However, to benefit from this symbolism, it is necessary for the dreamer to develop the necessary skills to attract luck. That is, you must be organized, intelligent, insightful and have the willpower to achieve everything you want.

What the Bible actually says about Feces and Poop?

Some people may wonder why a pastor would talk about poop, yet surprisingly, the Bible frequently covers the taboo issues of faeces, dung, and other bodily excrements. Some people may query why a pastor would talk about poop.

We are told in chapter 4 of Ezekiel that God gave His prophet the command to bake bread over a fire made of human faeces and then consume it in public on a daily basis for more than a year. In response to Ezekiel’s protests on the impurity of the situation, the Lord conceded that he may, instead, use cow excrement as fuel for the fire. The goal of God was to plainly and shockingly expose the revolting behaviour of the people of Israel, with the implication being that they eagerly swallowed every horrible evil act as though it were acceptable and pleasing.

The prophet Jeremiah makes this comparison on four separate occasions (Jeremiah 8:2, Jeremiah 9:22, Jeremiah 16:4, and Jeremiah 25:33), comparing the sacrilegious activities of the people to defecations against God. He writes that the Lord will punish the people for these defilements against His Holiness by declaring that “They will not be mourned or gathered up or buried, but will be like dung lying on the ground.” This is the punishment that the Lord will inflict upon the people as a result of the people’s actions.

God even predicted this in the prophetic book of Malachi: “I will smear on your faces the excrement from your festive sacrifices, and you will be taken away with it” (Malachi 2:3). This vile verbal imagery was intended to be a frightening assault on those who heard it, just as it is disgusting for us today.

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