September 29 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

Birth chart

September 29 Birthday Zodiac Sign Libra
September 29 Birthstone Opal
September 29 Zodiac Symbol Balance Scales
September 29 Strengths Intelligent, Balanced, Organized
September 29 Weaknesses Indecisive, Superficial, Jealous
September 29 Life Path Number Life Path Number 2
September 29 Ruling Planet Venus
September 29 Element Air
September 29 Lucky Day Friday
September 29 Lucky Colors White, Blue
September 29 Lucky Numbers 6, 15, 24
September 29 Zodiac Stone Diamond, Sapphire
September 29 Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible with Aquarius and Gemini. 

If you were born on September 29, you are one of the lucky ones under the astrological sign of Libra.

The seventh sign of the Zodiac, Libra is represented by the Balancing Scales, which in itself is a very obvious reference to the natural balance of those born under this sign.

Most people born under Libra are balancers. They believe in justice, refined diplomacy, romance, and imagination.

In addition, just as Scales has two aspects and two sides, so do Libra individuals, with two sides of their personality and thinking, generally well balanced.

Libra is also an air sign, the element of mobility and emotional resourcefulness. That means that those born under this sign are rational, incisive, and discreet individuals with a significant moral perception of life.

These qualities suggest someone who is a great partner in both a personal and business sense, bringing a sense of balance, fairness and balance to any discussion.

Libra’s mission is one of love. Not exactly in the path of association, which they find easily, but in the intimate connection that creates an emotional support system where freedom is the key, and they can feel themselves, without any restriction.

Libra finds richness and fullness of emotions in parenthood and kind relationships with their inner spirit.

They bring balance to any relationship by allowing others to live in harmony within their worlds and by raising those around them to be the best version of themselves.

Zodiac cusp

The Virgo-Libra Cusp, from September 19 to 25, is called the cusp of beauty. Individuals born on this cusp are influenced by both Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, and Venus, the ruling planet of Libra.

Someone born on the Virgo-Libra cusp is an example of balance, grace, and beauty, both on the inner and outer sides.

They are blessed with wit and charm and are generally very persuasive people.

With the well-founded determination of an earth sign like Virgo and the social ease of an air sign like Libra, you have a realistic understanding of the world and the ability to express your thoughts in a charming and fluent way.

Libra Compatibility Chart

LibraLibra with… Compatibility
Aries Aries Low
Taurus Taurus Medium
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Low
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra High
Scorpio Scorpio Medium
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Low
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium


A Libra lover born on September 29 is romantic and trustworthy. They are usually attracted to energetic people who can also be dependable. Commitments for Libra can take time, but when they are decided, it is forever.

To win the hearts of those born in Libra, you must show that you are trustworthy, caring and compassionate like them. Libra lovers give their loved ones all they are and ask for nothing less than the same.

They can also be a bit difficult to understand in matters of the heart, but mostly because they focus too much on giving and are likely to sacrifice many of their dreams for the sake of their loved ones.

Libras born on September 29 are the most attractive to other air signs, such as Gemini and Aquarius, since both signs share the same vision of life and love.

They are also drawn to the burning passions of Leo and the spontaneity and adventurous spirit of a fellow Sagittarius.

On the other hand, the least compatible sign for a Libra lover is Aries.


The ruling planet on this day - the Moon gives their character friendliness, justice and the desire to respect the opinions of others. These people are altruistic, friendly and pretty.

They are sensitive, however, at times are cynical and not patient. Injustice cannot be of any kind. Extremely insightful and able to quickly assess the situation and people.

Born on this day are surrounded by an aura of personal magnetism, which immensely helps on the path to success. In personal relationships, they prefer a platonic friendship. Love for them is close friendship and loyalty. They need a man who, in moments of moodiness and pessimism, will be able to console and encourage.

The power of the Libra scale is reflected in your nature, as the tendency to seek balance in your life gives you a sense of camaraderie and a natural urge to help others.

Also, you easily connect with other people’s emotions, giving you a lot of compassion and understanding of other people’s challenges.

In addition, you can be a reliable moderator, capable of solving problems and overcoming difficult challenges that others cannot or do not want.

Also, even if you don’t believe it, you are luckier than you think.

Libras who focused more on positive thinking will generally feel happier and clear their minds, which in turn will help them get through problems faster. Whenever you feel happy, luck is never far behind.

People born on September 29

  • 1571 Caravaggio. Renowned 16th-century Italian painter who painted using contrasting effects of light and dark.
  • 1935 Jerry Lee Lewis. American singer, songwriter, and pianist with the nickname The Killer.
  • 1980 Zachary Levi. American actor and singer is known for his roles in the series Chuck, the film Thor: The Dark World, and as the voice of Flynn Rider in the animated film Tangled.
  • 1988 Kevin Durant. Popular professional American basketball player.

Characteristics of people born on September 29

Those born under the sign of Libra have these positive traits:

  • Sure
  • Charming
  • Communicative
  • Considered
  • Accomplished

Additionally, those born under Libra have these negative traits:

  • Spoiled sometimes
  • Demanding
  • Self-centered
  • Deterred by the unexpected
  • Unsafe

Career horoscope

Those born under the sign of Libra need career options aligned with their natural talents and preferences.

Typically, creative and hardworking types like Libra have many skills that can influence their job choices.

For example, they can easily succeed in politics because of their natural charm and ease of refereeing debates.

Like Libra, you can also find inspiration and success in the fields of music and art.

Also, if you love social justice and fight for other people’s rights, a career as a lawyer, prosecutor, or social worker will be a perfect fit for someone like you.

Libras tend to be highly respected, which means that although they can be successful in almost any field.

If you work to build a positive reputation and a demanded skillset, your natural ability to maintain power will lead you directly to the teaching profession.

This is a powerful profession that allows you to help others and guide your life choices, the perfect place for someone with your natural qualities.

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