How to Read Palms: A Detailed Guide with Pictures

According to Palmistry, the lines on the hand can tell a lot about a person, including his future. You should familiarize yourself with the meaning of these lines in order to find out your fate and avoid trouble.

Since ancient times, people have been looking for a way to find out their destiny. Many turn to proven fortune-telling, but sometimes these methods are not effective enough. Palmistry is known to be one of the oldest and most effective way of predicting the life and destiny of a person. With its help, you can more accurately decipher the future and even find out at what period of your life dramatic changes await you. To learn the basics of palmistry, you first need to know the meaning of each line on your hand. Experts will help you with this.

What hand palmists are guessing for palmistry

Often, beginners cannot decide which hand to work with. Experienced palmists believe that the lines on each hand can reveal certain information about a person. The most important thing for them is the ability to accurately decipher the not-so-obvious meaning and hidden signs in the palm of your hand.

Palmists take into account the signs on both the right and left palms. If you are right-handed person, then your active hand is the right hand, and for left-handed people their left hand is their active one. However, in order for the result of fortune-telling to be more accurate, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of both hands. It is believed that the lines on the active hand speak of innate qualities and characteristics and the passive one speaks about acquired traits and quality in the course of life.

If you pay attention to your palm, you will see a large number of signs on it, each of which has its own meaning. However, you only need six lines to work on and with, namely:

  • life line;
  • line of mind;
  • heart line;
  • line of fate;
  • line of the Sun;
  • health line.

Five Lines on a Palm in Palmistry

Life line on palm in palmistry

It starts between the thumb and forefinger, spreading in different directions to the bottom of the palm. This line tells about the nature and duration of a person’s life.

  • Long and pronounced line: a person with such a life line is positive and cheerful. He easily adapts to new conditions and is not afraid of change. The length of the line indicates that a person will live a long and happy life.
  • Gaps on the line: such a line indicates poor health. If there are several breaks on the life line back to back, it means that during his or her lifespan a person will often get sick and face minor health related troubles.
  • Subtle line: the person has poor health and low energy levels.
  • The steam line is characteristic of energetic and creative people. It speaks of the presence of unique talents and a huge amount of vital energy.
  • Short line: a person with a short life line may have a short live lifespan and if he or she lives for a long time, there will often be sickness.
  • Curved line: people with a curved line are very emotional. They devote most of their lives to their family and not to their careers.
  • If the line diverges sharply in different directions; at a certain age, a person’s life will change dramatically for the better or for the worse.
  • If the line forks at the end then a person has to work hard, but in the second half of his life, efforts will lead him to well-deserved success.

Mind line on palm

It starts between thumb and forefinger and crosses the palm. It determines the level of intelligence and the presence of talents and skills.

  • Bright and long line. People with such a line are usually born leaders. They learn quickly, develop talents, and tend to move rapidly up the career ladder. They are often materialistic and selfish.
  • The mind line reaching the middle of the palm is characteristic of people with a mathematical mindset who are completely unable to engage in creative activities.
  • Short line: such people lack bright talents and abilities.
  • Two lines are characteristic of genius people with unique mental abilities and rare talent.
  • A pronounced straight line characterizes a person as a good leader with well-developed leadership qualities and intuition.
  • The line flows down smoothly: such a person often thinks outside the box, which helps him or her generate brilliant ideas.
  • The line dramatically trickles down and indicates an inherently creative nature. A person with such a line can easily develop artistic, musical, or writing talent.

Heart line on palm in palmistry

It may start between the thumb and forefinger, moving towards the base of the little finger. It is responsible for the condition of the heart and the ability of a person to experience feelings.

  • Bright and long line: a person puts feelings above all else and is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of a loved one.
  • Bright and short line: in such a person’s life there will be only one great love, but feelings may not be reciprocal.
  • An almost imperceptible short line: is characteristic of secretive and unromantic people.
  • Straight line: indicates that reason transcends human feelings.
  • Curved line: indicates a very emotional person who finds it difficult to hide his feelings.
  • Broken line: indicates that the person is very jealous, but he himself is prone to betrayal.

Line of fate on palm

Begins to move from the lower part of the palm to the index finger. It is responsible for the level of success and luck.

  • Straight line: indicates a purposeful person capable of achieving success in almost any professional field.
  • The line starts from the middle of the palm: indicates that the difficulties that arose at a young age will be reflected in the future.
  • The fate line and the life line have the same starting point: a person can succeed in several areas at once.
  • Lack of line: throughout a person’s life, failures will follow, so the likelihood of success is very small.
  • Broken line: serious problems and major losses are possible.

Sun line on palm

It starts between the ring finger and the little finger and extends down to the bottom of the palm. This line indicates a person’s predisposition to fame and success.

  • A bright line promises a person great fame and wealth. If the line of the Sun is brighter than the rest, it means that at a certain stage in life, success can outshine a person’s eyes.
  • The line forks: indicates a very narcissistic person who craves exclusively for fame and money.
  • Broken line: indicates notoriety or dishonestly earned money.
  • There is no line: indicative of a person who does not strive for success and popularity.

Health line on palm in palmistry

It starts from the little finger and moves to the bottom of the palm. The line may get longer with age. With its help, you can find out about the state of human health, as well as that person’s predisposition to diseases.

  • The line of health intersects with the weak line of the mind: indicates a person who is prone to stress, depression, and other emotional illnesses.
  • The health line intersects with the strong line of the mind: in such a case that person is endowed with good health.
  • Breaks in the health line: it is a sign that a person will often suffer from minor ailments.

Minor lines on palm in palmistry

There may be revealing signs in the minor lines on the palm of your hand, which also leave an imprint on your future.

The belt of Venus is located under the index finger, can be directed to the ring or little finger. The line is characteristic of too emotional and sensitive people with a rich imagination.

Marriage line in palm: It is located on the side of the palm under the little finger. One line of marriage suggests that a person will be in a relationship with one partner for a long time. Two or more lines indicates that a person is likely to have several marriages.

Line of children: it is located under the little finger, above the marriage line. By their number, you can determine how many children a person will have. A break in the line means possible fertility problems.

Intuition line: it starts under the little finger and may intersect with the health line. If the line is long, the person has good foresight ability. The absence of a line indicates weak intuition.

Solomon’s ring: it is located under the index finger. The line endows a person with leadership qualities and a strong character.

The ring of Saturn: it is located on the hill of Saturn under the index finger. It is a sign characteristic of uncommunicative people.

The line of lust in palmistry: it is a sign connecting the hill of Venus and the Moon. Its presence means that a person is prone to harmful addictions.

Money line: usually this line is located in the middle of the palm. It is formed from the line of mind, destiny, and a third line connecting them. If there is no line, then it is very difficult for a person to get rich. A gap on the line indicates a waste of time. If the triangle is clearly visible, a person can find a path to wealth.

The fingers of the hand carry a certain energy that can be reflected in our inner world, endowing us with positive or negative character traits. You can even identify your strengths and weaknesses by the length of your fingers on the palm of your hand.

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