Do You Have These Money and Wealth Lines In Your Palm?


Palmistry is the science of how to know the fate of a person from the lines of the hand. And today we’ll talk about the Lines of wealth and glory.

To begin with, it is important to know that the lines on the left hand reflect events destined for by fate, and on the right hand these events are adjusted depending on the actions of the person. That is why the lines on the two hands often do not match. If you find the Line of wealth and glory on your left hand, but not on your right, this means that, with some effort, you will have the opportunity to improve your financial situation or increase your status.

To begin with, the Line of wealth and glory is not independent, it is formed by a combination of 4 main lines: life, fate, heart and mind, but this is not enough. In order to objectively assess the possibilities of achieving wealth and glory, it is necessary to consider all the signs and symbols in the aggregate.

1. Hand Shape

  • Wide palms and fingers with oval nail plates indicate a person’s material orientation,
  • The strong phalanxes of the index finger and little fingers reflect the ability to hold cash flows,
  • The little finger is equal in length to the ring finger - a sign of good luck in commerce,
  • Fingertips in the shape of a trapezoid indicate the ability to “attract” money,
  • On the pads of most fingers should be visible round curls.

2. The Main Money and Wealth Lines on Palm

The line of life is deep and clearly drawn. “Branches” should go up from her fingers to the fingers, they indicate success in business. The line of the head is clear, with processes extending to the hill of Jupiter, indicating good luck in risky financial enterprises. The line of the heart ends with a “fork” facing the base of the fingers - this means that a person will reach the top of his career or will be under the protection of influential people. The line of fate (if any) should cross the palm vertically and be sufficiently pronounced. This is an extremely unpredictable line: it can appear - these are the most successful periods of life, interrupt - periods of depression and disappointment and disappear - this indicates difficult events in a person’s life.

3. Other Characters

wealth and glory line in palm

The triangle of wealth is located in the central part of the palm and is formed at the intersection of the line of fate and the head. Its presence on both hands portends the receipt of great capital or fame. If this triangle is not closed, it means that potentially a person can earn money, but for some reason it does not.

triangle of wealth and money in palm

The triangular protrusions located on the Life Line and turned the edge to the side of the thumb are a sign of easy money.

triangular protrusions money lines

A “trident” on the hill of Jupiter means that a person will be successful in business. A deep dash between the ring finger and little finger portends a good inheritance or an unexpected win.

Do not worry if you have not found signs of wealth on your hand. To attract financial well-being, you can draw the main lines and signs that are responsible for money and fame. You can do this with henna or mascara. This technique is chirography. It will help you attract cash flow.

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