Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Tattoos in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Tattoos in a Dream in Christianity

Tattoos cover our skin in much the same way as a piece of clothing. With them, we hide, and at the same time, we uncover. It is almost a paradox whose solution lies in the initial state from which it starts. It indicates a disclosure when the tattoo itself has an experiential meaning and seeks to express a silent part of us. But it indicates concealment when the tattoo is nothing but a means of social acceptance. Let’s take a look at both cases.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Tattoos?

Already the first men dyed their skin permanently with inks extracted from rocks and pulverized plants. At the time they had a ritual and mystical meaning. Centuries later, around the 18th, sailors also began to tattoo themselves as a mark of social identification. Now however tattoos are much more widespread and there are as many uses for them as there are personalities.

If you have never considered getting a tattoo, but almost all your friends have, you likely feel compelled by social pressure to get one. In this case, you have the temperance to discriminate if your interest in the tattoo is personal or imposed. Having tattoos is fashionable today. So it is completely normal to feel desires according to those of most people. You don’t have to imitate those you appreciate. It can be estimated by keeping the differences. It is time to highlight the particular features of your particular way of being.

What Is The Meaning Of Dreaming About A Tattoo?

If you are already in the world of tattoos and you dream that you get more, it is because you are comfortable with your signals. It signals security and resolution in all the decisions of life that over time are shaping you as you are.

If you dream that you remove a tattoo, but you have never even considered having one, it is possible to think that your mind has adopted the tattoo as a means to alert you that there is something that is left over, that bothers you. It doesn’t have to be material. Maybe a friendship, a job, a course? You are at odds with yourself. You will locate the root in what hinders your freedom. But be careful, don’t be blunt and be restrained. There are positive transformations that require a gradual process, never resounding.

The image that you have tattooed in the dream is no less important:

Something macabre, for example, a skeleton, skull, demon: it is not necessarily negative, since we are constantly surrounded by a somewhat macabre culture in video games, movies, music. It indicates a desire for rebellion, to do what society does not see with good eyes, and thus subvert the sleepy monotony.

Dream About Animal Tattoos

An animal, for example, a dog, a cat - you may miss your deceased pet. Tattoos are also memory fixers. People tattoo what they want to remain in their memory. Not because otherwise, they would forget it, but as a tribute. Search your memories, as there is one that demands to be rescued from oblivion. It is not bad to cry for something past and far away. They are natural processes of the mind to heal.

An abstract drawing, for example, tribal: it means that you are not very clear what kind of change you want in your body image, but you are clear that you want to do it. A poorly defined tribal indicates disorientation.

A name: it is a call to someone with whom you want to have contact again. This is how your unconscious manifests it. You want someone, you only had to see their name written to realize it.

The fundamental question you have to ask yourself is: is the tattoo for you a symptom of expansion or withdrawal? Do you want to cover your body because there is a condition in it or, on the contrary, do you want to remove a veil, and do you think that tattoo art is the best way to do it?

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    I dreamt my ex that I haven't seen in a few years has his zodiac sign poorly done (dilapidated or melted looking on one side) on the back of his shoulder. He's not into astrology all like that but it felt like the dream was real none the less. I need someone to help me interpret the dream please

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