7 Reasons Why Pisces Is The Most Difficult Zodiac Sign To Understand

No doubt you’ve heard a lot of jokes about how hard it is to deal with Capricorns and that no one deserves a life that is bound to be with Aries, isn’t it? So we decided to reveal the truth and still give you seven reasons to believe it: the most difficult sign to deal with is Pisces!

Check out the reasons:

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac

As they are the last to emerge, they took a little of the characteristics of each of the other signs and, with that, they tend to be a walking confusion of thoughts and feelings. It can be very difficult for someone of another sign to know how to deal with a Pisces, as we simply do not know how they will react or what they are thinking.

Pisces are always looking for new experiences

Even for the reason of not finding anyone who really understands him or satisfies his mind and soul, Pisceans live in search of new experiences and new stimuli. Pisceans cannot settle for one thing and usually live experiencing new companies and situations.

Pisces have great power of empathy

Yes, obviously this is an honorable quality. However, it can be difficult to deal with because they end up passing other people’s wills and situations in front of their own and they even end up getting lost while thinking about what is legitimate feeling and what is understanding of others’ feelings.

They have some difficulty in distinguishing fantasy from reality

Pisces are dreamers and can hardly put their feet on the ground. The problem is that sometimes they fly so high that they are unable to know what is true and what is a dream.

Their energy depends on the environment

A Pisces person is unpredictable. They are, in general, introspective, but if they feel comfortable at a party, they can become the center of attention and not even care about it. They are very sensitive and react to their environment. The hard part is knowing how he will react and taking the risk each time you invite him to a program.

Pisces accept all

Perhaps because they are extremely dreamy, Pisces tend to be a little naive and to always see the good in people. With that, they can open their lives to people of little confidence and create big problems. They will probably be irritated if you try to alert them to someone.

Pisces create barriers for new people

If you have a relationship with a Pisces and feel that you only know its surface, know that this is completely normal. Pisces tend to take time to let themselves be fully known. They are not even very aware that they do this. They just are so naturally.

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