Dream of Swimming Pool - Biblical and Spiritual Meaning


Psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung studied the connection between what happens in our waking life and the unconscious content that is expressed in the dream world. It is very important to understand this connection, since most dreams are based on the impressions captured during waking life, which end up manifesting with some specific visions in dreams.

For Carl Jung , the dream of swimming is associated with fears and concerns about losing social status . From this point of view, the meaning of dreaming about a swimming pool indicates the discomfort with one’s own marketing and the way people see him in his waking life.

On the other hand, Freud believes that dreams involving water are linked to our emotions and feelings. He believes that emotions are the greatest evil of human beings, as people shape their behavior based on emotional triggers. This emotional prison creates a totally superficial atmosphere around the individual, and sooner or later this accumulation of emotions tends to be expressed in some way in dreams or in waking life.

In waking life, this emotional tension can be released through anger, jealousy, envy, disgust etc. In dreams, it can be reflected in a symbolic way through the waters, such as:

  • Rivers;
  • Seas;
  • Pools;
  • Floods;
  • Storms.

Although Jung’s view has a certain association with emotions, he sees the symbolism of this dream as originating from something more specific, social status, specifically. Freud , on the other hand, believes in emotional stimuli , in general, as the origins of this dream.

Some details may favor this interpretation. So read on to find out what it means to dream of swimming in other circumstances.

Dreaming of a dirty swimming pool 

A dirty pool, in a dream, is usually accompanied by a gloomy and dark setting . In addition, old objects and things can appear together with the dream, such as old or abandoned houses, dirty streets, pollution etc.

This is a dream that says a lot about the dreamer and reveals a lot about his current spiritual and mental condition , also indicating the possible emotional storms that the person has been facing in waking life.

However, there is no reason to be deeply concerned with the symbolism of this dream. All of us, at some point in our lives, will have dreams that reflect our state of mind in moments of fragility. This is very common and happens all the time with thousands of people. However, the biggest problem is doing nothing to raise the current energy standard.

In the long run, repetitive emotional patterns can trigger illnesses and mental imbalances of all kinds. So do whatever is necessary to restore your spirits and live in harmony .

Dreaming of pool water

As I said before, according to some psychologists and psychoanalysts, the waters are linked to the emotions and feelings of waking life. However, the pool water alone is not enough to give an adequate interpretation. Details can make a difference, for example:

  • Were you in or out of the water?
  • Was he alone or were there other people?
  • What were the emotions experienced during the dream?
  • Was the water clean or dirty?

Such information can completely alter the meaning of this dream. However, know that pool water is linked to your waking life emotions.

Dreaming of a deep swimming pool 

The depth of the pool has a significant impact on this dream. The deeper the pool, the greater the need to know the depth of your own emotions . You are probably a person who is in the habit of reacting on impulse and then immediately regretting it. This points to the existence of blockages at unconscious levels. You have to dive into yourself to understand the source of your impulsive behavior. Meditation or regression therapy can help you with this emotional release.

Dreaming of swimming in a pool

Swimming in a pool, in a dream, is a positive indicator. This suggests that you are  not being affected by the turbulence you have been experiencing lately.

Dreaming of a full swimming pool 

A very full pool symbolizes the distress experienced by a dull routine in waking life. This indicates that you are feeling saturated with your current reality and yearn for news and changes in your life path.

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