Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Hair in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Hair in a Dream in Christianity

Dreams often help us ensure that we are moving and conducting our lives in a manner consistent with what we consider important. When we encounter hair in dreams, we must note how we react in waking life.

In addition, the meaning of dreaming about hair can be associated with issues of the physical and spiritual world. Given this possibility, interpreting this dream requires great caution, which is why we will introduce the possible symbolisms that this dream represents next.

Since ancient times, hair has always been a symbol of strength, power, and spirituality. Throughout human evolution on Earth, hair differentiated enslaved people from free men and was once a symbol of status, wealth, freedom of expression, sensuality, personality, power, and strength.

In fact, who does not remember the biblical warrior Samson, with his strength represented (symbolically) by his hair? And the Hindu god Shiva never cut his hair because he believed that his hair functioned as antennae, capturing all telluric energy from the Earth, plants, and the universe, whose origin was the source of all his power and energy as a divine being.

And in ancient Egypt, when the pharaohs were buried in their sarcophagi accompanied by combs, mirrors, and utensils used in their hair? Furthermore, also in Egypt, enslaved people had their heads shaved to symbolize their weaknesses and their submission to the will of the Pharaoh.

As a result, hair, in dream life, has powerful symbolism associated with:

  • Force;
  • Power;
  • Virility;
  • Seduction and sensuality;
  • Submission;
  • Progress, maturation, and transformation;
  • Purification;
  • Freedom;
  • Power;
  • Vanity.

Hair has had many interesting symbols since ancient times, so this dream may signal something important or say a lot about you. So please keep reading and find out more details about what it means to dream about hair.

Dreaming about falling hair

Falling hair is a sign of weakness when it appears in dreams. It is not only in Hinduism that hair is seen as an energy-collecting antenna. In different cultures and civilizations, current and ancient, we can find several references that point to hair’s immense capacity to capture energies and vibrations, turning them into food for the spirit.

In this way, if the hair falls involuntarily in the dream, something drains your energy and saps all your strength. In some cases, it may be related to losing faith and the distance from God. In others, it may be a simple reflection of the addictions weakening your spirit, such as tobacco, drugs, binge eating, wild sex, etc.

Dreaming about big hair

Big hair denotes regrowth, maturity, and inner awakening. The dream is very positive and reveals a period of flowering of spiritual potential. However, this symbolism should only be accepted if the hair is healthy and clean.

If the hair is long but has dirt, insects, or lice or is in any other negative condition, then the dream reveals the blocks and traumas you carry, preventing awakening your Higher Self.

Dreaming about white hair

White is a very noble color in dream life. White hair is very positive. If the hair is yours and is clean, it symbolizes wisdom, purification, and spiritual transcendence. 

However, if your hair is white, you are more likely to receive support from a mentor or spiritual guide. White hair symbolizes the spirit to transmit security and tranquility in these cases.

Dreaming about haircut

From a psychological point of view, this dream can be associated with social and environmental issues. An individual who has had his or her spontaneity suppressed in childhood wishes, in some way, to express his or her true personality and thus feel more integrated into social life.

From a spiritual point of view, both in religious and occult literature, it is evident that the haircut is a means of removing an individual’s energy and leaving him without strength and being submissive to everything that happens to him. From this point of view, the dream can indicate the negative influences (physical and spiritual) captured daily and how much such influences damage your willpower and motivation in waking life. 

Dreaming about short hair

From a symbolic point of view, short hair is better than a shaved head. This dream can be seen as a symbol of progress, transformation, and spiritual maturity. However, it is necessary to act cautiously during this period since short hair denotes a certain fragility and lack of protection in the spiritual body. So, stay away from negative people and avoid, at any cost, the consumption of alcoholic beverages or anything that alters consciousness and interrupts this phase of inner transformation.

Dreaming of Hair Wig

Dreaming about either “Hair” or “Wig,” depending on whether or not your team was victorious, represents your achievements and setbacks, respectively. You have the impression that no one values your viewpoint or that what you say is not taken seriously. There may be a hole in your life that you want to fill. This dream is trying to tell you that there is a hole in your life that you haven’t been able to fill with anything. Your perseverance and effort will be rewarded at the end of the day.

The dream about the hair wig represents the fundamental requirements of existence. You will soon learn some important information or receive some important news. You are looking for approval and acknowledgment from other people. This dream is meant to be seen as a metaphor for virginity, purity, and secrecy. You lack interest in the person in question and what they have to say.

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