Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Chocolate in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Chocolate in a Dream in Christianity

You certainly woke up from this very intrigued, curious and question-filled dream. Due to the symbolic characteristics that the chocolate carries, it is very common that this dream leaves you with the feeling that everything was very real, as if you were really living your dream within the physical reality. However, the meaning of dreaming about chocolate involves a multiplicity of symbolisms, which can be manifested by mental, emotional and spiritual stimuli.

In general, chocolate in dreams symbolizes love, reward, sweetness, special occasions and celebration. The important thing in this dream is to pay attention to how and when chocolate is used, thus, we can obtain the necessary clues to interpret the dream correctly. The feelings and emotions present in the dream are extremely relevant to identify the correct symbolism of this dream vision and, therefore, the same dream can have different meanings for different people.

Although the general symbolism of this dream points to positive characteristics, chocolate can also be a symbol of:

  • Temptations;
  • Lust and
  • Wishes.

An example of this negative symbolism happens when a man or woman is presented with a chocolate from someone of the opposite sex in dreams. In this case, the dream indicates a type of temptation in waking life, which may be related to sex, drugs, addictions in general or something that is prevalent in thoughts and that is undermining the individual’s energy and willpower.

Some more specific scenarios facilitate the interpretation of this dream. So keep reading and find out what it means to dream about chocolate in more detail.

Dreaming about white chocolate

The sweet in the dream is usually associated with love, affection, relationship and all the noble and sublime feelings. White, on the other hand, when it comes to dream life, symbolizes spirituality, progress and elevation.  From this perspective, dreaming about white chocolate means that love is integrating within your being.

However, the true symbolism of this dream is in its context and in the way in which you perceive and react to the dream. For example, if you are faced with white chocolate in your dream, but at the same time you are overcome with a feeling of nausea or some kind of discomfort, then the dream represents your resistance to perfecting the spirit. In this case, the dream is negative and indicates the need to break free from the emotional, mental or spiritual bonds that hinder its progress and transcendence.

Dreaming of chocolate bar

If the chocolate bar was perfectly wrapped, it suggests your expectations about some recent event or event in your waking life. The package, in this case, represents what you cannot see and the various possibilities that can change the course of your life. This dream is formed when we are restless about some subject of awakened life that we do not know what the outcome will be.

On the other hand, if the chocolate bar was unwrapped, then the dream suggests a period of tranquility and security about the events of his life. However, this symbolism is only valid when negative feelings and emotions are absent during the dream.

Dreaming of powdered chocolate

Powdered chocolate denotes a feeling of bitterness or frustration that is not allowing you to get satisfaction, pleasure and relaxation in your life. Someone or something is making you unhappy and weak, and you must isolate your individuality so as not to be affected by external events and influences. In addition, this dream can also reveal the lack of protection of the energetic body, which results in the ease of attracting toxic energies from other people.

Dreaming of melted chocolate

This dream is very interesting and usually indicates some kind of inner awakening.  It is very common for the dream of melted chocolate to be attributed to sensuality and sexuality. This is especially relevant if the chocolate is enjoyed and eaten. If a girl or boy dreams that she is consuming melted chocolate, it means that a process of sexual awakening is taking place. And the same symbolism can be applied to adults, although in adults, this dream usually indicates the awakening of the third eye or a period of spiritual restoration and maturation.

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