Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Fighting in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Fighting in a Dream in Christianity

The stimuli and triggers that form dreams are many. To identify the origin of the dream with a fight it is important to consider all the details, from the set of mental, emotional and psychological characteristics present in the waking life, to the spiritual phenomena known as spiritual unfolding or astral projection.

On the one hand, we have the stimuli of waking life, which can be associated with personal friction, discussions, intrigues or any type of conflict in the waking life, which can serve as fuel to form dreams where discord is the main object. In this case, the dream is just a continuity of existential problems. Even so, its symbolism is less dangerous, because in this case, the dream demonstrates that the individual is accumulating toxic energies for himself, instead of venting and avoiding the unnecessary mental and emotional tension that the accumulation of negative feelings provides . The result is a turbulent and restless night’s sleep. The benefits of rest are not taken advantage of and the person awakens from sleep with a totally impaired mood and disposition, resulting in several negative symptoms such as:impatience, weakness, intolerance, body aches, tiredness, anger, affected mental articulation, demotivation and many others.

On the other hand, we have the most spiritual questions of this dream. When we fall asleep, our spiritual body detaches itself from the physical body and is free to act according to its tendencies , inclinations and interests on the spiritual plane. In this situation, also known as astral projection, the spirit is attracted to situations where there is affinity, either with the fight itself or with the people present in such conflicts. Thus, the meaning of dreaming about a fight can reveal to us our current intimate condition.

So keep reading and find out what it means to dream of a fight in more specific scenarios.

Dreaming of fighting with the mother

Bonds of affinity between children and mother are not always friendly. In fact, in dreams it is more common to encounter a situation of friction with family members than with strangers. Therefore, the level of severity of the fight is proportional to the emotional distance of both. This dream often involves some kind of toxic affinity on a spiritual level. In this case, the ideal is to seek closeness, respect and affection during the waking life to eliminate any negative link.

However, if the mother has passed away and the fight is, in a way, friendly or educational, then the dream may be a true encounter on the spiritual plane, where the mother is taking advantage of her son’s sleep to transmit some learning.

Dreaming of fighting with brother

One should never dismiss the possibility that the dream has its origin in a negative affinity on the spiritual plane. It is usually in the family environment that we find many of our past foes , whose domestic experience allows us to correct and ease the frictions and conflicts of past experiences. When the dream has this origin, it is common for the fight to consist of a lot of aggression, many offenses and a really perverse attitude between both.

On the other hand, if it is a simple argument between siblings, then the dream is of psychological origin . In that case, a simple disagreement in life awakening could serve as fuel to trigger this dream.

Dreaming of fighting with husband

When the spirit is free of the bonds that bind it to the physical body, it is natural that it has a wide perception and knowledge of everything that is wrong in a relationship. In this situation, no spirit is able to hide its secrets or lies . Because of this, it is very common for women to dream that they are fighting with their husbands, because their perception is more acute and a simple lie of the awakened life can come up as a fight or discussion on a spiritual level. Both are liable to induce such dream fights.

Dreaming of couple fight

In this situation, the dreamer usually appears as a viewer of such a fight. They are often unknown couples and this suggests that the dreamer is living in an inferior spiritual reality . When we are in balance, when we fall asleep we go to regions where the vibration of the environment is compatible with our spirit. And in such regions, there is no discord, conflict or fighting.

As a result, if we are witnessing a couple’s fights, it suggests that we are vibrating in an inferior spiritual condition. Even if the couple is known, there is something that attracts him in this conflict and, in the same way, shows some kind of inferiority of spirit.

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