Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Aliens in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Aliens in a Dream in Christianity

If you have dreamed that you were visited by a strange, unrecognizable life form, that is, an alien, you are probably wondering what kind of meaning it can have beyond that offered by science fiction movies. As we already know, dreams are tremendously related to the past and in turn, to the future. They are, so to speak, as a way of anticipating the future using what has already happened tells us.

In the case of aliens, indeed, we cannot trace the origins of this unusual visit, as we do not have records. It is not like with any other kind of dream element, which has been common throughout humanity and we have plenty of sources to turn to. However, the sense of the coming of the aliens is not as new as we tend to think. Also, if you are curious about the extraterrestrial world, you can consult the meaning of dreaming about the moon, where you can find the meaning of a very interesting dream.

There are many similarities between the descent of a UFO and the descent of an archangel or any other kind of transcendent being. The meaning it has within the mental structure is very similar: the longing for the unknown. It does not matter that he is an anthropomorphic of two meters and long limbs like a little plump and short cherub. What matters is, always, what happens with these guests, the importance of their representation for the subject who experiences it.

What Does It Mean To Dream of Aliens?

By definition, the alien implies mystery. If you have dreamed of the sight of a great ship, colossal, full of lights, and accompanied by deafening noises, this mystery is veiled by incomprehension. Your mind clothes the ship with such annoyances because, in your daily life, the world imposes on you with its infinite worries, comings, and to come.It would be time to stop for a while the traffic that has led you to that state of restlessness and think, perhaps, about signing up for meditation classes, which you will surely take advantage of. You will see how dreams will be more and more sweet and calm.

What does it mean to dream of extraterrestrial ships?

If you have dreamed of a small, individual ship, from which comes a friendly alien, be sure that it is your adventurous heart and is not afraid of the future. The alien is here good and the bad that will come if you are perfectly prepared.

But if the alien comes with not very good intentions and from the beginning, he is hostile and violent, it is almost a certainty that, although you have what has been said above, patience and toughness of mind, a trace of your soul still hangs by a thread, He has not yet matured and trembles at every news of the future. Your conscience does not know it, but the depths of your unconscious do since as soon as you close your eyelids it tells you that the time has not come to face the hardest tests that life tends.

You and the aliens may hit it off, talk and even laugh together

This is extremely positive. It means nothing more and nothing less than until now, the most delicate in you, your most sensitive fibers have endured, getting stronger day after day, the hardest blows. That is to say, you have healed and recovered what the troubles of the future are taking away. That’s good because you never lose for good, you never empty yourself. Although, be careful! If these aliens take you to their ship amicably, if you have dreamed that with good words they have persuaded you to go with them, there is a desire to change your residence and even your country.It is urgent: you need a change of scenery, or you will suffocate where you remain.

Related to this is that, also, they examine you, experiment with you and your body. On the one hand, it implies that you are open to the world, to new experiences that can transform you. And on the other, that you do not doubt who you trust and treasure a part of him inside you. Sure, without going overboard! In your dream you will have felt the limit of experimentation: if it was curious, a novelty, then you are a confident person and your environment is good for you.

If, on the other hand, you suffer and have a bad time during the new extraterrestrial experiences, it is an indication that something is wrong. What? Confidence, hope, illusion falter in you and it is very possible that due to a betrayal of your values by someone you love. Do not give up, and take advantage of this transcendental contact with another disposition, more open, with less prejudice!

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