What Does The Osho Zen Tarot Say About You?

Have you heard of the Osho Tarot? Also known as the Osho Zen Tarot, Osho’s teachings inspired this game. Its philosophy goes far beyond suspicion, and the Osho Tarot has as its philosophy Zen. When starting the game, the participant can incite the gift of meditation and, through it and his intuition, seek answers and new paths.

How does the Osho Zen Tarot work?

The Osho Tarot provides the player with the possibility to achieve balance and personal integrity and, based on these two principles, find the best answers and options for their doubts, questions, and problems. Considered modern, the Osho Tarot is seen as contemporary and created the game from the teachings of the Indian spiritual leader Osho Rajneesh.

Osho Rajneesh became well known for his spiritual teachings that challenged the diverse traditional ideologies and doctrines in society.

Osho’s Zen Tarot is strongly linked to the philosophy of life and human consciousness and unconsciousness. The cards present different images from traditional tarot decks, bringing contemporary elements, drawings with a symbolism that facilitates their identification and interpretation. But how do you know for sure what the Osho Tarot cards say about you? To help you better understand this type of tarot, let’s talk a little better about the meaning and teaching of the main cards.

Consisting of 79 cards, the Osho Tarot deck has one more card than the traditional tarot deck. This extra card is the card that represents the Master, the one who has transcended the wheel. Know some of the main cards of the Zen Tarot of Osho and what they may want to reveal and say to you.

The Source

The illustration of the letter A Fonte shows an illustration capable of emanating a force propagated by the Central Sun. The Source is a card that exudes energy to everything you want. She will be very responsible for guiding important decisions and illuminating the main paths of her life.

The Playful Spirit

This character celebrates life by radiating light and shine. He shows that sometimes it is not necessary to care so much about what they say out there. It shows that you have to be fearless and smile for life. Treating problems head-on is critical, but with a lot of innocence and with open arms. It is necessary to have transparency but to believe in the power of transformation.

The fool

This letter shows that a fool always trusts, but that despite being a fool, one must remain confident against what many say out there. At this point, it is essential to clear your mind and not get caught up in things from the past. The main message shows that it is necessary to believe but based on situations linked to the present and present contexts.


Creativity shows that it is necessary to have an attitude and willingness to deal effectively with new things. With the presence of this card in your game, see that you will have to look at things differently. This other way is strongly linked to joy, love, and dedication. Be creative and involved to achieve everything you want.

The Outsider

Usually, this letter is present for people who are going through a moment full of strange feelings. The letter marks the beginning of a transition period. It is at this moment that it is necessary to be attentive to everything and everyone. Any hasty decision can generate pain and unhappiness. You have to be careful and stay connected to your deep and absolute knowledge.




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