Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Smoking in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Smoking in a Dream in Christianity

Are your nights full of cigarettes or tobacco? Are you trying to quit smoking, but in your dreams, you keep doing it? Does a tobacco haze cover your face every time you close your eyes? Have you been very successful recently and are you feeling inspired? All of these are possible reasons to dream of smoking.

What is the meaning of dreaming about smoking?

Smoking today is pretty frowned upon. But depending on your context, it may mean that you are trying to hide something in your life, that you think you are someone capable of challenging others or that you are only capable of achieving what you want in dreams. Dreaming of smoking can also be the setting for a premonition.

Premonitory Sense:

It is no secret that sorcerers read tobacco, wrap themselves in its smoke, and smoke to predict the future. That is why it is always possible that if you dream that you smoke it is an announcement that something you are waiting for is finally going to happen.

You hide your Fears:

It doesn’t matter all the publicity you’ve seen of men on horseback smoking. All the security of the appearance of these characters is sustained in the fragility of the smoke. A man or woman who smokes is trying to substitute a cigarette for something they lack. Dreaming of smoking is, deep down, an expression of fear.

Relationship with Success:

Since the context is important to understand dreams, it is not the same to dream of smoking a cigarette in the street, then smoking a cigar, with a drink in hand, and a situation of power. That is a type of dream that is produced by an achievement achieved, by an achieved success.


If you are stopping doing the things you really want, your dissatisfaction may be expressed by dreaming of smoking. In much of today’s world, smokers have become outcasts who can barely fulfill their vice. So if you do it in a dream (even when you don’t normally smoke), it can mean that you don’t feel good about yourself. You must make an effort to carry out your full potential.

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