Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Hyena in a Dream

In most cases, dreams show us what our subconscious is trying to tell us or warn us. If you want to know what it means to dream about hyena because you have had a rather strange dream that involved these animals, in this article you will be able to know in-depth the meaning of your dream.

If you have just seen a documentary of these animals, likely, your dream does not have any special meaning because it is simply showing you something recent. But if you do not find an obvious reason for these dreams, then you must pay attention to this dream experience.

An important detail that should be taken into account when looking for the meaning of a dream is that the emotions and sensations that were experienced during the dream tell us a lot about its meaning, in the same way as the entire context that surrounds the dream. dream.

Do you feel that hypocritical people surround you? Are there people around you that you feel is taking advantage of you? Do you feel cowardly about a situation in your life or a decision that you don’t finish making? All of these can be reasons to dream about hyena.

Meaning of dreaming about hyena

To find a meaning to dream of hyena we must bear in mind that they are scavengers that feed on the food that other animals have hunted or that take advantage of to hunt animals that are already injured. They are usually animals that reflect cowardice and betrayal.

In this way, the general meaning of dreaming about hyena is directly related to cowardice, deception, and hypocrisy. Also, some say that this indicates that the person who had the dream should be very careful with her finances and with the reputation of her name since things could go wrong due to the betrayal of someone she considered close.

However, to fully understand the meaning of your dream, as mentioned above, it is important to take into account the entire context of the dream, since it is the context that is responsible for giving a specific meaning to the dream. Below, you can see some of the most common scenarios that could occur during your dream and what they mean:

Dreaming of a herd of hyena:

Not all that glitters is gold. Dreaming of hyenas in a herd can mean that people around you and whom you trust, just wait for you to turn around to speak ill of you. Be very careful with close people and from whom you least expect something like that.

Meaning of dreaming of a hyena that attacks you

Dreaming of an aggressive hyena:

They are aggressive and treacherous animals by nature, so dreaming of hyena that express their aggressiveness indicates the little patience and aggressiveness that the person who is dreaming usually has, with mood swings that can affect their relationships. The hyena indicates that a change is necessary.

To dream that we hear the laugh of a hyena:

someone is making fun of you. And it is about a person who has done you some kind of harm and enjoys it in some way.

What does it mean to dream that we kill a hyena?

To dream that we kill a hyena:

It means that you will come out ahead, victorious, that you are somehow protected from those people who want to harm you, who want to betray you or speak ill of you.

Dreaming that a hyena hurts us:

If a hyena hurts you in any way, it means that you will not come out unscathed from the slander that surrounds you. Your reputation will suffer.

Dreaming of hyena for lack of courage:

Sometimes we have fears that we do not know how to handle. Fears that dominate us and that we cannot overcome. In those cases, we can also dream of hyena. It is time to make that fear an impulse to recover the courage that you are lacking to act or make decisions.

Dreaming of hyena has to do with the lowest human passions. It applies to those around you, but at some point also to you. You have to learn to manage those aspects of your life.

If you liked it and want to know more about the etymology of dreams, you can consult our dictionary of dreams for any meaning you want to learn.

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