Dreaming of Graffiti - Dream Meaning And Interpretation


Dreaming of graffiti is deeply related to your creative ability.  For you, colors and shapes are like letters and words in a book. Drawing and plastic arts are part of your life. Remember that we only dream about what belongs to us.

Meaning of dreaming about graffiti

You must be going through a moment in which it is difficult for you to communicate an idea, either because you are not being listened to or because the necessary conditions are not in place for your ideas to be taken into account. Drawing as an artistic expression is a desire to express feelings.

You have a great desire to express your feelings and your emotions, to open up to other people, and to put aside your shy side. In general, dreaming of artistic expressions is related to feelings and emotions. However, it is necessary to take into account the entire context of the dream to find the best interpretation of your dream.

So that you can know the meaning of your dream, below, you will find some of the possible scenarios when dreaming about graffiti, so that you can find the meaning that best fits your dream.

We have already established that if you dream of graffiti, you are most likely an artist, but when dreaming of graffiti, some elements must be taken into consideration.

Meaning of dreaming that we see graffiti

Looking at graffiti:

If you remember that during your dream you saw a lot of graffiti but you saw one that caught your attention, this indicates that you have begun to have a new perspective on things. You now more easily accept other people’s points of view. It can also mean that you miss a stage in your life, an activity, or a person. The graffiti here is a symbol that can be interpreted as what you want to relive and that was magical.

What is drawn in graffiti: 

The very image you dream of is of special interest, because it can be linked to what your mind wants to warn you about. In this sense,  the graffiti you dreamed of is a painting that your mind gives you  and you must identify with what emotion you associate it.

Did they paint your house with graffiti? :

In dreams, home represents family, so this means that you believe or know that someone is trying to harm your family.

Dream of colored graffiti

If you dream that you paint colorful graffiti: 

This may indicate that you are going through a stage of creativity and lately you have ideas that you consider very good, so you have a great desire to carry them out. Also, if you find it easy to paint, it means that you are fully. The plans or actions you take are the consolidation of your goals.

Dreaming of painting graffiti and being interrupted:

If you felt good while doing the graffiti in the dream and someone prevented you from finishing it, it means that you are going through a stage of your life in which you feel you do not have control of your actions or total freedom .

Dreaming of illegally painting graffiti:

If during your dream you painted graffiti with a feeling of guilt for “attacking” someone else’s property, this means that you have a desire to impose your ideas on others. You feel frustrated that you can’t do everything you want.

If you go through a creative drought: 

If you try to paint graffiti, but it is difficult for you to start or advance your work, it can only mean that obstacles are present in your way.

Any artistic activity in dreams is a sign of great sensitivity and reveals a creative universe that will allow you to demonstrate your capabilities as an entrepreneur, so dreaming of graffiti is always a source of pride.

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