Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Train in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Train in a Dream in Christianity

Some dreams come to inform us of how we are feeling about some issues in waking life. As such, the train symbolizes the way you approach personal issues in your life . This dream usually occurs when decisive questions are prowling our earthly experiences. For a proper interpretation, it is important to try to recover as much as possible from the details of this dream, as the meaning of dreaming of a train can be associated with a multitude of different waking life situations.

According to spiritism, in the spiritual colonies there are the well-known aerobus, which are similar to the train, but which fly to carry passengers to specific sectors of the spiritual colony. Many people do not even realize how common this is. When we have spiritual conditions to learn and evolve in higher dimensions, we are led by spiritual guides to sleep in these colonies. In these places we have the whole structure we are used to here on Earth, unlike matter, which is much more subtle and ethereal.

Therefore, dreaming of a train may indicate that you were actually on a train or aerobus in a spiritual colony . To confirm this possibility, however, the whole context must be analyzed, because in a spiritual colony there would never be accidents, uncontrollability, confusion, fights and any situation that causes disharmony.

However not all dreams involving trains occur in a spiritual colony. And to this category we attribute the tragic dreams, in which the train loses control, derails, rides too fast, and so on.

To find out more details about what it means to dream about a train, read on. Throughout this article we will cover some different scenarios for train dreams and the possible psychological and spiritual meanings.

Dream about moving train

Firstly, if the train is moving and its interior is clean, calm and harmonious, surely you are experiencing a train ride in a spiritual colony. But if there is any feeling of discomfort with the people inside the train, it may point to spiritual weakness. In this case, you need to take more care of your spiritual side and set aside mundane concerns temporarily.

Dream about iron train

This dream may occur for a variety of reasons, so closer analysis is needed to arrive at the proper meaning. However, by and large, the iron train symbolizes the desire to detach from superficial experiences and people. It is a very revealing dream for most people as it demonstrates an inner awakening accompanied by significant changes in behavior and attitude towards life .

Dream about derailed train

Off-rail trains are synonymous with lack of control in waking life . But most of the time the dream is only an anticipation of what is to come if the individual does not take control of his life. Insisting on errors and harmful inclinations can gradually lead you to a path of no return and difficult to repair. Therefore, if you have dreamed of a derailed train, consider seeking the harmony needed to break possible conflicts that are unfolding in your life. It is still time to avoid serious future situations that are forming due to their lack of vigilance.

Dream about speeding train

This is a delicate dream, for speed and strength on the spiritual plane are relative. To find out if the train was really fast or if it was just your misperception, just rethink the passengers on the train. Were everyone scared and scared of the speed of the train or were you just like that?

If only you were afraid, it symbolizes the way you see the world.  Your perception of reality generates many insecurities, fears, phobias and feelings of inferiority. However, this view is totally unnecessary and unfounded, since your perception is that it is misfit. The best way to put your perception on the axis is to practice Hatha Yoga.

On the other hand, if everyone was afraid of the speed of the train, this may indicate an affinity between spirits in the same condition, carrying many insecurities and fears in their intimacy . But to be sure of this perspective would require more details and information to support a correct analysis.

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