What Turn Ons Each Zodiac Sign Person In Bed?

Everyone has peculiarities in their personality that influences their preferences during sexual relations. We tell you what is the fetish that makes each one burn.

Each sign of the zodiac is characterized by its personality characteristics. For example, Cancerians are family members, Virgos are highly mental people, and Sagittarians are rebellious and clueless. These characteristics of theirs  affect the time of sex and each of them has a fetish that turns them on.

How is each zodiac sign in bed and what rituals turn them on?

The sexual fetish is that “something,” although it is outside the act of sex itself, actively participates and affects it. In general, they are not usually sex toys, explicitly created for that purpose, but act as subtle metaphors that send information in parallel and they are used to generate attraction, increase desire, or arousal.

To find out what each sign is like in bed and what fetish makes them burn. Here is a list of more or less hidden love making dreams, desires, and quasi perversions that some keep secret and others are encouraged to experiment with.

Aries Turn Ons

For this sign that is fast and imperative, the ideal aphrodisiacs are those that are related to speed, struggle, discussion, and risk, whether the same relationship is risky or the adrenaline level rises or the environment in which they like riding a motorcycle.

The fetish of Aries is hair, no matter what areas of the body it belongs to, although some do have special preferences. They also love to include stuffed toys or hide inside a stuffed animal costume. Some amuse themselves with the question of the child who inhabits Aries: “Where is my baby?” Positions of dominance that include diapers, bottles, and talcum powder.

Taurus Turn Ons

What is the sign of pleasures gets hot both with an aromatic massage and with a chocolate and strawberry fondue. In fact, any meal that abounds with aromas and suggestive music is going to wake you up.

The Taurus fetish includes food and a desirable body. In the Japanese practice of Nyotaimori or body sushi, the person eats sashimi or sushi served directly from a woman’s body. With all its cultural variants, Taurus can eat from the other according to his palate.

Some Taureans prefer to “mouth and eat” the hands or feet of their loved one, since the simple fact of seeing feet or hands prompts them to want to have sex with them. From this sign one of the most popular fetishes is born: the girls with high heels, who we see with their feet leaning on a car, or getting out of them, crossed on armchairs and others.

Gemini Turn Ons

This is the sign most open to entertainment and fun without limits or prejudices. He explores everything for fun and since sex is not a taboo subject, he wants it to be explicit, “as if we were playing, let’s talk about what we are going to do next” seems to be the best option to wake up a Gemini.

The Gemini fetish is in relation to the lost inner twin, so they often feel some erotic excitement with mannequins or statues. There is no problem with that double being plastic. They are also fascinated by immobility. There are known cases of mannequins stolen for the sole purpose of having sex with them. As Serrat sings in Cardboard Stone: ... “She waited in her window to see me turn that corner, like a bride.” ...

Cancer Turn Ons

For a familial and traditional sign that always prefers to do it at home or in the kitchen, it is best to set the evening with deep confidences about past issues in the romantic moonlight. If possible, eating fruits that are juicy and sweet, in pajamas ready for bed.

“Love me dirty, just as I am!” Seems to say the Cancerian lover of mud, flies and insects in general, and much better if they come into contact with the body.

The most extreme fetish of Cancer is the sexual pleasure derived from feeling insects : flies, ants, etc. walking on the skin. Present in the paintings and sculptures of Salvador Dalí whose horoscope had Cancer in the Ascendant and who liked to put honey on the corner of his lips so that the clean flies of Portlligat would land on his mouth and thus experience pleasure. He said: “I do it because when I paint I am vague with satisfaction and the flies are the sybaritic thing in painting.”

Leo Turn Ons

The king of the zodiac needs to be admired and desired and for that he attracts with his brilliance. Romantic and theatrical, their courtship is always striking. In private he likes to show off in front of his partner about his lovemaking virtues. It is enough to flatter him for a while in a silky environment but to conquer him completely and activate his best aphrodisiac: himself!

His fetish is to smear himself with substances like golden oils or something sticky like honey, so that they increase his natural shine and enhance the perceptions of eroticized skin and then be licked exquisitely. Or smear the other one with an edible and lick it all over till tears of ecstasy are felt. It happens that in his passionate temperament he can go quickly from tears to satisfaction without stopping.

Virgo Turn Ons

Despite their image as a virginal angel, Virgos bring a fantastic erotic side as long as you are willing to comply with their rules of hygiene. Another option is to allow him to personally deal with the issue. A good bath and you are ready to go!

Virgo’s fetish is to play doctor, he loves to explore medicinal issues. Bandages, band-aids, prostheses and any object that refers to the medical environment excites him. The most extreme fantasies are about amputated limbs, enjoying their absence, or involve prosthetics.

Libra Turn Ons

The sign of beauty and extravagance needs an elegant and artistic place to show all its love-making virtues. Romantics par excellence, Libras can maintain long-distance loves and platonic loves. Sometimes they love the idea of ​​love more than the actual contact with that love. Although if you are close and the toes play strong, along with an exotic perfumed atmosphere and a dessert that includes cream… everything can go perfectly!

Libras are turned on by beautiful objects, that is their fetish. You may want to have sex in fancy cars or sleek chairs. As long as the object is really beautiful and aesthetic, it is allowed to enter in the fetish list.

Scorpio Turn Ons

The god of sex does not want to miss out on anything, all refined pleasures lead him to a safe harbor. This is how a delicious seafood dinner by candlelight and in front of the local cemetery can be a perfect aphrodisiac. In love with risks and passion for life does not hesitate to say: let’s do it until we die or right here where so many dead people rest!

Their fetish is related to the extreme of death, as in the movie Crash where they say: “The traffic accident is a more fertilizing act than destructive.” In it there is a conjoining of a shock, the risk of death, and the excitement of the symbolic danger of death. Pleasure with and for the scars. But it doesn’t stop there, the Scorpio fantasy also inhabits the whole question of sexy vampires, sado, vinyls, and the dark side of the force .

Sagittarius Turn Ons

This sign enjoys watching. She eroticizes listening to the click of the camera or looking at her own image in seductive videos. The perfect setting is outdoors, in the countryside, rolling in the grass and smearing yourself with wild nature and wild-life; if possible, eating an ice cream.

The fetish of the fiery Sagittarians are mutations, whether real or those achieved by allergies that allow visible inflammation and deformations or false images achieved by camera manipulations. Watching a body transform gives them enormous pleasure.

Capricorn Turn Ons

“Life is not something to be taken lightly,” would say the natives of Capricorn. For them, the best evening is the long-planned one, which includes booking a perfect and expensive dinner in a traditional place and being accompanied by a high-ranking person.

The Capricorn fetish has religious ties and a need to desecrate the holy, regardless of whether they are sacred objects or images. They are excited by sacred and solemn places. Some also dabble in disciplined sex, submission role play, and domination.

Aquarius Turn Ons

For a free sign there is nothing better than a sudden love without commitment, something surprising that appears and disappears with the speed of a snap. Love understood from the aquarian point of view can take the most extravagant and exotic forms but it is always necessary that you give it your full attention and not claim anything.

Aquarius fetishes are strange, cold, ethnic, and / or futuristic objects. They can get turned on by a cyborg, an android, or an alien. They love piercings and cybersex especially since it allows them to enjoy pleasure without losing autonomy or freedom.

Pisces Turn Ons

For the most romantics of the zodiac, the perfect evening has to include water, a place by the sea, or at least a pool. Extremely mellow songs and a sweet glass to toast. The picture is completed by a gentle breeze and a breathtaking fusion.

The Pisces fetish is the cloister, being lost, in dreams, the slave, or being someone like Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel. In any case, the kind of soft textures they show in their perfectly long hair is only possible in the imaginary realm of fairy tales and is a turn on for Pisces. Some Pisceans get excited with their feet bandaged or hurt by the dance that they plunge into the water with saving emotion.

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