133 Angel Number Twin Flame Reunion, Love, Meaning and Luck


When the angels want to tell you something, they show you a certain set of numbers. That is what is called an angel number.

Do you often see the number “133” these days?

This time I would like to explain the meaning of the “133” angel number.

Angel Number 133 - What Does It Really Mean?

“The Ascended Master whispers an idea by your side” 

The meaning of angel number 133 is as follows.

  • The Ascended Master is a person like Christ or Buddha who lives in the angelic world and helps us, humans.
  • They are there to help you maintain a positive and positive spirit and be there to achieve your ideals.
  • And to you who often see the angel number “133”, they whisper in your ear the idea that is full of love as an Ascended Master.
  • At that time, you will come down to your head as ideas and inspirations come to you in your daily life.

Be sure to notice the grateful ideas and insights from that Ascended Master. And give them a deep gratitude prayer. It will surely give you more ideas and insights.

Recommend affirmation

The Ascended Master recommends that you be affirmed. Affirmation means “a positive declaration to oneself” and is like “self-implication” for sending an ideal way of life. The Ascended Master whispers you an idea, but it takes energy to carry it out.

Therefore, they tell you to make an affirmation so that you can move the idea into action. It may be little by little. Listen to the voice of the Ascended Master to help you live a happy life.  What is Affirmation? Explain the meaning, example sentences, and the effect of changing the face!


“The Ascended Master whispers an idea by your side”

This is what the angel number “133” has. If you see this number a lot, you have or will have great ideas from the Ascended Master. At that time, the Ascended Master recommends that you prepare your mind positively by affirmation. With that, you will be able to sublimate the ideas they have given you and take you to the next step in a happy life.

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