The Dark Side Of The Gemini, Libra, And Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These are the three signs of the Air element, which, while stuffed with good characteristics, also have defects that form the Air element’s dark and dark side.

Each of the three signs has its dark side. These are characteristics that form defects and, in turn, give vent to unwanted situations.



, for example, suffers from dual opinion and eternal inconstancy about what they want, which generates many conflicts, frustrations, and anger. Because, after all, you always end up wanting what you don’t have.

In addition, Gemini also relies on the high level of rationality in their minds, setting aside any feelings when they need to analyze something or someone. It can hurt (and much) others and themselves.




 needs to live with his indecision. Unlike Gemini, who always wants what they don’t have, Libra lives with uncertainty. And this eternal doubt about everything causes Libras to give up many opportunities. This quest for the perfect decision, and thus the delay in deciding, makes the opportunities disappear. How much frustration this feature generates in the lives of Libras!



 makes their natives feel different from the rest of the population and even like this difference. Therefore, they love to contradict others. They feel the need to do the opposite of what others say, to show their nose. All this stubbornness generates problems, often solvable.

All signs of the Zodiac have their characteristics - and among them some good and some bad. However, it is the bad ones that form the dark side of each sign and therefore of each element.

The negative characteristics of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius form the dark side of the Air element: individuality, stubbornness, excess rationality, not expressing feelings, and frustration. 

The Air element makes their natives change their minds and change their minds quickly, making them look like fake people; Which is not valid. They are just undecided, stubborn, or changed their thinking.

This element brings to Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all the rebellion present in these signs - even Libra, which is a sign known to be polite and polite, has its moments of stress and frustration, precisely because of the feeling of doubt and indecision they feel for making any decision in their lives - indecision that also comes from the Air element.

So, as described above, these are the main features that make up this element’s dark. Hence, the signs that make it: stubbornness, doubt, the continuous exchange of opinion, rebellion, excess of rationality (and hence lack of sentimentality), and frustration.

Can you think of anyone who has these characteristics and is Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius? Now you know that the fault for such defects is not the fault of this person but the governing element. Take a discount and help it get better!

Even though they are characteristics of our essence, we must always try to improve and evolve. Remember that we are individualized beings, and we can change what we want in ourselves.

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