Taurus Man Taurus Woman Love and Friendship Compatibility


Love compatibility between Woman of the Taurus sign and Man of the Taurus sign.

The horoscope gives the Taurus-Taurus bond a great compatibility.

This couple can get along very well since they are both strong, patient, have good feelings, and they like to love deeply.

Something remarkable about this bond is the good ability to listen to each other, something fundamental for any relationship.

They are both sexual and will get along very well in bed. They also have the right touch of affection they need.

This couple can achieve the necessary harmony to have a good marriage.

Good compatibility

If you both belong to the Taurus zodiac sign, your compatibility score is exceptionally high as the relationship is expected to last longer than others.

Since they are both an excellent lover with a hint of aggression, they took the right path by being together. So, love between two Taureans could work wonders.

The Taurus-Taurus connection

When both couples are ruled by Venus, a planet we all know that governs the powers of love and romantic affection, there can be only one result, and one result only: an almost perfect relationship, one steeped in physical tenderness and blissful love.

With both in each other’s arms, the world seems to disappear into nothingness, and they float away, surrounded by an aura of timelessness and sensuality.

They both seek a rich and comfortable lifestyle, and to do so, they will ensure that they have the finest things money can buy, as well as the most luxurious objects of desire.

There is no other feeling than to see your home as you like it, filled with everything you have always wanted, and this is what the Taurean couple longs for.

One thing to keep in mind is not to wallow in the routine and let relationships slowly sink into the tedious, because that is the most destructive factor when talking about love.

Therefore, they have to keep fighting and working to keep the spark alive, and this may not be such an easy thing to do. But, given their similarities and common desires, things will eventually balance out and this danger will disappear.

After putting so much effort and time into building a stable relationship, no one would want to leave it, and this is even more true for Taureans.


Criterion Degree of compatibility: Taurus woman and Taurus man
Emotional connection Very strong 5 Stars
Communication Average 3 Stars
Trust and dependency Average 3 Stars
Common values Average 3 Stars
Intimacy and sex Very strong 5 Stars

How to improve the relationship in between Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus-Taurus link has great compatibility. Both have the necessary seasonings so that the bond can survive without major problems. Do this guarantee a happy, stable, and healthy couple? Of course not ... this great strength can also be a great weakness, because when there is a sentimental crisis, the fall and disappointment can be greater.

The points in favor of this bond: both are patient, have good feelings and like to love deeply. If they have these three characteristics, the couple will achieve happiness without a doubt.

The main problem that can arise in this couple is mutual tiredness, monotony, and routine. Therefore, one way to improve love is to change, to look for alternatives to routine.

Small daily changes and big changes in the medium and long term are ideal. When I talk about small changes they can be really insignificant but such changes, in the long run, influences the general mood of this relationship: things as simple as changing the genre of film that you watch together help (instead of always watching action, change to romantic or European) or even change the usual activity completely; for example, instead of watching movies you can share a book and then comment on it with each other. These are very small details that take the couple out of the routine. You must look for and act on these details to innovate.

They are both very sexual and will get along very well in bed, at least early on in the relationship. It will be essential not to be selfish. The pleasure is in giving and receiving, in every sense that imagination and fantasies can conceive, but such that it is always enjoyable for the two. If they maintain that initial spark, wherein they gave each other pleasure, the couple is guaranteed for many more years.

Another very important point is the family and friends front. Being liked by your partner’s family and friends can help you, and you don’t know how! Gaining the trust of your partners social circles and environment will help you detect problems and, in addition, they will help you solve them. They know your partner better than anyone; they may even know your partner better than you do.

Taurus Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility Reviews


I am a woman of a calf, married another calf. We even have birthdays on the same day, he has become a sincere friend for me, we understand each other perfectly. He always knows my thoughts and my dreams.


Recently met a Taurus man. This is the best relationship I have had. Great understanding and calm. He does not condemn me, from the first day he met me he seemed so very familiar. Together we have fun and warmth. I miss him constantly and love him to death. I think it was love at first sight.


I am a Taurus woman, met with a Taurus man via the Internet. After the first message itself I was interested. There was a feeling that he knew everything about me. We never saw each other, but it feels like we’ve known each other for many years! In general, a kind and nice person. Very sensitive and romantic, fell in love with him after 4 days. I think I found my soulmate.


Hello, I am also a Taurus woman. I love a man of the same sign. I must say right away, I have not had such an ideal relationship. We have a huge number of common interests and our opinions coincide. Previously, I was with a Virgo guy, absolutely not that compatible. In this present relationship, there is a warm feeling that cannot be expressed in words. I just love him very much. I will marry him soon!

Taurus Obsessed with Taurus

I am a Taurus woman, madly in love with a Taurus man. The truth is that we are ideally suited for each other. We can be so stubborn that we drive each other crazy sometimes. In the bedroom, everything stacks up phenomenally, but it can get overly sensitive.

In love

I am a Taurus woman, madly in love with a Taurus man. He always cares about me like no other. I love him because he understands me and is always ready to listen. I don’t know what to do without him.


I am a Taurus woman and he is a Taurus man. Love is not that simple. Sometimes I have to fight with all my might. The relationship is very emotional and extreme. But I cannot live without him, and he without me. And so we live, one day in love, another day in hatred. Nevertheless, I do not see myself next to anyone except him. I plan to get married to him.


I have been dating a Taurus guy for 6 months, and I have the feeling that I have known him all my life. He is simply magnificent and I respect him for who he is. He is not the greatest romantic, but with his words and attention I just melt. I think I was very lucky to meet a fellow of this sign. In this relationship, everything seems natural and perfect. I know that I can be happy only with him.

Love each other

Two persons of this sign are the best pair in any and every aspect. We share an understanding at a very deep level. You can not pretend to be someone else than who you really are. In these relationships, you feel confident and safe. We have fun in bed for hours. I have never experienced such feelings before. It’s the perfect union!

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    Susan Miller

    The affinity between two Taurus is more positive for friendship and work than for love and marriage. At the beginning of the relationship both can be excited to have found the soulmate, since both are faithful, have the same tastes, love nature, the house, children and aspire to marriage. The compatibility between two Taurus is based on the earth element that characterizes them, constituting a solid and firm relationship. The practicality of the Taurus and their sociable energy makes them very good friends. A child born under the sign of Taurus will feel very comfortable in the company of another Taurus: both enjoy sharing affection. Venus will contribute to have a magical encounter from the first moment. They may know each other in a social or artistic event, since this planet also governs art, music, fashion, and taurus are often very attracted to these things. When two Taurus come together, they are likely to share numerous cultural activities; for them social and friendship ties are very important. The Taurus know how to respect the time of others, therefore, one born under the sign of Taurus will not force the other to change by imposition. While this is a positive thing for the relationship, they may also fall into boredom and dissatisfaction with maintaining their traditionalistic behaviors. Taurus is always looking for security and is usually quite materialistic. In a relationship, they should not overdo the worry of making money because they can neglect to enjoy the beautiful things of a couple. In turn, they should be careful not to attempt to control the economic affairs of the other: the stubbornness that characterizes the Taurus can lead them to maintain serious conflicts. The propensity to maintain their personal opinions above the harmony of their home can lead them to long hours of inflexible discussions. Both should work to improve this stubbornness point to find peace in the house again. However, since their priorities are the same, economic issues will not bring too many conflicts. Two Taurus as a couple share a strong love for family and home. If they manage to overcome inflexibility, they can be a very good combination, both financial and emotional. On the sexual level, Taurus are very romantic, enjoy loving and feeling loved. Both will have the same expectations for the couple and will fill their relationship of romance, attention, loyalty and love.

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