Famous Singers Of The Cancer Sign

Romantic and intuitive, Cancer natives have the perfect sensitivity to create songs that touch our most intense feelings. The talented singers of the sign of Cancer are masters in the art of enchanting us with their music. Find out here who they are and their songs that reveal their Cancerian way of being.

Lana Del Rey 

The American singer Lana Del Rey was born on June 21, 1985, and her songs are remarkable for having, in addition to sound, a unique cinematic aesthetic. Cancerian lovers love to dedicate themselves to their loved ones.


Joelma, born on June 22, 1974, is one of the most awarded Brazilian singers in her solo career and in the now-defunct band Calypso, where she sang alongside her ex-husband Ximbinha.

Elza Soares 

Born on June 23, 1937, Elza Soares had a life full of difficulties, but a brilliant artistic career, which led her to win the Brazilian Millennium Singer award, instituted by BBC radio.

George Michael 

British singer George Michael was born on June 25, 1963. He became famous for his mix of pop and R&B and his unique and striking look. Cancerians are very empathetic and like to do what they can to help others,

Gilberto Gil 

Gilberto Gil, from Bahia, was born on June 26, 1942, and, in addition to his successful career as a musician, he was also a UN ambassador and Minister of Culture in Brazil. Cancerian romantics love to declare their love in beautiful gestures.

Ariana Grande 

Award-winning actress and singer Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, and, in 2018, was named Woman of the Year by Billboard.

Ashley Tisdale 

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985, and bet on her musical career after her success as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical. Cancerians can be very emotionally exposed, but after being hurt, they do not forgive a betrayal.

Claudia Leitte 

The ax and pop singer Claudia Leitte was born on July 10, 1980. She was one of the singers to perform at the opening of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. When they find love, Cancerians become very attached to their partner.

Alessia Cara 

Canadian singer Alessia Cara was born on July 11, 1996. Her songs gained prominence for giving a special touch to the R&B rhythm. Cancerians always fight for their friends’ happiness and don’t let them give themselves over to anything that causes pain.

Selena Gomez 

Born on July 22, 1992, Selena Gomez began her career as an actress, reconciles performances with music, and stands out as a producer and businesswoman. Pacifists, Cancerians believe that love can solve problems than hate.

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