September 2 Horoscope


If you were born on September 2, your zodiac sign is Virgo.

September 2 Born Characteristics and Personality

People born on this day can be too generous. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and have a good heart. Idealists and dreamers always strive for excellence.

They know how to work in a team. Always notice details that others often simply do not see. These people are popular with others, they often turn to them for advice and information. Have an inquisitive and inquisitive character. They are very smart, but often rely on their intuition when they draw conclusions.

Thriving in partnership and teamwork, do not like to work alone. They will be able to succeed in such professions as medicine, lawyer, consultant.

At times too capricious and emotional, all this misleads others, so they think that you should be left alone, but in fact this is what they do not want.

Strengths: practicality, intelligence, wisdom.

Weaknesses: stubbornness, moodiness, emotional explosions.

Numerology for September 2

The number of life paths is 2, it is associated with the keyword “Harmony” which emphasizes tact and sincerity in your character.

Tarot Card - Priestess, emphasizes stealth and high intuition.

Lucky stone is white pearl, wearing this stone will attract happiness and luck.

September 2 Tips

Your quick thinking, insight and realism can help to cope with any life problems. Bowl, resort to your optimistic and sincere character. You should learn to control your moodiness. Learn to be more flexible.

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    Deedee Sigvertsen

    This is the best general description of my traits i have read and i also do astrology but not so munch numberings i find it too general mostly with so many numbers involved date year now sign number ect... but this is the closest by far to my personality i have read. True!!!

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