3 Most Unlucky or Bad Numbers in Numerology

3 Most Unlucky or Bad Numbers in Numerology

Specialists in numerology claim that each number carries a certain energy.

Moreover, the same number for one person can mean financial or love success, and another cause a lot of trouble. What numbers are still the most unhappy?


In numerology, this number symbolizes infinity. Therefore, if in your life there are endless failures, it is worth taking a closer look at the numbers that surround you. A large number of eights in a car license plate or, for example, in a mobile phone number, can repel good luck from you - try to minimize them in your life.


This is a less negative number than the eight, but if you want to make your life richer and brighter, if you want to change something, get rid of this figure. The four in numerological practice means stability, when absolutely nothing new happens in life.


In numerology, this number is responsible for the spiritual component of human life. Everything would be fine if it did not displace the material side. Having got rid of the seven, you will not be deprived of spiritual development, but you will be able to gain a material component, without which you simply cannot survive in the modern world. In addition, you will more easily and quickly achieve your goals.

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