Meaning of WhatsApp in a Dream

Meaning of WhatsApp in a Dream

Social networks and smartphones are the order of the day, this can affect us in any way and on many occasions our day to day can be reflected in our dreams.

For this reason we are going to try to explain the meaning of dreaming about WhatsApp , before starting you have to ask yourself some preliminary questions: Are you anxious? Do you think that people criticize you behind your back? WhatsApp read confirmations? appear in your dreams? If you feel identified with any of them, do not lose detail, take a paper and pencil to write down the interpretation that best suits dreaming with WhatsApp to try to identify all kinds of situations in which communication is linked.

What does it mean to dream of WhatsApp?

Grandmothers often say that if your ears are ringing they are speaking badly or well of you, surely you have heard about this more than once. In dreams, dreaming of WhatsApp is the contemporary and more complex version of this popular phenomenon. More complex because it also allows you to identify your lack or excess of humility, problems in your most intimate personal relationships or even your obsessions with a person.

Dreams reveal feelings or situations that we are not able to appreciate or interpret, when our mind is rested our brain works so that our body rests.

Most frequent interpretations of dreaming about WhatsApp

Depending on the situation that you find yourself in the dream, you will be able to obtain a totally different interpretation or another. Remember to write down all the details that occur in the dream and in this way you can check its meaning more exactly.

Dreaming about WhatsApp and reading receipts

This type of dream indicates that you have insecurity problems. You need the confirmation of others before everything you say to confirm certainties and make decisions in your life. Dreaming of WhatsApp and blue confirmations can also indicate that you have certain doubts about your relationships.

Dreaming of photos on WhatsApp:

Do you dream that you send photos or that you receive photos on WhatsApp? Dreaming about WhatsApp and photos can mean that you need to let go and free yourself, to show yourself more open in your life. And if what you dream is that you receive photos of someone in particular, maybe it is time to take action and stop waiting to receive those photos to call or meet that person who sends you those images.

Dreaming of WhatsApp and conversations

It is also possible to dream of WhatsApp and conversations that you had repeatedly. It may be that you have not made everything clear, that you have any doubts. The best thing you can do is step out and close that topic with the person you are talking about so that you can rest.

Dreaming of WhatsApp and many messages for you

In the case of dreaming that everyone writes to you on WhatsApp, that messages do not stop you, that you constantly check your notifications and that in your dreams the sound that identifies the message appears, perhaps you should put WhatsApp aside for a season. This type of dream is very common in times of stress, if you are very overwhelmed by work issues or study issues, take a break and relax your mind.

Dreaming of WhatsApp groups

If your dream with WhatsApp is related to groups, it may mean that you are missing a more direct contact with those people and the need to transcend the text, the photo and the voice message.

We trust that you have no doubts that dreaming of WhatsApp is a clear sign of communication needs, these needs are generally not resolved and like the meaning of dreaming of Facebook , they are needs that you should not ignore. If the dream is punctual, you can let it pass, however, when the dream repeats itself several times and you cannot satisfy your communication needs, you should go to an expert so they can help you with this problem.

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