Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Suitcases in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Suitcases in a Dream in Christianity

The suitcase is the quintessential symbol of travel, of moving. It inspires adventure, and dreaming about them indicates the desire to make a long trip, probably without return, a radical change in the way of living that has been carried out until now, a change of branch in business, or a change of employment.

In this case, the important thing is the state of the suitcase. A broken suitcase does not augur positive trips but some kind of fall, some important stumbling block in the life of the person carrying that suitcase.

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Interpretation of dreaming about suitcases also depends on the size

Suitcases come in various shapes and sizes, and carrying loads when we travel is their ultimate goal. So the important thing, in this case, is that it is in good condition. But the meaning of dreaming of oversized suitcases indicates that you are overworked or emotionally overloaded. A suitcase that is not manipulable indicates confusion and complications to come.

Dreaming of being a carrier of a full and shiny suitcase indicates that there will be a trip or an important and very positive change. Something that we discussed earlier with the meaning of dreaming of flying as it could be a salary increase, a promotion, or a nice vacation trip.

When the person who dreams is carrying a suitcase in bad condition, the trip may be made, but it will be hard and will not offer good results.

What is the meaning of dreaming about suitcases?

If the suitcase is in the hands of someone else, it is wise to warn him about big changes in his life. If that person is very ill, it is probably time to say goodbye.

The lost suitcase indicates that there will be no success or change; the fact of losing the suitcase indicates that the illusions it represents have been scattered, that there is no hope of recovering them.

Seeing an empty suitcase indicates that a time of scarcity and restrictions is approaching. In that case, it is important to dedicate yourself to saving and be careful with any superfluous expenses.

If you dream that someone else’s suitcase is being accommodated, it reflects an intense desire to get rid of that person, or someone around you. If you are a co-worker, your dismissal may be looming.

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