Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Mountain in a Dream

The mountain is that the challenge, literally. Crossing from one side of a mountain to the opposite has always been an enormous challenge and also the higher and steeper the greater the hassle required to realize it. Thus, within the world of dreams, mountains are the physical representation of the challenges that kinsfolk face in their daily lives.

If an individual constantly dreams of mountains, he’s probably under great pressure and difficulties; He may be a one who finds obstacles to follow his path. How your life and your projects are projected depends on lots on your attitude towards that mountain.

What does it mean to dream of climbing a mountain?

Anyone who dreams of climbing a mountain is, in general, before of an honest omen, because whenever a mountain is climbed, no matter the difficulties that this entails, it means they’re during a process of overcoming. you’re in search of success. On the opposite hand, those that dream of falling down the slope are in a very delicate situation since they need to fail in some project and don’t know the way far they’re going to fall.

If the mountain is stuffed with rocks and cliffs, it means that the path to the specified success is complicated, very difficult. Quite the other happens if the mountain is placid and covered only with small plants.

Meaning of dreaming of distant mountains

If the mountains are secluded, it’s a mirrored image of the yearnings for improvement that are still beyond practical reach, although they’re not impossible by any means, they only require an extended stage of preparation.

The meaning of dreaming of mountains changes if the person is seen at the highest, in a very contemplative attitude, since in this case, he’s facing a megalomaniac; a one who feels far superior to other people, a possible tyrant if he has enough power to try and do harm. If you occupy a managerial position and you have got this kind of dreams, it’s convenient to review how subordinates are treated; They could also be sowing discord thanks to a nasty attitude.

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