Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Jewelry in a Dream in Christianity

Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Jewelry in a Dream in Christianity

Jewelry in dreams: They recall values, obviously beauty and wealth, self-esteem, power but also values ​​and social rank. Let’s not forget that jewels are the finished product of a long and meticulous workmanship, the metaphor of the dream world takes jewels as a symbol to also reflect the efforts of hard work, and the enjoyment of the results. In fact, Jung argued that jewels in dreams symbolized the inner wealth obtained from the hard path of personal individuation.

What does it mean to dream of jewelry?

It means being confident, feeling beautiful and fascinating at times special and precious, and can symbolize the exact opposite if the dream jewels are not intact and of little value. They also symbolize bonds, important, precious and unique.

If you have a dream about jewels and these are your property and you wear them in the dream, this means that you are a person who asserts himself; also this may be indicating that you are a very well valued person socially and professionally.

This dream can change its meaning if in the dream we wear many jewels, this will be a clear indication that you are trying to impress others exaggeratedly and this will only bring you envy and toxic relationships. Pay close attention to the dream and check if you had a lot of jewelry in your possession, if so, you should be very careful.

The most common interpretation of jewelry dreams

The most common interpretation of jewelry dreams is usually ambition, wealth, high economic power, or a symbol of pleasure and comfort at the same time. When in the dream you see that another person is wearing these jewels, this is indicating that you feel respect and admiration for that person and it could even be said that they are a reference person and very influential in your personality or behavior.

In the dream you only see jewels, this indicates that soon you will have a stroke of luck and fortune will be on your side; You can receive financial and emotional support from people very close to your professional environment. Remember that if in the dream you already wear these jewels it is indicative of imminent success and is an omen of wealth and good luck.

Interpretation of dreaming about finding jewelry

Dreaming about finding jewelry is a good omen and is interpreted as a very fast economic progression and with a near-future free of financial problems.

If in the dream the jewels are made of ivory or precious stones it is indicative of luck. However, you should pay attention and if you see a man wearing ivory jewelry it is indicative of bad luck.

Getting to dream of broken jewels this is indicative of impediments and obstacles to achieve your goals, you must fight and work hard to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of gold jewelry

Finding gold jewelry, yellow gold in dream, or dreaming of a gold necklace reflect great strength and a refined inner wealth, this dream takes on a value all of its own also because of the color of gold that symbolizes health and physical well-being.

Dreaming of jewels and precious stones

it is likely that the dreamer does not value himself enough these symbols reflect an inner richness already present but out of humility it has never been recognized.

Dreaming of a broken pearl necklace

Something has broken a pure bond, perhaps appearance has deceived ... or trust is compromised.

Dreaming of costume jewelry necklaces

It is likely that the dreamer is giving more value than due to an established bond.

Dreaming of a necklace with a cross

Gold necklace dream with a crucifix, if the dreamer is a religious man this dream can reflect his faith.

Dreaming of pearl earrings

Tradition invites brides to wear white pearl earrings, precisely because they symbolize purity, fidelity, beauty and honesty. So dreaming of pearl earrings reflects a sense of moral integrity and self-esteem.

Dreaming of a pearl bracelet

Even the bracelet like the necklace symbolizes a bond and associated with pearls that are a symbol of purity and femininity have a meaning linked to someone towards whom you have very important feelings, such as a deep friendship, a love.


Remember that true beauty is in each of us, jewels are just a decoration.


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