Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Teeth Falling Out in a Dream

As weird and strange as it sounds, some people do have dreams where they see their teeth falling. If you are one of those people and want to know the reason and the answer behind having these unusual dreams time and again. We are here to help you to know the true meaning of these dreams and how do they reflect on your personal/social life.

It is very typical and common to dream of tooth loss and to dream of teeth regularly. However, there are several interpretations that we find of such dreams and the symbology or interpretation of it can always change depending on the person who is experiencing those dreams.

Dreams of such type usually represent and are identified with the feeling of insecurity that this person is experiencing at that moment and is commonly interpreted with the symbolism of ease or the aesthetic appearance and insecurity that the said person feels.

Normally if you are dreaming that your teeth are falling out, it has the meaning or interpretation of the fears of showing yourself as you are and getting to make a fool of yourself in real life or in tasks that you do in your day-to-day life. Insecurity can also be reflected in the dream when you are going to carry out any work or task, due to this internal fear that we discussed earlier of being laughed at or made fun of or of some action that you did not do correctly.

What does it mean to dream that a tooth falls out?

When we find teeth in our dreams we are referring to feelings of security, self-esteem, happiness, and appearance. It is for this reason that dreaming of tooth loss can be interpreted in various ways and depending on the context or situation we could determine a different meaning or another.

As we have mentioned previously, as a general rule, fallen teeth in dreams are closely related to the feeling of insecurity of the person and the fear of making a fool of oneself in any situation that one lives day after day.

This feeling is so strong that this insecurity can even be reflected when doing any common task that we perform daily, such as taking the subway or train, entering the office door, or starting conversations or relationships with colleagues at work, even while work or interacting with clients.

On many occasions, we do not realize it, but precisely that strong fear of being laughed at or the fear of making a fool of oneself at any time, are the main reasons why you may be causing yourself unhappiness today.

However, you should not conclude so quickly since there are many more variants or different interpretations when dreaming of teeth that are fallen. Next, we are going to see the meanings of the different dreams where we see the appearance of falling teeth reflected.

9 Meanings Of Dreaming Of Teeth Falling Out: Good Luck and Bad Luck

It can become somewhat complex to dream of teeth falling out and for this reason, you should pay close attention to all the details that are represented in the dream.

  1. If in the dream you dream that your upper teeth fall out, this is interpreted as the death of a very important and dear person. In such a way that, if you have a dream similar or very similar to it again, we recommend spending more moments and more time with the person that you appreciate and love so unconditionally.
  2. If in the dream you dream that your lower teeth are falling out, this is indicating that a close person will die, however, this will not influence your life much. It could be said that you will not go through a stage of sadness or grief.
  3. If in the dream we can see how the teeth begin to fill with cavities and they end up breaking because of cavities, this is interpreted as ‘you will have to be very careful and cautious in your work,’ at the very least the problem could be that you can or someone close to you at work can get fired from your company.
  4. When in the dream you appear brushing your teeth, it means that you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that are presented in front of you and they will not get in your way. However, watch carefully, you should try to recover with effort and dedication all the lost time that you had to invest in overcoming obstacles.
  5. When in the dream you see that your teeth are white and do not have any deformity, they generally look healthy and shiny this is interpreted as good luck and good health and prosperity.
  6. There may also be situations such that you may have to remove an upper tooth. This is something complex and has quite a specific meaning it indicates that you should end a relationship with someone, a relationship that is not sentimental.
  7. When in the dream you can see that the teeth are soft and they move easily, it is a bad omen and does not bring good news. It is indicating that your death is near.
  8. If in the dream you see that teeth are made of gold or ivory, this is a good omen, commonly related to wealth, abundant money, and or good luck.
  9. When you dream that you see wooden teeth or glass teeth, it is a bad omen. It symbolizes and represents a death in a very violent way.

Many people suffer because of their physical appearance and it is something that worries them excessively. Part of the physical appearance are the teeth, as it is a very striking area of the face that attracts a lot of attention in actions as normal as smiling.

It is for this reason that this dream is somewhat more complex and more common than you might think. It is also very common to dream of fallen teeth or rotten teeth or dirty teeth with poor oral hygiene. Would you like to learn the meaning and interpretation of every one of these dreams? Pay attention to the interpretations that we offer you later.

What does it mean to dream of dirty teeth?

When we see the dirty teeth of another person in our dream, this indicates to us that we will have problems with that person or we are probably going to suffer some serious illness. We can find that in the dream we have dirty teeth with tartar, dreaming of tartar on the teeth is indicating that we will have to face great obstacles along our way and that we should gradually overcome them with work and effort.

However, if during sleep we see how our teeth are dirty, it portends bad news. It is probably indicating that your business or some aspects of your interest are not working correctly. Pay full attention to your business or to those aspects that interest you and fight to turn the situation around.

What is the meaning of dreaming of fallen teeth?

If you dream of fallen teeth or dream of teeth in poor condition or rotten teeth,   the interpretation in these cases is the same and these types of dreams are inevitably related to your lack of security in life. In this case, it is your head that is showing you through dreams with your subconscious all the insecurities that you are having.

On the other hand, dreaming about someone else’s fallen teeth can be interpreted as you having someone around you who is not trusted and who may at some point deceive you.

Dreaming about your bottom teeth falling out

When in the dream only the lower teeth fall out, it can be interpreted as the death of a person close to you; someone who has too much relevance in your life.

If it is the upper teeth that fall out, it means that a person very important to you is going to lose his life soon or contract a serious illness. Take advantage of the last moments with that dear person since your subconscious has given you that possibility.

Dreaming that your teeth break and fall out

Do cavities invade your teeth and end up losing all your teeth one by one? Then you have to pay attention at work because any small mistake can turn into a dismissal or a fit of monumental anger from your boss. You must stay focused on your tasks.

On the contrary, to all these dreams, if your teeth appear white and perfect it means that good luck and health will accompany you for a while.

Your teeth were literally falling out all over the place

As I mentioned earlier, there is nothing in the bible that specifically refers to teeth falling out. We can best summarize it by saying that it is God’s chosen method of communication.

You broke one of your teeth while you were eating another person’s food

The interpretation of this dream is that there is something that you are unable to comprehend or that you have difficulty processing. It’s possible that you’re attempting to take credit for something that wasn’t actually your doing.

You were inspecting your appearance in the mirror when you noticed that some of your teeth are vanishing

The interpretation of this dream is that you lack wisdom when it comes to self-image and being true to who you are rather than pretending to be someone else in order to garner the approval of others.

You have a nightmare in which your incisor teeth are knocked out or become loose

It is a symbol of having spiritual sight. However, due to the fact that your “eye teeth” are falling out in your dream, it is likely that you are lacking in spiritual vision. It’s possible that you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

In your dream, one of your wisdom teeth falls out or becomes dislodged

It is a warning that you do not have enough wisdom in some aspect of your life. Begin to think for yourself and engage in analysis.

In your dream, your front teeth are knocked out

It is a sign that you are trying to chew more than you can currently swallow. Or, it’s possible that you’re too preoccupied with your work to worry about taking care of yourself.

Meaning of dreaming about teeth

Dreaming of teeth has many different interpretations and meanings, always depending on each person or the situation in which they are, then we will try to analyze and explain each and every one of the possible causes or situations that we can find in the dream.

The most common dream, on many occasions, is wherein teeth partially or totally fall off; as we have commented previously. We could find that only the top ones or only the bottom ones fall, this indicates different omens.

The symbolism of the teeth in dreams indicates and symbolizes our security in ourselves. It is a symbol of happiness (associated with our smile) and it is also a very unique and important aesthetic element for us.

What is the meaning of dreaming about teeth falling out?

As we have commented previously, teeth are a symbol of our happiness, strength, success, and the security that one has in his own person. You will agree with me if I tell you that when we are uncomfortable we do not smile, right? Let’s look at the same factor basing it on a scientific approach.

We will do a brief psychoanalysis. However, if you want more information we have an article that explains in detail everything about dreaming that your teeth are falling out in any and every possible context and situation. All those dreams where we dream of tooth decay, we can draw various interpretations depending on the person and the situation of the moment where it occurs.

  • When during sleep the teeth that fall out are from above, it announces the death of a person highly valued by you, someone that you really cared for and valued; and their death will hurt. (Previously we had discussed dreamed of having lost our upper teeth)
  • Dreaming of losing lower teeth announces the death of someone who is not important to you. That someone is not a person with whom you have a relationship right now and that someone is not very close to you.
  • To dream that the dentist removes teeth represents serious problems with a close enemy of yours. Try to solve these problems with your enemy and you will see how you will not have this dream again.

Dreams of teeth with a strange or bad appearance

  • Tooth decay is a warning to be careful about and nudges you to pay close attention to any problems or notices at work.
  • During sleep if  you dream that you have rotten or broken teeth, this is interpreted as regret for a lie. We also find the situation of dreaming of broken teeth and spitting quickly, this is interpreted as health problems in close relatives.
  • However, if the teeth are white, aligned and perfect, it predicts or announces a period of good health and luck.
  • The situation that you find yourself in during sleep, if you see yourself having dirty teeth with food can also occur, it means that you will have inconveniences and problems on your way.
  • In the dream you can also find gold teeth or ivory teeth, this portends wealth and money; or it can also be indicating good luck in general. Ivory is a material that comes from elephants, you can also consult the meaning of dreaming about elephants if you want to know more details about this dream.
  • When in the dream you dream of yourself and you have wooden or glass teeth, it is a bad omen. Having teeth made of these materials can herald or augur a violent death.

As you will see, the meaning of dreaming with fallen teeth is very varied and its interpretation will change depending on the type of dream and the circumstances that are causing this discomfort in your feelings.

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    I had a dream that my teeth fell out a week before my uncle died when I was 19 (I'm now 35). I had a dream that my front teeth had fallen out a week before my mom's test revealed she had stage 2 cancer. I awoke yesterday afternoon shocked from a dream in which I was grinding my back molar so hard that it crumbled yet the root remained intact. I awoke in a panic because it felt so genuine. Today, my 22-year-old best friend informed me that she is in the ICU and nearly died from sepsis. It's your intuition; you're more sensitive to it than others, at least it's the only thing that comes to mind, but it's not anything to take lightly or be ashamed of. Accept it!

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