March 21 Zodiac Sign Personality, Compatibility and Soulmate Predictions

Were you born on March 21? You have some very special qualities and have a high level of imagination that allows you to break through the most difficult situations.

You give the impression of being loving, emotional, and innovative. These qualities allow you to fight and get what you deserve in life. In fact, you are more of a motor than a dreamer.

To understand your personality, read this horoscope profile. It guides you to fully appreciate who you really are.

You are under the zodiac sign of Aries. Your astrological symbol is Ram. This symbol belongs to the people born between March 21 and April 19. It is the symbol of will, nurture, and progress. As such, it reflects these qualities in abundance.

The planet Mars has a lot of influence on your life. This planet allows you to be brave, warm, and constant.

The main governing element of your life is fire. This element is associated with Earth, Water, and Air to give rich meaning to your experiences in life.

March 21 Zodiac Sign Astrology

Zodiac sign Aries (Cusp of Aries and Pisces)
Birthstone Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Zodiac Symbol The Ram
Strengths Courageous, Passionate, Confident, and Determined
Weaknesses Aggressive, Competitive, Temperamental, and Impulsive
Life Path Number Life Path Number 3
Ruling Planet Mars
Element Fire
Lucky day Tuesday
Lucky Colors Midnight Blue
Lucky Numbers 4, 5, 10, 14, 21, 35, and 40
Zodiac Stone Ruby, Bloodstone, Coral, and Jasper
Zodiac Compatibility Most Compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Least Compatible with Scorpio, Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn

If you are Born On March 21, your Zodiac Sign Is Aries

People born under this star sign enjoy the day-to-day humor of life, including music, food, and bathing. However, they don’t do well in very structured environments, preferring instead to lead carefree lives of enjoyment. Because of their outgoing nature, people born under this star sign might become very restless if they aren’t given a structure to work within. If your horoscope says that you are one of those people, then your March 21st zodiac sign horoscope should also tell you that you would fare better as an artist or a writer.

People born under the Aries Zodiac Sign enjoy the idea of freedom, so the sun sign is a great symbol of independence. As a result, they often like things that are unique and different, which makes them great for spotting special events.

If you are born on the 21st of March, then your birthday is almost guaranteed to be special, not just because it’s your day but also because the stars are aligned in a special way!

You will be able to celebrate your birthday at whatever venue you want, and it will be a day when you can be whoever you want to be. If your birthday happens to fall on a day that has some very special significance to the rest of your family and friends, then your celebration will be extra special. The sun sign is also representative of creative energy, which gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams no matter how strange they might seem.

In your own chart, the traits associated with this star sign reflect your general compatibility with other people. It is important to note that these traits are not always a direct representation of how compatible you will be with others, but they are useful for providing a starting point. For example, traits like enthusiasm and creativity reflect qualities of independence, whereas other traits like generosity and kindness reflect qualities of caring and sharing. While there are many more factors that influence your compatibility with others, these are some of the basics, and using them to help figure out how to chart your relationship with others can make it easier to figure out your compatibility.

The beginning of the first half of the Aries Zodiac Sign is marked by the entry of Mars

It is no coincidence that on this day brave, persistent, strong, ambitious, knowing their worth personalities are born. Mars endows them with incredible powers, which, if not used in the right direction, outgrow due to an excess of aggression.

Aries Compatibility Chart

AriesAries with… Compatibility
Aries Aries High
Taurus Taurus Medium
Gemini Gemini High
Cancer Cancer Low
Leo Leo High
Virgo Virgo Medium
Libra Libra Low
Scorpio Scorpio Medium
Sagittarius Sagittarius High
Capricorn Capricorn Low
Aquarius Aquarius High
Pisces Pisces Medium

March 21 Zodiac Sign Love and compatibility

Zodiac lovers on March 21 are not only impulsive but also sentimental when it comes to matters of the heart.

You are a reliable partner. You like to surprise your partner with passionate love. However, your partner must show your appreciation and respect to get this kind of behavior out of you.

You are certainly charming and attractive. This means that you will never be short of admirers. Yet you treasure your freedom. You are a bit shy about commitments. This can lead to a tumultuous relationship as you try to avoid being overly attached.

However, when you are ready to settle down, it will be a completely different story. You will exhibit stellar qualities such as loyalty, creativity, dedication, and relationship support.

In fact, you will give your full attention to your family. Your spouse and children will know peace and happiness.

You are attracted to lovers who reflect your qualities. Look for a relationship with attractive, creative, eager, passionate, and understanding people. Here, we are looking at the natives of Leo, Sagittarius, and Libra.

March 21 Zodiac Sign Personality

Those born on March 21 are brave and able to overcome any obstacles. Their sharp intuition and common sense help to instantly recognize favorable business opportunities.

March 21 born people are full of inspiration and they are very imaginative. At the same time, they are very reasonable and know how to impress others with their immense enthusiasm. However, they are prone to stubbornness. It means that they need to overcome the desire of engaging in polemics when they cannot immediately accept what the other is insisting to be true.

If you were born on March 21 you are at the border of the Pisces and Aries signs. Recognize that you are naturally gifted with the ability to make money. But you will first have to master the art of compromise. If you have a strong materialistic vein, it is possible that even during prosperity and success, you will have to overcome the fear of lack of money.

As a good strategist, you learn to combine the pursuit of prosperity with your philanthropic inclinations. By investing money and time in other people, sometimes you can get a big return; but at first you may have to learn to find people you can trust.

March 21 Born people are sociable and support a lot of acquaintances, combine social life with a professional career and gladly work with hardworking and disciplined people.

At the age of about 30, March 21 born people will need stability and financial security. During this period, you will focus on creating a solid material foundation in life for yourself and your loved ones. After 60 years, your way of thinking will begin to change: the importance of new interests, knowledge, and contacts with people will increase.

March 21 Zodiac Sign Qualities

The need for recognition usually makes you strive for success. If you rely on your innate insight and intuition, you have countless chances for material achievements.

Understanding that the result will not come by itself, you are ready to work hard. Your lofty ideals can find a worthy application in an activity that, on the one hand, brings financial benefits, and on the other hand, is useful to people.

A lot of contradictions have united in your character: you strive for money, power, and a high social position - and at the same time you dream of a peaceful and serene life.

One way to achieve harmony is to find a family and a home that will protect you from the outside world.

Another possibility is to direct part of the effort to health, art, music, or some other forms of creativity. However, try not to relax too much; otherwise, you may fall into apathy or give in to anxiety due to the lack of real achievements.

People born on March 21 don’t care much about conventions

They are honest and direct in all their dealings and opinions; their thoughts are often so transparent that they don’t have to say much to make their feelings known. They are lucid in their beliefs and other people know exactly what to expect of them. This does not mean that they are aggressive and pushy. On the contrary, since they are usually calm in their confidence, they simply live according to their own values. ​And if other people do not understand this, they will not go through the motions of explaining themselves. They would rather prefer to do it alone.

Although remarkably lucid and independent, these people can become so inflexible, passive, and antisocial when they decide to retire that they will live in splendid isolation. They also have a tendency to be stubborn and can become controversial and forceful to get their way. Those who are born on March 21st must learn not to alienate others with the achievement of their goals. They can do so by accepting that success does not always result from following a direct and conventional path. Between the ages of thirty and sixty their stubborn tendencies are likely to be highlighted. During these years they need to make sure that they work in transforming their thinking to take into account the points of view of others.

They can achieve great feats once they learn to temper their impatience and their tendency to withdraw when things are not going their way. By doing so they have the potential to become exceptional leaders, by using their powers of acute perception, intuition, and considerable energy to great effect. When these people are in a position to impress others with their talent and actions based on free-thinking, everyone who comes into contact with them will be more spontaneous and lucid about who they are and what they want.

Dark Side: Passive, Inflexible, and Unsociable

Best Qualities: Perceptive, Honest, and Powerful

What are the traits of a person born on March 21?

The people born on March 21st of the zodiac never miss an opportunity. They are not afraid to take risks. Seek to change your lifestyle frequently along with the changing times. As such, you are often on top of your game.

You are tireless when it comes to pursuing what you believe in. Additionally, you value your personal progress and often pause to assess your own growth.

Being an Aries, you are not a person to pressure. Therefore, it is not taken kindly when an older person tries to make you conform to guidelines that you do not adhere to.

You use your good levels of imagination and logic to carry out your usual activities. This means that you achieve most of the goals that you set your mind to. In fact, you are so ambitious that you rarely miss your goal!


You are more prepared to work and live in environments where you will be asked to transform on a regular basis. Since it is very adaptable, it can do a lot of good in those environments.

However, you have some weaknesses in your personality. These flaws have the potential to hamper your progress.

For example, you are tactless when it comes to conflict. You cannot use diplomacy to solve potentially explosive situations. Instead, you prefer to force people to see things your way.

Also, you don’t handle disappointments well. By now, you should know that things may not always go your way. You have to learn to let go and move on.

In general, the world has a lot in store for you. If you feel like you are not making much progress, look within yourself.

You are the only person who can free you from the clutches of frustration. When you solve this, you will reap the benefits of some great potential.

Famous people born on March 21

You share your March 21st birthday with many famous people from all over the world. Here are five of them:

  • Angela Merici, born 1474 - educator and Italian saint
  • Maurice VI, born 1521 - Elector of Saxony
  • Michael Foreman, born 1938 - English author and illustrator
  • Robert Villar, born 1999 - Filipino actor and singer
  • Count Claus-Casimir, born 2004 - Earl of Nassau

Final thought ...

Midnight blue is the magical color of people born on March 21. Midnight blue is the color of potential. It means strength and transition. This reflects your character.

You are strong but you are in transition. Create peace within yourself to progress in life.

Your lucky numbers are 4, 5, 10, 14, 21, 35, and 40.

March Zodiac Calendar

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27 28 29 30 31

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    Hello. I was born 03/21/1996 at 16:40, in New York. Thanks.

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    Considering the birthday details, your zodiac sign is Aries.


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