Born on March 21: Zodiac Sign Birthday Personality

March 21 Zodiac Sign Compatibility Birthday Horoscope

If your were born on March 21, your zodiac sign is Aries.

The beginning of the first half of this sign is marked by the entry of Mars.

It is no coincidence that on this day brave, persistent, strong, ambitious, knowing their worth personalities are born. Mars endows them with incredible powers, which, if not used in the right direction, outgrow due to excess in aggression.

What are People Born on March 21 like?

People born on this day are used to always and everywhere to get their way, as a rule, by force. They do not know the word no. They do not accept failures. Often these are arrogant, arrogant, leaders of their circle of friends and the whole society. They always go against the system. Make decisions on emotions, in the heat, without thinking in advance about the possible consequences.

However, they are not afraid of negative prospects. For them, it is much more important to preserve the face and status in the present. Nevertheless, they are fair to those who admire and imitate them. Those born on this day love to play in public, acquiring fans.

Friends and Lovers

With those whom they call friends, whose circle usually consists of or less ranking personalities, they are treated both harshly and generously in order to demonstrate their authority and generosity. In love affairs, they try to be perfect in everything. Their main principle is that the partner should not be aware of the shortcomings.

In order to conquer their beloved Aries, March 21 born people on this day, they heroize a lot, trying to stand out from the crowd, presenting themselves in non-competition. They do not save money, do not spare time and health when it comes to love. Moreover, being extremely persistent, they are able to win any heart.

Their ambitions require that they have a partner as high-ranking as they are. Relations with a person of low status, no matter how much they love, they will hide. Pride does not allow them to announce such connections. Alas, in their understanding it is shameful and bad to reflect on their position in society. They are constantly tense.

All the time they have to hold the so-called levers of government around. This does not allow them to relax, and enjoy the rest, being themselves, removing the heavy mask of the leader. This, ultimately, affects the nervous system, leads to premature aging, and diseases uncharacteristic of their age.

What Zodiac Sign is March 21? Aries or Pisces?

March 21, the zodiac sign can be both Aries and Pisces. Write a question – we’ll calculate. The sign depends on the time of birth, as well as on the year (in different years, the transition time of the signs varies).

March 21 Born people are are decisive and self-confident and at the same time friendly and inclined to cooperate, you are naturally endowed with the ability to work with people, which means that you need to be a member of the team.

March 21 Born people are born on the  border of two signs and therefore have an energetic and dynamic character, full of creative aspirations and ambitions. Burning with the desire to succeed, you can sometimes be hasty and impatient.

However, the idealistic side of your nature requires that you share your knowledge with others, and trying to realize your wonderful ideas, you often make contacts with people from various social spheres.

March 21 Zodiac Sign Born Nature

Those born on March 21 are brave and able to overcome any obstacles, and your sharp intuition and common sense help to instantly recognize favorable business opportunities.

March 21 Born people are full of inspiration and imaginative, but at the same time you are often very reasonable and know how to impress others with your enthusiasm. However, you are prone to stubbornness, which means that you need to overcome the desire to engage in polemics when you cannot immediately insist on your own.

You were born on March 21 at the border of the Pisces and Aries signs, therefore you are naturally gifted with the ability to make money, but you will have to master the art of compromise. If you have a strong materialistic vein, it is possible that even during prosperity and success, you will have to overcome the fear of a lack of money.

As a good strategist, you learn to combine the pursuit of prosperity with your philanthropic inclinations. By investing money and time in other people, sometimes you can get a big return; but at first you may have to learn to find people you can trust.

March 21 Born people are sociable and support a lot of acquaintances, combine social life with a professional career and gladly work with hardworking and disciplined people.

At the age of about 30, March 21 Born people will need stability and financial security. During this period, you will focus on creating a solid material foundation in life for yourself and your loved ones. After 60 years, your way of thinking will begin to change: the importance of new interests, knowledge and contacts with people will increase.

March 21 Born Personality Qualities

The need for recognition usually makes you strive for success. If you rely on your innate insight and intuition, you have countless chances for material achievements.

Understanding that the result will not come by itself, you are ready to work hard. Your lofty ideals can find a worthy application in an activity that, on the one hand, brings financial benefits, and on the other hand, is useful to people.

A lot of contradictions have united in your character: you strive for money, power and a high social position – and at the same time you dream of peace and a serene life.

One way to achieve harmony is to find a family and a home that will protect you from the outside world.

Another possibility is to direct part of the effort to health, art, music, or some other form of creativity. However, try not to relax too much, otherwise you may fall into apathy or give in to anxiety due to the lack of real achievements.

March 21 Born Work and Career

Dream Career: Commanders

These people have great leadership potential that can be put to use in the military, law enforcement, or business careers, as well as education, business management, and the law. With their honest approach they are also particularly good at sales and marketing, and if they want to develop their creative skills they may be drawn into careers in advertising and the arts. And because they are so good at working alone, they can also turn their attention towards building their own business.

Due to your inherent remarkable ability to establish contacts with people and communicate face to face, you are well suited for the position of adviser, public relations specialist, mediator, lawyer or agent. In addition, you are extremely capable of trading in any form, provided that you yourself believe in what you are selling.

Ideally, it is best for you to use your enthusiasm and leadership qualities in order to initiate new projects, it is better to provide more mundane and routine work to others. On the other hand, your unique potential can be realized in the field of creativity.

However, no matter what profession you choose, you will certainly find application to your talent for communicating with people.

Thanks to your innate organizational skills, you may well be in a leadership position, and also prove your worth in a business related to mail order or real estate business.

It is possible that you prefer to become the owner of your own enterprise or choose a free profession, but situations that require collective efforts are more beneficial for you.

March 21 Love and Partnership Compatibility

In Love: In Search of an Equal

People born on March 21st have a tendency to prefer their own company to the company of others, but ultimately they are happier when they find a partner, who matches them in intelligence and independence. They would rather hunt than be hunted, but when they give their hearts to someone it is usually forever.

The need for intellectual incentives encourages you to lead an active social life and maintain many contacts and connections. Since you prefer smart and strong people, do not give in to the temptation to join the struggle for power with a partner.

Having fallen in love, you can show exceptional generosity and responsiveness, but you should learn to balance your own interests with the needs of your partner.

His challenge in life is: learn to be more discreet

The way to solve it is: Understand that compromising or softening your approach or your words to accommodate others does not mean that you have sold your values.

You are naturally drawn to people born between: November 21-December 23. You share a passion for adventure and non-conformity, and this can create an exciting and intense bond.

For Luck: Learn to Manage Your Impatience

When you are in an impatient or angry state, you cannot create luck. Remove your tendency to exaggerate your own needs and you will begin to feel more relaxed and luckier.

Those born on March 21st have their own set of values ​​and refuse to compromise in any way. In keeping with the fundamental importance of your birthday – the beginning of spring and the year of the zodiac – they are powerful, free-thinking people with an iron will to succeed whose mindset alone almost always works.

People born on this day don’t care much about convention. They are honest and direct in all their dealings and opinions; their thoughts are often so transparent that they don’t have to say much to make their feelings known. They are lucid in their beliefs and other people know exactly what to expect with them. This does not mean that they are aggressive and pushy; quite the contrary, since they are usually calm in their confidence. They simply live according to their own values ​​and if other people do not understand this, they are not prepared to explain themselves, preferring to do it alone.

Although remarkably lucid and independent, these people can become so inflexible, passive, and antisocial when they decide to retire and live in splendid isolation. They also have a tendency to be stubborn and can become controversial and forceful to get their way. They must learn not to alienate others with the achievement of their goals, accepting that success does not always result from following a direct path. Between the ages of thirty and sixty and their stubborn tendencies are likely to be highlighted. During these years they need to make sure that they work in transforming their thinking to take into account the points of view of others.

Once they learn to temper their impatience and their tendency to withdraw when things are not going their way, they have the potential to become exceptional leaders, using their powers of perception, intuition, and considerable energy to great effect. When these people are in a position to impress others with their talent and free-thinking action, everyone who comes into contact with them will be more spontaneous and lucid about who they are and what they want.

Your dark side can be: Passive, inflexible, unsociable

Your Best Qualities: Perceptive, Honest, Powerful

March 21 Health: Don’t go it alone

People born on this day tend to be extremely self-reliant when it comes to their health. They prefer to take care of themselves when they are sick and cheer up when they feel depressed. Although they understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own well-being, they need to make sure that they are not locked away from the joys and rewards of receiving the love and attention of those close to them. When it comes to diet, they tend to have simple tastes but can get caught up in a routine of eating the same things once a week or sometimes even daily. They should try to increase their nutrient intake by experimenting with a variety of different foods. Moderate exercise, particularly dance, aerobics, and team sports, It is recommended for physical and social benefits. Dressing, meditating in, or surrounding yourself in orange will help you open up to others more.

Fate: To ignite an inspiration trail

The path of life for people born on this day is to learn to work with others as part of a team. Once they are able to do that, their destiny is to set an inspiration trail with their determination and conviction.

Positive Thoughts: “I can be a good example for others”

March 21 Symbols and Signs

  • Zodiac: Aries / Pisces
  • Ruling planets: Mars, the warrior / Neptune, the speculator
  • Symbols: The Ram / Two Fish
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter, the philosopher
  • Tarot Card: The World (fulfillment)
  • Lucky numbers: 3, 6
  • Lucky days: Tuesday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on the 3rd and 6th of the month
  • Lucky colors: red, mauve, green
  • Stone: Diamond

Tips for Aries born on March 21 – Ideal Partner

Those born on March 21 can find an interesting interlocutor and ideal partner among those born on the following days.

  • Love and friendship : January 3, 23, 31; February 11, 21, 22; March 9, 19, 28, 31; April 7, 17, 26, 29; May 5, 15, 24, 27, 29, 31; June 3, 13, 22, 25, 27, 29; July 1, 11, 20, 23, 25, 27, 29; August 9, 18, 21, 23, 25, 27; September 7, 16, 19, 21, 23, 25; October 5, 14, 17, 19, 21, 23; November 3, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21; December 1, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19.
  • Favorable contacts : January 4, 10, 21; February 1, 2, 8, 19; March 6, 17, 30; April 4, 15, 28; May 2, 13, 26; June 11, 24; July 9, 22; August 7, 20; September 5, 18; October 3, 16, 31; November 1, 14, 29; December 12, 27.
  • Mother soul : January 26; 24 February; March 22, 30; April 20, 28; May 18, 26; June 16, 24; July 14, 22; August 11, 12, 20; September 10, 18; October 8, 16; November 6, 14; December 4, 12.
  • Fatal attraction : January 22, 28; February 20, 26; March 18, 24; April 16, 22; May 14, 20; June 12, 18; July 10, 16; August 8, 14; September 6, 12, 23, 24, 25; October 4, 10; November 28; December 6.
  • Problem in relations : January 11, 20; February 9, 18; March 7, 16; April 5, 14; May 3, 12, 30; June 1, 10, 28; July 8, 26, 31; August 6, 24, 29; September 4, 22, 27; October 2, 20, 25; November 18, 23; December 16, 21.

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